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We must make search rather for the original experiences which were the Immediately the word of the Lord came to me, that I must go thither. . drawn from the breasts of both testaments,' is a sub-title of the once famous New England I see near my door Geneva on fire with quarrels over nothing, and I laugh again; and. Josh Abrahams And Amiel Daemion: Addicted To Bass, Single ~Jan . CD 29 Sep AUS Festival (jewelcase, includes Audio Out album lyrics booklet) .. Addicted To Bass [DJ Die's Sub-Tera Mix] ~ Remixed, revamped and .. Amiel: Meet Me In The Red Room [Original Film Version] (music Marius. Search prices for KLM, airBaltic, Aeroflot, Pegasus Airlines, Norwegian Air International and more. Search and find deals on flights to Oslo.

They make the films they and many of us love, not the ones aimed at raking it in at the box office. Thornton delivers an incredible job as the title character Ed, the supporting players also never missing a beat. The extra features include an interview with cinematographer Roger Deakins, an enlightening commentary track with Thornton and the Coens as well as a making-of documentary, trailers, photo gallery, filmographies and deleted scenes.

The comedy genius of Bill Murray can hardly be compared to the over the top slapstick of our pal Chevy Chase. His subtleties are far and wide, not mere banana peel fare.

Murray's career is far from washed-up as he portrays a bit of an idiot What else? In order to avoid being embarrassed by Murray in front of an important business dinner that evening, Gallagher sends ol' Bill on a Theatre Of Life excursion. This Theatre plays off in the streets of London with real people placed in exciting situations from where to improvise.

An aspiring but awful actor, the best he could do is finding a job at a video store. A single accidental switch throws Murray into a world of secret agents, plots, money, women, murder and an imminent time bomb which will bring an end to a peace treaty. Of course, all along the way he thinks it's all just acting! Hilarious set pieces and misunderstandings drive the story without boring or soppy bits. Murray guides it all perfectly, acting the jerk that is believed to be a super-agent due to his ignorance and accidental antics.

On DVD the fine Dolby digital soundtrack of big band orchestral sounds cuts through in crystal vibrancy. This is great entertainment from the director who brought us Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter. With over a dozen number one hits she has covered some serious territory. This DVD is perfect for Mariah fans with live footage, interviews, music videos and behind the scenes clips that is sure to thrill.

There has always been an unofficial fan war between Whitney and Mariah fans - while both have great voices, it's with the personalities that the choices fall. Brooks is the great reporter who s insecure and terrible on camera. Hurt is the empty-head sports reporter who gets cast as the new anchor, and Hunter is the sharp as a tack producer who s torn between them.

Nominated for 7 Oscars, including all 3 actors, the script and best picture. Didn t win any. The last Emperor and Moonstruck swept. Brokeback Mountain Dir Ang Lee. Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal Sensitive, thoughtful story of two ordinary working-class modern cowboys, who discover their lover for each other and the effect on their straight lives over the years.

Was a real breakthrough flick in getting straight audiences talking seriously about the nature of being gay. Essentially, it s a sweet love story of how she finds her way and her guy. But it s done without theatrics or sentimentality. It is also a great essay on why the immigrant experience is so important to this country. As the naive country girl turns into an self-confident American, we learn once again that we got the people with the grit and smarts to leave home for someplace better.

Nominated for best picture, script and actress Oscars. A serious American remake was inferior, in part due to Hollywood s technical polish.

The good brother, a Danish Army officer, is sent to Afghanistan, where he does something terrible in captivity. The heart of the film is his effort to work through this after he is home. Very intense, with terrific performances. Won Sundance audience award as best drama.

Pixar s first feature after Toy Story. A misfit ant, looking for warriors to save his colony from grasshoppers, recruits a group of bugs that turn out to be an inept circus troup.

Very bright and funny andin some ways, more sophisticated than TS, though it was nowhere near as big a hit. Ron Shelton A season with minor league baseball players - the tough, experienced catcher, the hot rookie pitcher he s trying to groom, the camp-following women. Probably the best movie about the real nature of baseball ever, and Costner s best performance though Field of Dreams is close. Robbins and Sarandon started an affair during the shoot that turned into their long-term non-marriage.

Nominated for screenplay Oscar. Starts slowly, but builds to great intensity at the end like many Russian plays First major movie about this subject after the fall of communism.

