How to build a strong bond in relationship

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how to build a strong bond in relationship

You think of fun and exciting things to do together, building a strong relationship foundation. You ask your partner questions about his or her life. Do you fumble from relationship to relationship wondering why you can't find a match? Here are several steps that will teach you how to create. In order to create a loving and lasting relationship, one must adhere to those If you want to have a strong bond with the one you love, you have to create that bond. And Make time to celebrate the love you have in your life and you'll surely.

7 Practical Relationship Tips To Build A Stronger Bond And Happier Futures

Unrealistic expectations lead to chronic frustration, which my study found is the main reason relationships fail. Do random acts of kindness -- often.

how to build a strong bond in relationship

Small gestures that say "I'm thinking of you" are essential to keep the relationship bond strong -- e. Hand holding, touching or a midday love email are all small ways of showing affection. Research shows that the accumulation of small gestures has a bigger impact on couple happiness than grand, less frequent gestures. Devote 10 minutes a day to connecting. Most couples think they talk to each other all the time.

But how often do you talk about things that really deepen your understanding of your mate? The happy couples in my study talked to each other frequently -- not about their relationship, but about other things -- and felt they knew a lot about their spouse in four key areas: Set aside 10 minutes a day -- I call it "The Minute Rule," to talk to your partner about anything other than work, family, the household, or the relationship.

This simple change infuses relationships with new spirit and life. Fall in love all over again -- weekly. Spontaneous dates are great, but the truth is that we're busy and we often don't make time for our lover. Keep your love relationship healthy with a once-a-week date -- dinner out, a movie, dancing, an art show, couples yoga -- whatever.

Take turns planning it.

9 New Ways to Deepen Your Relationship Bond

Watch what happens when you book a night at the local hotel, and get a friend or relative to watch the kids and pets. Change and grow -- together. Your love relationship is a living thing that needs nourishment to grow and develop.

how to build a strong bond in relationship

The best way to nurture it is to infuse it with change. Much like fertilizer for a plant, introducing change into relationships has been shown to be a key ingredient to couple happiness. The changes can be small, but they have to upset the routine enough to make him or her sit up and take notice. If he always makes the dinner reservation, let her do it. Play hooky from work and do something fun together, like visiting a museum or tourist spot nearby.

Or try something new: Take a water-skiing class together, or go on a mediation retreat. Get to know each other's friends and family. My research found that men, in particular, are happier when the female has a good relationship with his family.

It is also a forum for you to settle any disputes without arguing. This can relieve stress between married couples and it allows you to vent out any anxiety you feel about your lives. Do not think that communicating with your mate means you have to tackle heavy topics every time you speak.

Communicating also means expressing yourselves to one another about your day or your children. Laugh Together Couples who laugh together strengthen their bond. Not to mention, laughter can naturally boost your immune system, relieve stresslower blood pressures, and release feel-good endorphins in your body.

Joking around with your mate is also a great way to ease tension or to stop a fight. Those three little words have the ultimate power to make you feel special and draw you closer as a couple.

They must be said honestly, not out of habit. Expressing your love does not have to be elaborate, it should simply be sincere. There are many ways to display love in your relationship. You can show love by kissinghugging, engaging in physical intimacyand even through surprise gifts.

These touch sensations bring couples closer together. Your love is the ultimate bond you share. It is the way you express how you value and care for one another. You can also show you love your partner by staying in contact throughout the day, even just to say hello and let your mate know they are on your mind.

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Gary Chapman believes that there are five love languages that are unique to each individual. These five love languages consist of words of Affirmation, Physical touch, Quality time together, Acts of service such as helping out around the houseand finally, Receiving gifts.

Whether you believe in the love language or not, it is important to get to know what your partner values when it comes to expressing affection. This lets you discover how to please them and make them feel valued in the marriage. Go To Bed Together Many couples do not end their day together.

Often, one stays up later in another room to continue watching television or surfing the internet. This can lead to feelings of loneliness in the marriage and cause couples to drift apart. The time you have together before bed is the time you spend bonding through touch. This is also the time when many couples get physically intimate. Going to sleep together has a particularly strong effect on females, who are more likely to have positive partner interactions the following day.

Be Honest When you got married you took vows, essentially, to always do your best for one another.