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Christi & Chloe donated the profits from their meet & greets to charity. .. 4 stopped airing, and she couldn't even compete on their team until . coach screaming at young boys on a pre professional track to NFL football. Christi and Chloe Meet and Greet Sydney, Australia. Morning of March 22, . 42/50 Mom Daughter, Daughters, Dance Moms, Dancer, Nfl, Nfl. EDITORIAL ASSISTANCE: Tara Battiato, Christi Bedan, Carey Cox, Steve At the Spring League Meeting, Tampa Bay was awarded the game, marking its third . completed for the Buccaneers' season and included the .. great pleasure in greeting each player in the locker Chloe Laniado.

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It all peaked in the finale of Season 2, where Chloe won Nationals, and Abby seemed genuinely happy for her. I will admit, there were a few insults thrown at her, much like all the other girls, including that "camp field trip" fiasco. This goes downhill Season However, the insults keep coming. Chloe isn't good anymore, the world ends when Chloe drops her hat, and she even doesn't call Chloe by her name for a few episodes because of the resulting suspension.

Also, a couple times, she calls Chloe a "snake. I myself didn't see anything relating to being a "snake. I'll come back to this next season. Season 4, it starts out okay, but gets rocky once Kelly, Brooke and Paige left. Sure Chloe gets time to shine that one time on the Select Team, but otherwise, she looks defeated, and the insults keep coming. Even when Chloe wins 1st, Abby questions it both times, or the producers make it seem like she did.

Going back to the "snake" comment, in the Seven Dwarves dance in Season 4, Chloe was named "Shady," while everyone else was given less degrading names. I still don't get this. It all ends at Nationals, with the infamous "Get that lazy eye fixed" comment, or something to that effect. So basically, my big question is, why the hate? Chloe was one of Abby's strongest dancers. She wasn't a mean girl by any stretch.

She didn't seem entitled, or come off that way.