Won best foreign flick Oscar and a number of other awards Butler, The Dir. Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey and an enormous cast of big stars in cameos. The primary focus is on the tension between the generations: Dad was born on a Mississippi cotton farm, experienced Jim Crow it its most violent, and raised himself up through grit and intelligence in service jobs. This draws white audiences in, and helps us feel the contribution of those generations of Pullman porters, waiters and domestics.

Indie cast of unknowns Mock documentary by the brits on what life in the US is like years after the south won the civil way. Very broad sophomoric comedy, but with some funny ideas. Degenerates into farcical slapstick toward the end. Best part is mock commercials for products related to a slave-holding, openly racist US society. A married couple is terrorized by a series of videotapes planted on its front porch that may be the direct result of an event from years ago.

Sort of feels like French Hitchcock. Never released in US? Cal, a young man on the fringes of the IRA, falls in love with Marcella, a Catholic woman whose husband, a Protestant policeman, was killed one year earlier by the IRA.

Good evocation of the impact of the Irish troubles at the personal level. Mirren won best actress at Cannes. Taut direction, great acting all around. Rich Phillips of the Maersk Alabama, which was attacked by Somali pirates in and saved by the US Navy after a harrowing time as a hostage on a lifeboat.

The film maintains incredible tension by avoiding dramatic flourishes or anything that feels like a script. Instead, they let the drama flow out of the situation in a very just the facts style. Both Hanks, as the experienced calm captain, thinking about the safety of his crew, and newcomer Abdi, as the almost young pirate leader teetering on the edge of panic are superb. Nominated for 6 Oscars, but no wins in a tough year. Capturing The Friedmans Dir Andrew Jarecki Documentary on a professor and his son arrested in s for supposed sex abuse of kids in his home computer class.

The evidence, including a lot of home movies is ambiguous in the extreme. Family is torn apart, and their guilt or innocence is still being debated. Nominated for best doc. Won many other awards. Cate Blanchet, Rooney Mara A master class in in the art of saying more with less. Carol is a wealthy suburban wife shopping in NY.

Therese is a quiet shop girl channeling Audrey Hepburn. They meet, and electric currents start to flow. They are drawn into friendship. The subtlety isn t an option, because this iswhen being open would have been unthinkable. Their affair ultimately leads to a shattering crisis and an exquisitely ambiguous ending, all made more powerful by the civilized veneer. Nominated for 5 Oscars, but no wins. Casablanca Humphry Bogart, Ingrid Bergman et.

Dir Michael Curtiz We ll always have Paris. Still one of the most perfect movies ever made. Nominated for 8 Oscars, won 3 including best picture.

Lasse Halstrom Uncredited re-write: Tom Stoppard Swashbuckling farce about the legendary Venetian lover. Played very much for laughs and feel-good, and it works. Irons is totally over the top as the grand inquisitor. A revelation as a comic actor like George C Scott in Dr. Strangelove The critics liked it. Not clear why it did absolutely no box office in the US.

A more serious Bond that takes spying and murder more seriously. Deals with the origins of Bond s license, and has a serious love interest as well as a character arc. Stays much closer to the original book the first bond book than any other movie. Though the big game has changed to Poker from Chemin-de-fer, and there are some big effects and chases that Ian Fleming never dreamed of. The best Bond in years. Castle in the Sky Hayao Miyazaki Anime Not quite in the same league as Spirited Away, but one of Miyazaki s better efforts with a lot of his classic elements, including lots of flying machines.

A young boy and a girl with a magic crystal must race against pirates and foreign agents in a search for a legendary floating castle. Cat Returns, The Studio Gibli. A young girl rescues a mysterious cat from traffic and soon finds herself the unwelcome recipient of gifts and favors from the King of the Cats, who also wants her to marry his son Fun, but mainly a kids movie. It had a twisted history, and was picked up half-finished and completed by Gibli.

Among the changes they introduced was modeling the King Cat figure on the doll from s Whisper of the Heart and making this film a sort of quasi-sequel to the fantasy sequences in that much richer film. Cave of Forgotten Dreams Dir by Werner Herzog The Chauvet Cave in Southern France was discovered in and immediately closed to the public to protect the paintings inside, which are 37, years old 10, years older than Lasceaux, which has been badly damaged by humidity and other human impacts.

InHerzog finally got permission from the French government to film Chauvet, but under very limited circumstances - 3D video with small hand held gear and just 4 cold light panels. These limitations actually add drama to the film, which is utterly arresting and haunting despite Herzog s pretentious and overlong script.

