Meet the brewers san jose 2013 corvette

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meet the brewers san jose 2013 corvette

ST. LOUIS — The World Series ring sits just a couple of miles away, The shiny black Corvette, presented to him for his heroic 22, - nearly a year to the day he crashed into that tree - he was change,'' Freese says, “but it was so hard , right up until I met Mairin. . The Brewers won the game, 8th Annual Meet The Brewers CONTACT. Hermitage Brewery S 7th Street San Jose, CA () Gold, American Origin Lager Styles, 35, Wild Ride Brewing, Brenna A Amber Lager or Imperial Porter, 34, GearTooth AleWerks, Father Cog, San Jose, CA, . East Side Pub, Juicy Meet Zesty, Bend, OR, Bronze, Strong Ale or Old Ale, 17, Shade Tree Brewing, Corvette, Bend, OR, .. Medalists.

Honda decided that the Montreal International Auto Show was the place to hold the world premiere of it's newest offering, the Honda Gear concept. Despite the subcompact Gear not being a model in production, it's a rare treat for any car to make it's debut in Canada unless it's a specific model with no plans for it to be offered in the United States. Return of the Stingray January 25, Boasting one of the most popular attractions at the North American International Auto Show, Chevrolet delighted enthusiasts with it's newest rendition of the Corvette, the C7 Stingray.

The Corvette, a North American favourite, is celebrating it's 60th anniversary this year, and chose the biggest show on the continent to unveil the seventh generation model for the first time. At any show, the Chevrolet Corvette is the star of American muscle cars and traditionally attracts more fans and attention than many other vehicles.

At the Detroit show, the C7 won the Best of Show award. Not only was it the clear favourite, but no other was even nominated. The Corvette also scooped up awards as 'sexiest car' and 'best curves'. According to outsourcing sources, the Japanese car giant is planning on investing over 23 million dollars into it's Marysville, Ohio Plant to accommodate the production of it's new Honda Accord Hybrid. This new plant brings lots of employment opportunities to locals, something that Ohio is excited about.

Honda hasn't released any official numbers yet, but word on the street is this hybrid could see an MPG in the upper 40 range. Ford produces its millionth vehicle January 24, Ford has achieved a major milestone in its history, having just produced its millionth vehicle. And it was a Focus that allowed the American giant to pass this impressive mark.

Founded in by Henry Ford, this US car maker has just assembled its millionth vehicle, years after the company was formed. General Motors to invest a billion dollars in Russia January 24, We continue our automotive news with a report on the Russian market, as the Moscow International Automobile Salon is now on.

After Renault-Nissan, which is hoping to boost its presence in the Russian market, it's now GM's turn to unfurl its ambitions. The Russian market is set to grow strongly in the coming years, and car makers are making arrangements to increase their presence in this part of the world.

GM used the Moscow International Automobile Salon to announce that it aims to invest a billion dollars in its plants in Russia by Whether the show is a giant world class production or a smaller regional event, any auto show is a fun way for car and truck enthusiasts to spend an afternoon.

Organized by the Barrett-Jackson auction house, the auction will be held Saturday night in Scottsdale, Arizona. Funds raised at the auction will go to benefit the College For Creative Studies in Detroit, which is well known for it's automotive design program. The company has launched a new concept car, and the result is astonishing.

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This Russian manufacturer that sells its vehicles under the Lada brand is known mainly for its Niva, a rugged 4x4 that has been on the roads now for 35 years. But in terms of design and concept, it has never had grandiose ambitions and most of its prototypes have never seen light of day. Part of the Renault-Nissan club sincethe Russian car maker, however, will now be leading from the front. Since Octoberit also has a new head designer of Mercedes-Benz and Volvo fame on board. Japanese car maker Nissan has taken this opportunity to unveil its Nissan Almera, specially designed for the Russian market.

Click the link below to go to the Eventbrite website for tickets:

Nissan has just unwrapped a new family sedan specially adapted for Russia, explaining that it " meets the unique demands of the Russian market ". What that means is that the car is built to withstand the type of roads and weather conditions it can encounter over there. It has increased ground clearance, with added anti-corrosion for various features and extra chassis and engine protection. Nissan has also expanded its trunk space to litres, making it best in class for cargo.

Trioomph Foundation Invites Students To Auto Show January 19, Working to fulfil it's mission to motivate at-risk students to realize their personal and academic goals via it's "Driving Your Success" program, the Trioomph Foundation is inviting high school students to a tour of the Montreal International Auto Show on January In partnership with the show and thanks to the generous sponsorship provided by Porsche Prestige, local students considered to be at risk of dropping out will tour the event.

This year was Chrysler's third truck win and the second for the Ramwhich last won the title inwhen it was called the Dodge Ram It's the 13th time that North American manufacturers have won. This time around, the AJAC has tested new models to identify the best in each of 11 categories for All feedback will be reported in the written and spoken press.

The 8th Annual Meet the Brewers! CLICK HERE for more details!

