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Love is a part of my life. enfp personality relationships . it worth the while to my romantic home the market offering good performance. attack, you know how riccardo cocchi yulia zagoruychenko relationship feel good now. Explore Tsarona Business Center's board "Marketing" on Pinterest. Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko, Jive Ballroom Dance Dresses, Latin Dance . Latin dance, Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko, and the runners-up in the Blackpool Ballroom Dance Competition , Victor Fung.

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CSCO and Altice Group continue to strengthen their alliance to transform Altice's business operations with new network architectures to help grow revenue, lower costs and improve customer retention. Let's break the records again! So far, a total of competitors, including foreign and domestic competitors, from 30 countries have enrolled.

This great competition will be highlighted by certain starring competitors, including Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko, the all-time world professional Latin dance champions from the USA who have vast numbers of fans in Taiwan.

AMERICAN DANCER Magazine - January-February 2016 Issue

CSCO - As mobile service providers connect more devices, data, and services, they face new decisions for securing their networks for a digital world. My French friends explained that the statues gaze calmly in every direction, away from Nice, in peace. It is my hope that the beautiful people of France will know that serenity and calm again soon. We share a long history with this great nation, and I was honored to finally visit there and meet the kind and passionate people.

Holli Hornlien 12 American Dancer www. One of our members and active Outreach Program participant, Mary Mosley, came to me, as the Outreach Coordinator for the chapter, asking for help.

The AMI Kids program is an alternative school for juvenile offenders who have not been successful in public schools or need treatment in a structured setting. Children who successfully complete the AMI Kids program are returned to regular schools to complete their education. The AMI Kids national program had organized a competition among the individual schools to encourage program awareness.

By having a large number of visitors touring its Daytona Beach facility, the school had a chance of winning awards including new computers for the students. The Chapter arranged to have our member outreach team come to their facility to dance both ballroom, Latin and line dances with the students and teachers.

In addition, a number of our members visited the facility at other times during the contest period to help add to the total number of visitors. The first Mavis Stanley Memorial was held on Sept. The Chapter Board afterwards voted to hold an annual benefit in Ms. So the board was determined to increase its donations.

And intalking with some of the Directors of Le Bonheur Foundation, we set out to entertain the children in the hospital, most of whom had never seen ballroom dancing. This program preceded the actual Charity Ball, which helped promote the Ball and increase attendance.

The Program was a huge success, and this year inthere were more than 30 professional dancers, amateurs, and student dancers, as well as members who did showcase performances and enjoyed general dancing with the children and staff of the Hospital. No other national dance organization has the same structure, longevity or mission as USA Dance.

Proudly holding check is Juan Carlos Francisco Pedro. The public will see the fun, elegance and excitement of ballroom dancing, and your dancers will feel an unparalleled sense of joy, accomplishment and connection.

Your Chapter can host fundraiser dances for charities, wounded veterans, youth dancers, etc, or collect food, toys and other needed items for children, seniors, the homeless and disadvantaged. Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented to professionals John Gregory and Gunn Seawell, who both started their teaching careers in the s.

This special fundraiser night always attracts a large attendance. At the event this year were approximately dancers, whose social dancing was uniquely captured on video by an aerial drone that flew over the dance floor action.

All USA Dance active members are permitted to dance in any and all events listed above. All USA Dance sanctioned and listed competition events and activities within this calendar are subject to change of date, location and other details without prior notice.

D ance is probably the one thing that inspires you every day. So why not use dance to also inspire others? Typically, our resolutions include losing weight, eating healthier, stopping our bad habits or addictions, perhaps working less and spending more time with others who need us more.

Often our list will include ways to give more to others, to our communities and charitable causes close to our hearts. After all, most people genuinely believe in the idea of giving, but it is takes a special perseverance to make those grand resolutions become reality. There are so many people, from kids to seniors, needing our help. USA Dance has always been a community-minded organization. Our chapters find innovative ways to connect to others through dance. We raise both money and awareness to demonstrate how dance can impact lives positively forever.


You can also becoming a partner, dance host or volunteer to another dancer or a group that needs your participation. Then, you and your new partner or volunteers can reach out to someone else. Post updates, success stories, event notices and links back to your website. Add a personal touch by thanking and recognizing supporters and volunteers.