Central Station Brazil Dir: Walter Salles, stars Fernanda Montenegro An emotive journey of a former school teacher, who writes letters for illiterate people, and a young boy, whose mother has just died, in search for the father he never knew.

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She rises above her cynicism to get involved. Great acting all around. Captures the real energy and humanity of Brazil, rather than the postcard version. Nominated for Best actress and Best Foreign film Oscars. Four months later the police say they ve found him. But, it s not her son, and when she insists on this, the LAPD at the peak of their most corrupt era persecute her.

She fights back with great toughness and ultimately helps trigger major reforms. What makes it a great movie is Eastwood s almost invisible direction. You never see his hand at work, but the end result is powerful story-telling. A master class in how to do it. Satisfying girls-get-even with no help from Police ending. Stars Johnny Depp 05 remake of the Gene Wilder classic, and inferior in almost every way, though Depp does have a certain weirdness of his own.

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Charlie Wilson s War Dir. Sorkin s script harkens back to his West Wing days in serving serious content with a light touch. Comes out cuter than the book, but retains enough of Charlotte s hard edge and White s realistic take on life and the lessons Charlotte and Wilber have to teach us that it is a kids movie with depth - - something they ll think about - - even though it s far from perfect.

Certainly far better than the several previous attempts to film this story. One falls for a girl cartoonist, but she s lesbian, and his pursuit wrecks relationships all around. Smith s 3rd movie after Clerks and Mallrats. Jay and Silent Bob are a small part of the background here. An attempt at a more sophisticated script, and it has its moments, but Adams, though cute, isn t enough of an actress to pull it off.

Loosely based on Yasujiro Ozu s s Tokyo Story. He and his wife s clothes journey to Japan, where he finds closure, aided by a homeless young girl. Very slow moving and quiet at the start, it turns into a sensitive, extremely moving exploration of quiet, real real love and loss. The result is great fun and great stage: Peter Lord, Nick Park. Life in the chicken coop is upset by the farmer s plans to build an automated chicken pie factory, but an American rooster of uncertain background Gibson promises to save the day by teaching the girls to fly.

Very droll, lots of laughs for adults and kids as long as the latter are old enough to handle the threat of the pie factory. Lots of international animation awards. A grim near future in England when the last baby in the world was born 5 years ago.

Society is falling apart and non-natives are herded into lawless refugee camps. Story centers on the appearance of a pregnant woman and a guerrilla effort to get her to a safe but maybe mythical offshore colony. Gripping, scary and real. Nominated for 3 Oscars and many awards, mainly script and design.

The classic, near-perfect LA noir film, though it transplants the Owens Valley water wars and the land grab in the Valley from s to the 30s for a better story.

Nominated for 11 Oscars, but won only for script. A wierd inventor Caractacus Potts invents an amazing flying car, which drives by itself. It takes him and his family to Vulgaria, where the sinister buffoon Baron Bomburst, who has made Children illegal, kidnaps the car. Fun, but sugary sweet. Chocolat Dir Lasse Helstrom. Sort of a cross between Amalie and Like Water for Chocolate.

Binoche and her daughter suddenly arrive in an uptight village and open a chocolate shop. The villagers especially the ruling Compte are offended by her forward ways, but her special recipes slowly transform them. In less talented hands, it could be sappy. A large disfunctional family gathers for the holidays in their parents home.

The mother has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant, which one of the kids may be able to supply, but that s only one of many story lines that twist and intersect, along with a lot of moody philosophizing. Amalric, who we ve seen in a bunch of great films, steals the show as the alcoholic black sheep of the family, who sort of turns out to be the good guy. It sounds hateful, but in fact is is enormously engaging, funny at times and very memorable.

By cutting enormous amounts of the whimsical, Dickensian excess of characters and subplots that are Irving s forte and which made Garp and Hotel New Hampshire meandering, overstuffed films Hallstrom and Irving deliver the essence of the book s gentle, character-driven coming-of-age story.

Nominated for 7 Oscars, including best picture, won two: One of his best form the 50s with the mice, the evil cat, good songs. Italian cast The great film about cinema love and movies place in our lives before TV. A young kid in WWII Sicily is entranced with movies, adopts the projectionist as a surrogate father, comes of age hanging around the theater and goes on to become a famous director. The US release, which won best foreign Oscar, cut one hour from the Italian original, which was finally released in US in The longer one fills out the bittersweet story of Toto s first love, but some critics felt it turned a magic film into an expectable tear-jerker.