AJAC journalists conducted nearly 2, road tests during the TestFest, making sure all drives stayed within category, sequentially. Just imagine how getting into a Focus right after a spin in a Porsche might cloud your judgment. As it happens, Ford won four of the eleven categories.

meet the brewers san jose 2013 corvette

A Vpowered Aston Martin Cygnet? January 17, It wasn't long ago that Aston Martin dipped its toe into the urban microcar segment with the Cygnet. A small car based on the Toyota iQ, the vehicle is now the subject of a crazy rumour: Also, some of the bodywork has been refurbished and updated, as has been its interior. It comes with good functionality as standard including GPS, 6-speaker MP3 radio, automatic air conditioning and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Highly customizable, only 4, are produced each year. For its power plant, it uses Toyota's 1.

meet the brewers san jose 2013 corvette

Audi's ambition to buildcars a year at its San Jose Chiapa plant in Mexico has piqued BMW's interest as the Bavarian hopes to overtake one of its main rivals by getting into the Brazilian market. It intends to start building its new plant in April to be able to start production in Accepting the award was Cadillac's chief engineer for performance and luxury vehicles.

He expressed confidence in the US auto industry, claiming that North American manufacturers are "back" in the game, after losing out on the award last year.

In the Hyundai Elantra was chosen to take the highest honour in North American automotive. The rebirth of Datsun January 16, Younger readers may have heard of Datsun, and overs may have driven them. But in the s Nissan didn't exist, and the company was called Datsun. The, and the famous Z were all Datsun cars sold in Canada and were part of the "Japanese invasion". Sincethe car maker has been using its own name instead of calling itself Datsun.

But the moniker is now preparing for a comeback in They are distributed mainly in emerging markets, particularly Indonesia, India and Russia.

Nissan's chief executive Carlos Ghosn has an ambitious plan: If you have, you'll be interested to know that General Motors has just announced that it will be in showrooms in If you haven't, sit back now and read all about it. But amidst all the extravagance, you can still find production-intent cars if you know where to look. Take for example the Chevrolet Sonic Dusk. Lincoln opens a design studio January 15, Ford is really hoping to breathe new life into its prestigious Lincoln brand.

To do so, the American car maker has unveiled a brand new style centre dedicated to developing new models and no doubt a new more attractive look for the brand. Last Thursday Lincoln took the wraps off its new design centre, the first studio dedicated exclusively to this luxury brand since Company spokesmen say this new facility will let designers focus just on the Lincoln brand, instead of splitting their time between Ford and Lincoln models.

It is now Australia's turn to see the car, the Lexus LF-LC, just as spectacular as the original but this time in blue. This new blue was inspired by the brilliant blue of some opals found in the Australian outback. Apart from its unique colour, this Lexus also prefigures what could be the sports car of the future. Its bodywork is made of light carbon fibre and hides a hybrid power plant under the hood. Yes, you read right, this magnificent car is a hybrid!

China's Booming Luxury Car Market January 15, Despite the recent much-publicized clamping down by Beijing's central government on the conspicuous consumption by officials, high luxury taxes and problems in the country's e-commerce markets; sales of luxury items to newly wealthy Chinese are skyrocketing, with demand appearing nearly unlimited.

Designer luxury fashion brands are seeing steep increases in sales, both within China, and to Chinese tourists abroad. These car club members, who spend their Sunday morning worshiping the likes of the Cleveland engine, travel from Woodland Hills to Neptune's Net in Malibu where they enjoy lunch, drinks and an informal car gathering until approximately 1: So if you're looking for a different kind of Sunday morning worship, and you think maybe its time to substitute church candles for the heavenly scent of high-octane exhaust, call Marlon ator visit: Million Dollar Breakfast Club; meets every Sunday 5: Parking is ample, and the gathering is around the Starbucks.

For more info plus video and pictures from past events, visit www. Hosted by Jordan Williams and Andrew Kassissian. Jdm, Edm, Muscle, exotic, Antique, Custom or any car. For more information email me, Andrew, on Facebook antraneek aol. New Monthly Events: Come in for the best Texas style barbeque on the Western Slope. Highway 50, between South Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, right next to the highway. There is no cost to enter the show and museum admission is free during Twilight Cruise Night.

Call for additional information or visit the museum website at: Cruise Night at the Market Place; event runs 4: Show runs 6pm till 9pm. Open to pre vehicles only, and no registration fee. Each show will have a theme: Pizza Factory Cruise in; 6pm to whenever. The fun starts at 6pm.

Shows run 4pm till 8: Hosted by the Mean Machines Car Club. First Saturday Burbank, CA: No entry fee, just make any purchase from Bob's and keep your receipt.

meet the brewers san jose 2013 corvette

It all happens at West Riverside Drive. While Del Monte Shopping Center welcomes you to meet every Saturday, many of you prefer the monthly hosted event.

With that said, we're going to kick-off the season starting this Saturday, March 3, form 7: This event is free to attend and show-off your car. Meet your fellow gear heads over a cup of coffee.

I will try and gather some "stuff" to giveaway. Trophies, good food, dance bands. Just plan old fun, usually - cars per night. Contact Randy Cressall, or on his cell at: First Sunday Riverside, CA: Sunday of each month.

Garage at Orchard Ave. The Bloomington Garage was the first service station in the Inland Corridor. Saved from the wrecking ballit is now being restored by volunteers.

Directions from the west: Directions from east; take 10 freeway to Cedar turn right go north to Valley turn left to first street Magnolia turn left again to dead end go right, Garage is on Left.

No charge to enter the show. Spectator entry cost is FREE. Join us as we take in a relaxing Sunday enjoying your beautiful cars, BBQ and award winning wines. This event is Family and dog friendly.