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Meet Me On The Dark Side - Auf Der Maur

MEET ME ON THE DARKSIDE - MAdM Melissa Auf der Maur. Melissa Auf Der MaurJukeboxMusic LyricsMusic Videos. MEET ME ON THE DARKSIDE - MAdM . Video MAdM. 8 Pins melissa auf der maur meet me on the darkside. Find this . Veruca Salt - The Gospel According To Saint Me (Official Lyric Video). Find. Produced by Jordon Zadorozny & Melissa Auf der Maur. Meet me on the dark side. "Meet Me On the Darkside" Track Info.

The song's chorus features a different guitar structure to the verse but the bass line D -C--F-G uses a soft-loud dynamic that is reminiscent of s alternative rock compositions. A post-chorus breakdown uses similar chords to the verses, beginning with E -F, but progresses to a lower key B? Overall, the song features an ABCD song format.

MadM singing Meet Me On The Darkside

Lyrically, the song explores an "ethereal journey. Auf der Maur stated in an interview with ARTISTdirect in May that the lyrics were written from a purely modern perspective, despite the medieval basis of the OOOM project, and it was difficult to "find our honest, emotional truth and the feminine balance to the wars going on and the destruction to mother nature.

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However, it did not receive as much airplay as the single's predecessors; " Followed the Waves ", " Real a Lie " and " Taste You "; due to lack of commercial promotion as Auf der Maur was not signed to a major label. Critical reception[ edit ] Critical response to the song's single release, and its inclusion on the album, was mixed.

The video follows an identical form of direction, uses identical imagery and is a musical counterpart to the related OOOM film. Speaking of the music video, Auf der Maur said: In the video, there's that lost-in-time secretary who gets in a car crash.

MAdM - Meet Me (On The Dark Side) Lyrics

She time travels to find the heart of a Viking—the heart of a bleeding tree. As a woman, I'm just an extension of any woman at any time on the planet earth trying to find the heart of her reason for being here—the heart of her record the heart of her relationship and so on. The instrumental 'This Would Be Paradise" has a nightmarish toybox sound not unlike the output of Stephin Merritt side-project The Gothic Archies, the main melody being strummed on what sounds like an autoharp complimented with some muted guitar and all swept up in an endless gust of white noise as a speech by politician Tommy Douglas voted 'The Greatest Canadian' in is played throughout.

Danzig is a natural in the role of the man digging the grave of the titular father while MADM is the aggrieved "little girl" seeking solace with the two ultimately engaging in a lover's tryst. Just the sort of outcome you would expect from the mind of Melissa Auf Der Maur. The way the gentle sway of piano based verses erupts into the grinding riffage of the melodramatic choruses provide the most cathartic moments on the record.

Album opener 'The Hunt' also ploughs new terrain growing from a NIN-style mechanistic throb to a rock monolith.

This effective opener is followed by album's title track, lead single and highlight, which displays the subtle changes that have been made from Auf Der Maur, the pure bombast of 'Followed the Waves' now replaced by the splurge of lean trebly guitars that go into stuttering mode for the stripped back verses, the chorus this time getting by on its irresistible wiry lead guitar melody alone - you can't help but want to submit when Auf Der Maur commands "Travel out of our minds and into our hearts".

Completing an impressive opening trio is 'Isis Speaks' with Auf Der Maur wrapping her words around a guitar hook that doesn't so much stick in your head as lacerate itself into your memory. Then things get a little pedestrian after this blistering opening. The U2-style chime of instrumental 'Lead Horse' is just bland and could be the work of any lunkhead having a go at 'atmospheric rock'. Too many subsequent tracks display the same sonic and structural DNA; verses of persistent yet muted guitar leading to heavy choruses.