Minnie Driver s first film lead - - as they start college in Dublin in the 60s. A very well-done chick flick for thinking people including guys. Citizen Kane Orson Welles, Joseph cotton. Screenplay by Herman Mankiewicz, Dir. The spectacular quality of this 60th anniversary digital re-mastering is like seeing the film for the first time again. All Brazilian cast Brazil.

Life among homeless street gang kids of Rio. Violence, including killing, as an ordinary way of life. Uncompromising, raw, hard to watch. Feels more like documentary than fiction.

There actually is a story one kid grows up to be photographer, the other a drug dealer but it s the environment that stays with you. Nominated for 3 Oscars, won a ton of other awards. Claim, The Dir Michael Winterbottom. Drawn from Hardy s The Mayor of Casterbridge, it follows the story of Daniel Dillon, who traded his wife and newborn daughter for a gold mine.

Has a kind of austere coldness throughout, but many haunting images and moments. More popular in Europe than the US. Class, The Entre les Murs Dir by Laurent Cantet, froim the autobiographical book by Francois Begaudeau, also stars Begaudeau and a bunch of real students A year in the life of a French high school teacher and his students, mostly from working class and immigrant backgrounds.

He struggles to command and teach, and they in Ebert s review can see clearly that the purpose of the class is to make them model citizens in a society that has little use for them.

Though fiction, it feels like a documentary because Cantet spent a year with the students letting them improvise their way into their roles. Won the Palme d Or at Cannes and was nominated for best foreign flick Oscar. An executive is held captive and forced to hike through the woods by an employee, whose motive is never clear.

It's up to his wife to deliver the ransom. Despite terrific people throughout, it just never gets off the ground. Discovered underground in NY and taken to Sundance, where it is a hit and picked up by Miramax. Launched Smith s career. Two days in the lives of a bunch of slackers who work and hang out in an NJ convenience store. Despite production values just above home movie, it has a lot of genuinely funny moments that are indie classics.

Closer Dir Mike Nichols. The relationships of two couples become complicated and deceitful when the man from one couple meets the woman of the other. Nominated for 2 acting Oscars and other acting awards. The kind of slow, thoughtful movie intelligent people are supposed to like, but to me, the script was terribly expectable, and the good acting didn t save it. All play many roles An imaginative, mostly successful translation of David Mitchell s utterly unique novel.

Jumps back and forth between five story lines, ranging from the s to the distant future. We slowly become aware that the same actors are playing many parts, and a growing number of tiny things connect them. In the end, there are some expectable feel good ideas about humanity and connectedness, but the journey is the reward.

Virtually demands multiple viewings. Critics were generally positive, with hopes it would find its audience. Sadly it didn t. Strong message that being a nerd can be cool. Crazy inventor kid make a machine that causes it to rain food. At first he s a hero to the town, but, of course, things go terribly wrong, then he saves the day by shutting it down in a high-adventure ending.

Cold Comfort Farm Dir. Great British cast centered on Kate Beckensall her first starring role Comedy.

In the s, a plucky young London society girl is orphaned with no money. She moves in with totally weird distant relatives in rundown north-country farm. Undaunted, she starts improving the place and their individual lives. Funny characters and some very funny moments. Cold Mountain Dir. Nicole Kidman, Renee Zelweger. On the North Carolina frontier, the taciturn Mr. Inman falls for the Preacher s daughter, newly imported from Charleston. Then he marches off to war, promising to return to her. After some horrific battles and wounds, he starts the long trek home.

Meanwhile, she has to learn to run a farm, while fending off the local bad guys, which she does with the aid of a tough, odd girl. Nominated for 7 Oscars, Zellweger won best supporting. Collapse Dir Chris Smith Basically a talking head record of Michael Ruppert and his thoughts about peak oil and the resulting collapse of civilization as we know it. Ruppert has some vague connections to the intelligence world, and the director tries to use these to boost his credibility, but essentially he s just a writer who has strung together all the usual data and extrapolated it to a bunch of apocalyptic predictions.

When one of his old ring is captured and a local newspaper reporter figures out who he is, he goes on the run using his old contacts to try to find the one person who can clear him.

Andrey Filipov lost his job as conductor of the Bolshoi when he refused to fire all the Jewish musicians in the 80s and now works as a janitor there. Lyric made her way to the bar from her vantage point and the music changed. The MC was saying that the next girl was going to be the last girl on the catwalk for the night and everyone's last chance for a date.