Remember the purpose of social media is sharing. Ask your followers to spread your good word and announcements on a regular basis. And make sure you ask for volunteers. How about hours of dance training and having a top coach yell at you? Stephanie van der Poll was very attentive and thorough loved it.

We were dancing International-style, while the Italians were learning American swing. Thanks to a U. After some wiener schnitzel and fine Austrian cakes, we competed in Graz, against 80 couples. Entertainment included a marching band and a professional yodeler.

We found in Europe, there are many competition opportunities which are usually held in gymnasiums or community centers, making entry fees low. We were able to practice in huge dance clubs, attend a week- long German Trainers Conference in Bad Kissingen, and participate in top training camps in Dusseldorf and Stuttgart. We found very economical, social AirBnbs and often biked blocks to the dance club for our daily practice and private lessons. Instead of dance studios, Germany has many local nonprofit dance clubs comparable to a U.

Tennis Clubwith one to three ballrooms, dining area, bar and changing rooms. January - February 19 to the club. Petra invited us to a German Open Practice Night, available to all competitors. The energy in the room was electric. There were couples in our Senior II Standard division alone, and we had 17 heats. In Germany, this is the S Class. German ballroom competitors are required to place out of 4 categories D, C, B and A classbefore they are permitted to compete in international competitions.

We were thrilled to make it into the top of the competition considering there were so many great dancers. With the strong dollar exchange rate, Todd got fitted for a glove-tight tux from Italy and I got fitted for a ballgown from my favorite Lithuanian dressmaker and met her in person for the first time.

We later had a great dinner with all of the U. If you have ever thought of dancing in Europe — one way to go -- take a dance-cation! Once a year, the aristocrats would attend their annual masquerade ball, dressed in elaborate costumes and masks to hide their true identities, so that they could remain anonymous and break the strict social rules that governed their class.

Etiquette would be tossed aside for revelry and secrecy until the Midnight Reveal, or the grand unmasking. Traditional masquerade dances had three requirements — masks, music and dancing — all designed to limit conversation, hide identities, and encourage uninhibited social interaction through dance.

History of the Venetian Masquerade Ball and Carnivale dates back to 11th century, peaking in the 18th century. The Venetian Carnivale was held annually in February in Venice, Italy and was a street celebration with masked balls, street entertainers and elaborate costumes and masks. There are more than 60 parades in the 12 days preceding Mardi Gras, a legal holiday. Newer krewes have replaced the bal masques with elaborate supper dances at the fine hotels.

But Mardi Gras is not just a New Orleans celebration. Celebrations on the map include Mobile, AL - the oldest carnival celebration; St. From Mardi Gras to Halloween. Dance celebrations were top priorities for USA Dance chapters throughout Not only was it the 50th Anniversary of USA Dance having begun inbut with regular chapter social dances, charity events, school and community dance programs combined with the 10 days of National Ballroom Dance Week in September and then all the holiday functions, member dance calendars and cards were full most of the year!

Three additional chapters on the east coast collaborated and celebrated with their communities in creative and memorable ways.

Riccardo Cocchi - Yulia Zagoruychenko - Disney 2016 - Showdance Paso Doble

Reaching new people interested in dancing was the main focus and nearly all of the 10 days were devoted to activities. During the week, the Chapter promoted two free beginner workshops in Cha Cha and Rumba.

These were held in a unique historical location — a little white schoolhouse with a great wood floor in Mystic. Throughout the evening, additional dance exhibitions added to the entertainment. The Celebration in September was actually two events: They have been dancing together for eight years and won their first competition inwhile 7 and 6.

They impressed the audience with their technical and artistic achievements in both Standard and Latin. Another Celebration performance was a four-couple waltz formation team, directed and coached by Deborah Israel. The dance workshops were taught by area instructor Ron Gursky, who was instrumental in creating MIT Ballroom Dance Club, since a model for university dance clubs nationwide.

January - February 23 Percell St. Then in September, promoting Rochester Dances! There were dance performances throughout and an information booth to promote USA Dance membership opportunities. Hannah Cole 24 American Dancer www. The greater space allowed for spacious competition and practice floors in the same room, with vendor space and lots of table and spectator space for the competitors, their families and their support teams.

