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Why Love Is Not Always Enough To Make A Relationship Work

QUOTES ON SELF LOVE By Kim McMillen "When I loved myself enough, I quit can take time and space to nourish the most important relationship you have. The Secret Life and Loves of Robert Bateman Nigel Daly It was clear that Roberthad to make anew will four days after the heartbreak and retiring, but near enough to maintain an ongoing close relationship with their favourite nephew. In hewas living in Bristol, but at a different address, 5 Belgrave Place, Clifton. We spoke with astrologer Janelle Belgrave about how to figure out birth drives, fears, parental relationships, siblings, children, psychological patterns, and Mercury rules your mind and communication, Venus rules your love life, and 16 Unique Subscription Sites That Take The Stress Out Of Creative.

My concern is that I actually feel bad, like I am turning my back on someone I love. January 6, at 5: You deserve lots of support around processing what happened and moving towards healing. That sounds like it was really scary and painful! From what we know, abuse is about power and control. I can hear that the emotional abuse had been escalating as the relationship went on and often a big part of this is the abusive partner trying to justify their behavior and make their partner feel responsible for the abuse.

This blame-shifting can take time to untangle and this can be a difficult part of healing, it is normal to feel guilty because of this but nothing you could possibly do would make the situation your fault.

I can also hear that you really cared for him, and it is so hard when someone hurts you and that does not mean that all of your feelings for them just disappear.

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Staying out of an abusive relationship can be really hard for a variety of reasons. On average, people who leave abusive relationships leave and return between times. You are definitely not alone in this experience.

Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. Some people are very difficult to accept. Fortunately, acceptance is nothing more than surrendering to the truth. The people in your life are exactly the way that they are, whether you like it or not. Notice that this person has a very particular state of mind and a very particular way of seeing life. Notice that this person is the way he or she is and that your feelings about it are totally irrelevant. When you can be at peace with the truth of how someone is, you can see what you need to do.

You have peace of mind. You are creative and resourceful. You can find solutions and you can take the action you need to have your life be great. When you fight the truth, you create a state of fear and upset. You close down inside and you get tunnel vision.

Are you sitting comfortably?

All you can do is fight, resist, hang on or withdraw. This in turn destroys the experience of love, fuels the conflict and makes your situation worse. If you want your relationship to work, let go of your demands and expectations for how the person should be, and make peace with the way the person is.

Empower the person and do everything you can to make sure the person feels loved, accepted and appreciated. Then watch what happens. As the person feels loved and empowered by you, that person becomes a lot more interested in making you happy. Automatically, that person becomes more accepting and appreciative of you.

Then you feel loved and become more accepting and appreciative of the other person. Instead of creating the cycle of conflict, you create the cycle of loving, supporting and empowering each other.

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Creating this cycle is the key to having your relationship be great. So, to have your relationship be as great as it can be, make sure the other person feels loved, accepted and appreciated.

Let go of your demands for how the person should be and see the beauty in the person, just the way he or she is. He leads workshops in Houston and does individual telephone consulting. To learn more about Bill and his work, call or visit www.