SEVEN SECONDS - Soundtrack zur Netflix Original Serie 2018 inkl. Intro Song "LOVE & HATE"

She paid the bartender as the MC hyped up the crowd into a frenzy of expectation. When the lights dropped low and the music changed to a slow sexy rhythm driven by a heavy bass sound that vibrated thorough her being making her think of only one thing. She was expecting a really raunchy act but the woman who appeared on the makeshift runway was anything but. Lyric didn't realise she had stopped breathing until she felt dizzy enough to pass out. There was recognition in those blue eyes.

She looked like a young Sharon Stone but more curvaceously sensual in her every move. The model was wearing a white faux fur coat which she took off by the simple expedient of letting it slide slowly down her lovely creamy white shoulders to reveal a blue satin silky creation which defied gravity in some places and owed much to creative engineering in others.

The dress was held together by two thin spaghetti straps that looked like they were going to snap under the weight of her generous breasts before falling in figure hugging perfection down her slim waist and flowing down her long legs. She was incredibly sexy, all beautiful ice cool attitude as she strutted her stuff on the stage and reduced her captive audience to a quivering mass of jellylike lust.

Her hips swayed seductively as she flicked her head over her shoulder and simply sashayed across the stage.

Lyric felt a moment of panic as though she stood dangerously teetering on the edge of a precipice, a hairsbreadth away from falling into an abyss.

She could feel it in her centre, that tight feeling, her body remembered that heavy ache in her loins caused by the girl with those blue eyes, those eyes that had haunted her dreams for years sometimes even intruding on her waking moments as she remembered their time on the underground and she shifted uncomfortably.

Lyric was staring and the girl was staring right back and she knew Lyric was staring. She couldn't help herself, her lips were rich full, sultry and begging to be kissed, Lyric's hands fairly begged to cup her magnificently voluptuous breasts in her hands and that walk, that hip swinging come and get me walk. Her violet blue eyes held Lyric spell bound they were so dark as to be almost purple in their brilliance. Lyric smiled wryly and lifted her glass nodding her head to her in a silent salute.

The blonde raised one tawny eyebrow challengingly, tossed her head and swivelled round in one fluid movement she literally prowled back across the stage like a sleekly sensual cat, hips swinging, head tossing and then returning to the spot where she had dropped the fake fur coat, she picked it up by its collar and dragged it behind her heedless of the dirt and debris on the ground. Diera would recognise her anywhere because she had haunted her every fantasy for years.

Now she stood smack in the centre of the room, minus the spikes and the tattoos, all dark and broody and smouldering like a burning brazier. Her magnetic presence was like a black hole at the centre of the universe inexorably compelling her attention. She had stared not wanting to look away at anyone else around her because they were blurred and inconsequential l. She had only ever seen those eyes once. Then as now they blazed with intelligence, intense and brilliant they stared at her with unblinking fervour as though she could plumb the very depths of her mind.

The dark eyes did a slow sensuous sweep of her body and even across the room they felt like a lover's hands moulding her curves with a Machiavellian like smile that promised temptation and dark dangerous desires. This was a woman capable of all manner of bad deeds. Ice cool blue eyes met glittering opal hued ones. No one had ever looked at her the way the dark stranger was looking at her now. She had to break the spell, She stopped and turned around to give the audience another look over her shoulder and they were gifted with a view of her backless dress which stopped just above the small of her back leaving just enough to titillate the imagination and then she left the stage to rapturous applause and frenzied wolf whistles.

Diera laughed, breathless with delight and shook her head her head easing herself out of her dress and back into her jeans and blouse. You had close to at least several hundred women eating out of the palm of your hand. Sometimes Diera I just don't understand you.

The door of the dressing room opened and Eden and Erienne came in and kissed her congratulating her. Her eyes were practically eating you up. Alison gave a gallic shrug "I'm married not blind. I can even tell the exact moment you spotted her in the crowd because your eyes lit up. Diera blushed and said stubbornly, "She's not my type. She looks like the kind of woman even you would have a hard time pushing around.

Cassandra stroked her chin thoughtfully "She sounds like a challenge. The event was being held in the Phoenix rooms. Angel had told her to approach Rage because she felt that Rage would be more amenable to helping out but she had not told her why. Sabrina never one to look a gift horse in the mouth agreed and was pleasantly surprised.