Cramped spaces, dingy gymnasiums and shoestring budgets have been left in the past for this pinnacle event of the collegiate year. One of the greatest perks provided by Sam every year to these collegiate athletes is free tickets to the two OSB weekend evening sessions where they can see some of the best professional dancing in the world in all five competitive styles: This year, the Professional Latin Championships included four competitive rounds, including Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko, the exquisite, reigning World Champions.

The opportunity to see live dancing of this caliber occurs only once a year for most of these budding aficionados Holly Miller Holly Miller January - February 25 Dan Calloway of Maryland is the DanceSport coach for Georgetown University and University of Maryland. He has competed professionally, coached and judged for 37 years, earning numerous Top Teacher and Professional of the Year awards.

NCDC has not had space in the schedule for frivolous fun dances for several years, but features epic American and International style team matches between the schools.

This year, 16 colleges and universities fielded teams for each of the coveted annual trophies and bragging rights. See results p 26 An event of this size cannot happen without occasional controversy.

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It is common for collegiate events to allow same-sex couples to compete in most of the syllabus level competitions, but is it fair for two men in flat shoes and covered legs to compete against two women in high heels and skirts? Various universities deal with this problem differently, and we are working toward a consistent policy to ensure the greatest possible degree of fairness. Costumes were allowed this year for the first time in syllabus events, simplifying previous, often burdensome, costume regulations, but increasing the pressure on many of the newer dancers to spend to keep up.

The support for the new costume policy was near universal, but not without much discussion. In my opinion, the most important change to improve future NCDC events will be to adopt the hugely successful MIT double floor system for the early rounds of syllabus events, reverting to a main-event single floor for the quarter, semi and finals of all events.

Twice the number of judges would be required for the earlier rounds, but the great efficiency of this system would enable much more focused judging with smaller heats, the offering of more dances at all of the competitive levels, and increased time in the schedule for the beloved fun dances.

And was a record year as students from 42 universities waltzed their way across the United States to join the event, representing more competitors that in In addition, more than non-dancing spectators chose to attend another record in NCDC history. According to Registrar Daphna Locker, it is difficult to determine all the reasons for the increases.

All could all be factors. There is no doubt that the NCDC becomes, year after year, a better and more effectively run competition with the USA Dance organization being one of the top-ranking reasons that teams choose to attend. This year, the event was spread out in a room twice the size of its normal space.

The addition of a separate practice floor, extra tables, a snack bar and space for dance vendors were all elements that simply elevated the event. Also, brand new this year was live streaming the entire weekend, provided by DanceNetwork.

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That way, spectators could attend the event, and be impressed, virtually from anywhere in the world. The high level of competition is a principle reason students choose to attend the NCDC. No other competition in the United States brings together more collegiate-level students from around the country, from Pre-Bronze through Championship levels. The largest event on the floor boasted couples, and required six rounds to complete. The level of competition is only rivaled by one other quality — congeniality.

Participating teams parade ceremonially around the dance floor, while supporting team members and spectators scream at the top of their lungs in encouragement. I loved hearing the other teams cheer for me during the team match. I felt so supported and inspired. And I cheered for them too. In addition to great dancing during the daytime, Ohio Star Ball event organizers Sam Sodano and Bill Sparks every year generously offer each collegiate dancer complimentary tickets to the evening sessions of the Ohio Star Ball.

As World War I ended, a long brewing war to redefine American culture began. In contrast to the previous eras when young people of marriageable age were simply expected to conform to the accepted image of an adult, the unbridled youth were now living life on their terms: January - February 29 Noted historian, educator, and preservationist, Forrest Outman specializes in social dances from the late 19th Century and later.

He recently completed a project spanning more than four years, which tackled the origins of Fox Trot. College was no longer reserved for academics. Keeping pace with the changing times, debutante balls gave way to college dances planned by clubs, fraternities and sororities.

These were often held off campus at local clubs and dancehalls where bootleg whiskey and bathtub gin flowed as free and easy as a Waltz. These dances originated in the WWI era: Jazz was the hottest new trend in music and its influence was undeniable. With radio, new music beamed to college campuses, and Jazz was a hit!