How pewdiepie meet his friends and him

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how pewdiepie meet his friends and him

Let's talk about about PewDiePie, YouTube, and the extent of certain Find one of your friends, yell at them until they're angry, and then try "It's. Marzia: How I actually met Felix was one of my best friend (DAIZO). She email me one day and she had the sweetest words About him that I just. We have the written interview with one of PewDiePie's actual friends who participated in a 'duel minecraft playthrough' with him on PewDie's.

how pewdiepie meet his friends and him

Some fans believe that his location has made a major contribution to his growth since he moved from Sweden to Italy to LA and finally to Brighton in the UK. We also interviewed a third although did not capture that on camera. Do you miss anything about him? I totally think you two should make another video together! If you would rather read the other interviews too, instead of watching the video, you can read them below: I regularly found new channels and subscribed to them if I found some content I liked, I still do to this day.

Tango Down, which was a game I played regularly.

I also remember watching him play Penumbra, and Amnesia. Recently I have told a few friends that i was and they hardly believe me until I show them some proof.

First is on the Blacklight: Second way I might have found him was randomly searching Blacklight videos on youtube. Unfortunately, the old Blacklight forums were shut down. Thanks for your interest and the questions. Since I loved watching gameplay and I needed to listen to several hours of spoken Swedish each day I figured gameplay videos would be the most engaging way to go about it for me. So I sought out and subscribed to several Swedish youtubers, pewdiepie being one of them.

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However, I do not recall any interaction with him apart from the odd comment. He often talks and sometimes even argues with Felix, but most of the time he just shows up in the background in every video that he appears in. Ainsley was also the one who seemingly convinced Pewds to use Patreon when Felix was still broke.

how pewdiepie meet his friends and him

Funeral On September 21,Ainsley, our beautiful little cardboard man, was laid to rest. He was then turned into a goat demon and declared that 'he would rise again'. Using his kazoo, he bowed to the pentagram, causing Ainsley to appear. Felix wanted Ainsley to grant him immortality, but Ainsley refused, saying that he could not be forgiven after killing him. Felix said that they could put those things aside and play the kazoo, to which Ainsley agreed.

After playing the kazoo with his old friend, Felix told him that he wanted to be at his level, but Ainsley called him a fool, saying that he had been trained by the devil himself.

how pewdiepie meet his friends and him

Ainsley then said that the audience members were now his "minions of death" a. Felix nodded thoughtfully, comprehending the outcome. On the 28th of Februaryafter a Happy Wheels, a game Felix hated, playthrough, Felix was so angry with Ainsley that he destroyed part of his cardboard head. In the following days, Felix tried to brainwash Ainsley to becoming his friend again.

how pewdiepie meet his friends and him

This wasn't enough to change Ainsley back. On the 6th of MarchFelix tried one final thing to fix Ainsley, by playing one final game with Ainsley. During the playthrough, Felix lost his mind and personality and, not wanting Ainsley to see him like this, put him out of his misery by ripping out his eyes, mouth, and body.

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