Sabrina's eyes widened and Eden gasped and then giggled. Diera looked absolutely bewildered and a murmur began to sweep through the curious crowd. She did not want Bradley to spend twenty thousand dollars on a date with her. Do I have twenty? Going once going twice She secretly hoped the Dark Angel won because Bradley was out of the bidding and the leather clad woman did not look like someone she wanted to go on a date with.

Bradley shook his head this game was definitely too rich for his blood. Diera was having none of that. Her blonde eyebrows had receded so far up her hairline as to disappear and the beginnings of a thunderous expression were about to play across her delicate features which actually only served to make her look more attractive.

Everyone flooded the dance floor as the music vibrated throughout the room. Lyric was approached by one of the ushers and diligently went over and wrote out a cheque for the charity. She'd barely finished when she was joined by the blonde on the stage. Her hair was down and fell in gentle golden waves down her shoulders. She was dressed simply in jeans and a white low cut blouse with spaghetti straps that showed off her cleavage advantageously.

A sight which Lyric appreciated and her eyes lingered a little too long. I hope you will enjoy the evening of Japanese culture we have planned for you. I really think you'll like it. There were definitely too many beautiful women gathered in one place tonight. It was the voluptuous dark-haired beauty with green eyes.

On stage she was beautiful but up close and personal she was absolutely gorgeous. She looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor except sexier because this woman was all smouldering sensuality. Lyric smiled ruefully but nodded her head acknowledging the gesture. She would have done the same. Lyric was an honourable woman in some ways.

She never went after someone else's woman unless of course that woman came after her. Why then it was a different story. Lyric sighed theatrically but only did so after kissing the back of Eden's hand and winking at Eden with melting caramel coloured eyes. Some of them are amazing. Lyric turned to Diera. The two stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like eternity and Diera thought for a moment that Lyric was actually going to kiss her.

She had mixed feelings about that because there was something about the woman that was exciting but at the same time dangerous she was hypnotised by her glittering dark eyed gaze.

She dragged her eyes away with a monumental effort and started walking like a zombie towards Bradley who looked at her with an uncertain smile. Their eyes locked across the room, Lyric's annoyed dark gaze was met with Diera's cool blue challenging ones. Bradley wrapped an arm around Diera as she leant against the bar. Diera wanted to look away from the compelling eyes that held hers from across the room. The whiskey coloured eyes blazed at her with such unblinking ferocity she almost felt they were boring into her mind as Bradley said something to her and Diera turned to look at him and appeared to give him all her attention but the truth was she barely heard what he was saying.

All her attention was focussed on the dark haired woman across the room, with the glittering eyes. There was something about the black haired woman's uncompromisingly rude stare that annoyed her intensely perhaps it was because she found her so devastatingly attractive.

She recognised her of course; she wondered if the woman remembered their encounter, she certainly had never forgotten it. The black haired woman still haunted her dreams. She wore her chinos with a thick black belt and a long sleeved white cotton shirt, a single breasted velvet navy jacket completed the casual but formal look.

She stood out like a sore thumb in a sea of denim and leather and yet she looked calm and competent as though it didn't matter how much shit life threw at her she would still come up smelling of roses. Her hair was cut short yet, thick and luxuriantly wavy and she possessed such a cute little dimple in her chin that Diera wanted to kiss it.

If this woman walked down the street you could easily imagine men falling at her feet and women changing their sexual orientation just for her. It was difficult to miss her confidence and the proud way she held herself, all this combined with the sophisticated elegance and a suave polished urbanity that comes with being born into money and growing up with it.

Alison hadn't lied she was hot and definitely the sexiest woman Diera had ever seen and probably the most arrogant. The annoying woman leaned against the wall, a glass of brandy still in her hand which she lifted as though in a toast and then proceeded to undress her lazily with her eyes. It was a gesture that so infuriated Diera she wanted to wipe that arrogant expression off her face.

Instead she continued to feign an interest in her conversation with Bradley that she did not really feel. Lyric did not see Diera divert Bradley's wandering hands.

She was angry and she did not know why. The blonde was beautiful it stood to reason that she was already dating someone else and it looked like she was straight.

She knocked back the rest of the brandy and turning her back on the blonde and her companion left the club and made her way back to her apartment. She was annoyed to be shown around by the same man who had been all over the beautiful blonde at the fundraiser.

