Jdm meet 2013 chicago

JDM Chicago Season Opener Coverage 4/24/13 – Northwest Auto Crew

jdm meet 2013 chicago

SLAMMED SOCIETY X JDM CHICAGO | Fatlace this year Are you guys gonna meet up before the show and cruise there all at once?. Jidd Motors is the largest used luxury car dealer in Chicago. Specializing in pre- owned luxury imports like Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Bentley. It's mainly Japanese cars, but you see a lot of Euro cars and a few American ones . I felt like the guy with that red Mustang Cobra at the JDM meet there! Hills, IL; Posts: 1,; Vehicles: VW Golf, Subaru WRX.

There was an article by Carl Hiaasen, I found the article so interesting I started searching for other Hiaasen writings. So I clicked on that, and when I saw that Hiaasen had written the intro to it, I bought it.

I was immediately hooked - this was about 15 years ago.

jdm meet 2013 chicago

I proceeded to read all the TM books, in no particular order. I then started to read the other JDM books. A few months ago I was able to acquire almost every book JDM wrote in a single lot. I then decided to read all his works in the order they were published.

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I was hooked right away although a lot of what he was talking about in parts of the book were over my head at 11 years old, the parts about the demise of Florida were right up my alley! Liked it enough to track down some more and got hooked. I wondered who his favorite authors were and he rattled a few off, including JDM.

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I'd never heard of the guy and my teacher was amazed. He told me to get off my butt, and track down a Travis McGee yarn. I arbitrarily picked "Grey," but I didn't read it until I was on vacation a few months later. I was instantly hooked. Anyway, I decided that with just 21 McGees available, I wouldn't burn through them quickly. I read one new McGee each year more or lessplus three or four that I've read before.

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This summer I'm just reading later books, and plan to read them through in order beginning next summer. I also have about 40 non-McGees on hand, and am working my way through those, as well. Someone had thrown away a perfectly good copy of A Tan and Sandy Silence.

So I kept it and started to read it as my "Bathroom book" at work. I was hooked and the book quickly followed me out of the bathroom and accompanied me everywhere I went for the next three days.

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I then read the rest of the series as quickly as I could locate them and devour them. I read them as I found them and not in any chronolgical order. The last one I read after long seeking a copy of it was Reading for Survival. I treasure them all. That is, until I was teaching in Zeonghen Liberia West Africa, a village about miles in the bush, and had purchased one of the Travis McGee books on our last trek to the big city of Monrovia.

In many ways, I give MacDonald credit for me keeping my sanity during those years when my wife and I were the only "quee" sp.?? Being retired now, I have again picked up my collection of McDonald books, mostly the Travis series and am again enjoying them, probably as much as the first readings. I now live in the mountains of NC but am a Florida native who went the large sailing boat route for a few years previous to moving here.

Anyway, it is nice, yea, very gratifying, to see McDonald getting some of the credit he is due because of his writing talent. My wife had to remind me to get back to my own writing. The dialogue between TM and Meyer was addicting and delicious. He has impacted my life. I was a marine engineer sailing tankers 34 years.

On a ship the only way to survive with sanity is the act of reading. I read every book by this man I could get my hands on over the years at sea.

The guy could paint a person,place,situation,or even an emotion and tell the story in a way to make me hesitate putting the book down,afraid I was gunna miss something. This is a great site. Looking for a cheap preferably free!

jdm meet 2013 chicago

Consequentially, my reading went up from one or two novels a week to almost one a day. To say I was hooked somewhat understates my reaction. Between them, Travis and Meyer seemed admirable templates for the way men ought to live their lives. Most admirable was the lack of conventional ambition up the greasy pole with the accompanying lack of materialism. Macdonald was way ahead of his time with his environmental concerns and understanding the true value of leisure.

Nowadays it all seems to be about 'standard of living' rather than quality of life. Lilo is a femme-fatale like no other. Bruce Hatton Sudbury in Suffolk, U. As it turned out, she was being harassed by an ex-boyfriend and was in need of an escort. It wasn't until we had reached her home that I actually saw the guy. We were sitting on the porch steps when he drove by in a car full of buddies.

But he didn't stop, and I've never dwelt on the incident.

jdm meet 2013 chicago

Team Sophie, The Bernstein Family Sop hie is one of our bright little JM stars, diagnosed 3 years ago at age 4, we're glad to know she has already achieved remission! She first brought her parents to Baltimore last year where they all participated in various runs and were one of our top fundraisers. This year they are a top fundraiser once again and they bring nearly 20 family and friends to participate and Sophie can name them all!

Team Sophie, you are our heroes. They are mother and grandmother to Eldon, who was diagnosed with JDM several years ago. They have offered creative ideas for fundraising, grant writing, corporate sponsorships and estate planning and have organized local grassroots fundraisers as well. For their creative and strong support, they are Cure JM heroes. I have the honor of presenting the 2nd annual Cure JM Champion award, which is given to a person or family who has made a significant difference for Cure JM and the children battling this disease.

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This year, the award goes to my very dear friends, Jacque and Bruce DenUyl. Their son, Eric is now 25, and began his courageous battle with JM at the age of 11…he has gone in and out of remission, but right now, he is doing well.

Jacque connected with Cure JM in when Eric flared. As soon as we met, I knew she would become a major player in helping Cure JM grow and get to the next level. Mason had so many gifts that he shared with everyone. Mason's smile always lit up a room, and his sense of humor, his charm and his warmth instantly made everyone love him.

While Mason unfortunately lost his battle with JM last July, Mason's heroic spirit will live on, especially in the thousands of children with JM and their families. Despite the rarity of JM, over JM families across the world released red balloons the Saturday after his passing, all in honor of Mason. Every one of these families was inspired by Mason and his great courage in the face of adversity.

jdm meet 2013 chicago