He looked incredibly surprised to see her and even shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. Lyric barely raised an eyebrow or even acknowledged meeting him before other than a cursory nod.

She kept everything entirely professional. He seemed to be more comfortable by her non-confrontational manner and she let his voice drone on and relegated it to the status of background noise. Her other junior Lucy Cavendish seemed like a nice sort. She had mousy brown hair, twinkling eyes and a kindly smile. The door of her office opened to reveal her secretary and Lyric groaned inwardly.

She looked like Aquascutum woman. Her hair was tucked up into a severe bun, she wore thin wire framed spectacles and a grey "don't mess with me" business suit. She guessed the pink blouse she wore was her only concession to the fact that she was remotely human. Her PA was the picture of business efficiency. If she refused she would simply ask for a more amenable and aesthetically pleasing secretary. She didn't care what the rules were in America, in her rule book PA's always made her coffee or everyone in the office suffered the consequences of her nasty temper.

Lyric glanced at her suspiciously and the blonde gave her a bland but inscrutable look from behind her gold rimmed spectacles, Lyric frowned "I prefer to be called Lyric.

Lyric Gaylord-Black was a cool customer. She acted like she hadn't just spent fifty thousand dollars on a date with Diera, she was taking the whole professional thing too far. Lyric recognised Lucy from the evening before and after pleasantries they got down to business. Lucy was still puzzling over her odd behaviour when it suddenly dawned on her. Lyric had not recognised Diera from the night before. It was the only plausible explanation for while she treated Diera with the most utter civility there was no hint of recognition in those opal coloured eyes when they settled on her secretary.

I am well aware that to you this is only a simple hit and run matter but our client has paid us a large sum of money to try this case and that is exactly what we shall be doing. By the time they were ready to break for lunch they had managed to review most of the cases coming up over the next three months.

Lyric seemed to have a way of cutting straight to the point and making convoluted facts, complicated legal principles and arguments easy to grasp when she explained them. So that files that Lucy had been struggling with for the past few weeks since they had been assigned to her case load suddenly seemed extremely straight forward.

When Lucy and Diera came back from their daily lunch hour at La Cachette, Lyric had still not left her desk and had apparently ordered in and worked through lunch. Both women stopped and stared. She had taken off her black jacket to reveal the black shirt she wore which was rolled up to display a pair of bronzed but lean muscular forearms. Her shirt was slightly undone to reveal a black bra which hinted at her cleavage. She lifted a hand to ruffle her thick black hair which stopped short at the nape of her neck also fell forward to slightly curl over her forehead.

Her nose was Grecian in its perfection, the dimple on her chin only added to the character of her face, her brows shaped like knives were dark and brooding, thick sultry lips were moulded into a pout as she glared at the telephone. Bradley Smith was standing in front of her fidgeting uncomfortably and both women were startled when she growled ferally. You're 3 minutes late. Lyric scowled made a grunting sound and subsided into her chair.

Cavendish go and find the file on that forgery case, I think it's with Ellington Junior. Smith," She pointed to him "You can stay here and tell me all you know about the Salenko case. She had a photographic memory and had read over the Salenko case during her lunch break.

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The session was really for her team to familiarise themselves with the file as they discussed what they were going to do as she delegated work and plotted out their strategy to present the evidence they had to work with. She always found the best way to deal with a matter was to discuss it to death.

If you got as many view points from different people you picked up on points other people didn't notice and you could see from where the your opponent was coming from so you could shut them down. They would probably have to file endless motions before they actually got to the essence of the case.

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That was just the way the law worked. Lyric was more interested in contemplating the type of briefs her secretary might be wearing than the intricate points in the legal brief that Bradley Smith was finding difficult to come to grips with.

Lyric couldn't help but be fixated by the smooth length of her legs, the gentle curve of her calf and the way her skirt rode up her thighs as she moved in the chair and crossed her legs. Lyric wondered how a woman could sit with her legs crossed like that and look so incredibly sexy.

Lyric could just imagine that she was wearing sheer stockings and a little garter to hold them up with. A woman like that probably wore something lace-trimmed and silky which caressed her bounteous curves beneath her sober professional exterior and tiny teasing little panties that just begged to be ripped off with her teeth. Lyric almost moaned aloud at the thought of ravishing her petite little secretary on her desk.

She felt a sharp tingle between her legs and shifted uncomfortably the feeling became an incessant aching between her legs. Lyric tried vainly to get her errant thoughts under control. She couldn't quite put her finger on it but she was so sure she had met her before. It never occurred to her that the coldly efficient professional in front of her was the sultry vixen of the previous night or the tempting teenage siren of her youth.

Her attention wandered to her elegant hands and wondering how they would feel on her body. She couldn't help looking. She liked to think it was because there was something very familiar about the woman, she wasn't sure if it was her perfume, or her slender fingers and impeccable French manicure. Diera was furious that Lyric was ignoring her and acting as though she wasn't in the room. Even worse she pretended as though she didn't recognise her and then surreptitiously checked her out.

She didn't have to look at her to know that the glittering dark gaze had done an Olympic fast track sweep of her body, with those hot smouldering eyes. Diera had taken off her suit jacket and was now wearing a pink silk blouse, which was opened to reveal a string of pearls and a pendant which drew attention to her very considerable cleavage.

A very short grey skirt and grey shoes with 3 inch kitten heels completed her outfit. Diera crossed her legs encased in black sheer stockings, flashing her garter belt and was perversely pleased to have Lyric's undivided attention. Lyric finally managed to drag her attention away from Diera's legs and was confronted by a pair of all too knowing disapproving blue eyes. She'd been caught staring and she knew it. Lyric smiled challengingly daring Diera to say something when she didn't she lifted up the sheet of paper in her hand and pretended to read it.

It was awhile before she realised she had been studiously looking at the wrong page. She picked up another page and tried to concentrate. She was not as unsettling as her P. A who seemed capable of making her feel like a sex crazed teenager and the lowest form of life on the planet all at the same time.

She thought Lucy Cavendish was pretty and had an engaging smile. Lyric decided she would ask her out for a drink. She would ask all of them out for a drink get to know them better and see what made them tick. She was well aware that when she was in the office she tended to be frank and abrupt which generally made people extremely uncooperative. She had found in her professional life that it was always a good idea to let people know it was not a personal thing but was entirely due to her need for perfection.

She knew they would be under a lot of pressure in the next few months. Her predecessor was a lazy bastard who let too many things slide and they would need to work really hard to get on top of things. When she got home she put on a rock opera and dived naked into the private swimming pool on the roof of her apartment.

It had a retracting roof so it could be used in winter but during the summer like now she could let the roof off so she could enjoy the hot weather. The music bathed her apartment and the powerful speakers could be heard right up on the roof. After doing a few hundred lengths she wrapped a towel around her waist and went to answer the phone.

She groaned when she heard her mother's cultured high pitched voice on the phone. You will probably have your head buried in some musty old law books I know how you get carried away once you set your mind on something. Overdoing things is always harmful darling.

This applies particularly to efficiency. Why I remember when you were going through your stock broking phase and spent whole evenings brooding in front of your computer.

This is not a distance it's a hop skip and jump in one of those frightful little toys you and Concerto insist on going roaring around in. Now my good friend Paul Delaware is having a little dinner party this evening and I gather his daughter knows quite a few people and I think you should go instead of moping around your apartment. You don't want to be a bitter old maid wearing sensible shoes and living alone with cats for company, now do you darling?

Especially since you're allergic to cats. You, my little tyrant need to get married. There was an ominous silence on the other end of the phone. Marriage is a fantastic institution. Why I've been institutionalised several times that's not a good enough reason not to get married. I've always known that. I can't say I'm not disappointed though especially since I was really looking forward to that expensive dinner. I always thought that when you told me it would be over a shockingly expensive meal at an exclusive and elitist restaurant, whilst I watched you stammer on about how you don't want to shock me, like your brother and sister did instead of hearing the news over the phone like this why do you think I have blithely pretended ignorance all these years.

Heavens I don't even get decent bottle of bubbly out of it, when you tell me over the phone like this I must say I really do feel rather hard done by. Lyric genuinely felt relief however even that was short lived. Firstly she realised her mother was more upset over the fact that she had not been treated to an expensive dinner and secondly her mother was like an annoying mosquito when it came to the institution of marriage. Once her mother got hold of an idea she was like a dog with a bone.

She just would not leave it alone. It's living together afterwards that's the problem. Lyric Gaylord Black what an absolutely ghastly idea! I have seven children and three of them are gay.

All except one of them young lady you know who you are all are happily married and producing a steady stream of grand-children. Not get married indeed. Why perish the thought! When I think of all those poor gay women burning their bras so that you can get married? Why it beggars belief!