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meet and greet mad town

Madtown 5K Run/2 mile Walk Get VIP deals on events, gear and travel with ACTIVE's premium membership. Join & Save Learn More. AresMobile is a chauffeur-driven meet and greet service which can be reserved in advance from our website. You will be met at the airport in the arrival hall by. Current Jamz contests for WJQM in Madison, WI.

However, it is often cheaper to reserve your car rental before you arrive. Click here for cheap car hire in any location in Spain. For Portugal, we can recommend this Cheap Car Rental site. Good for daytrips out of the city. You may not be used to driving in Spain.

The traffic in Madrid can be bad at almost any time of day or night. Trains leave every 5 minutes from 6. Line 8 goes straight to the Nuevos Ministerios Metro station in the centre of Madrid, with a journey time of just 12 minutes. The price of a single journey to or from the airport is currently 5 euros, which includes a supplementary airport charge.

If you already possess a valid Metro ticket, you can simply purchase the airport supplementary ticket which is 2 euros cheaper. Consider buying the Madrid Tourist Travel Passwhich allows you to travel on any Metro, bus or suburban train, all included in the price of just 5 euros, making it a great way to save money on public transport. With this pass, it is not necessary to pay the airport surcharge.

It is also possible to purchase a trip "Metrobus" ticket, valid for both the Metro and city buses, since you will undoubtedly be using the Metro again during your stay. This may be purchased at newspaper outlets, "estancos" or tobacconists and Metro stations. Cheap, frequent service to virtually any part of town.

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You will most likely need to transfer a couple of times to get to your final destination. Consider this when lugging about large suitcases!

meet and greet mad town

If you prefer the old-fashioned method of taking a taxi, walk outside the airport terminal to the taxi ranks. Do not accept offers from drivers inside the terminal, since these are often illegal drivers and you will almost certainly get ripped off.

There is now a fixed rate of 30 euros to any central location within the M ring-road.

meet and greet mad town

For other locations there are many, at times confusing, supplements to the basic fare. There is no charge for suitcases, rucksacks or pets. Always ask for a receipt at the end of your journey in case the fare comes into dispute. Cheaper than many European taxis. Online booking available here Disadvantages: Bus and Metro are cheaper for shoestring budgets. Open to abuse from rip-off merchants.

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Multi-Team Discount Organizations bringing multiple teams to an "out-of- town" MYHockey Tournament requiring the use of hotel rooms will be rewarded through our multi-team discount program. Discounts will be applied as follows: A MYHockey Tournaments representative will work with you to determine the maximum discount to which your team is entitled.

General Policies Roster Requirements All teams are required to present a copy of their official roster that is issued by their respective sanctioning body, either USA Hockey or Hockey Canada. For tournaments in Illinois, rosters must be received 72 hours prior to the tournament. For all other locations please provide a copy of your official, certified roster to our on-site director at the site of your first game. Only players included on your team's official roster may participate in the tournament.

This is a requirement of our USA Hockey sanction so that all team's insurance will be in force. This rule also protects all teams from the possibility that players of a higher level would be added to any team. If you must add players to your roster due to injuries or other issues, these players must be formally added to your official roster by USA Hockey or Hockey Canada.

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Please contact your local associate registrar or your organization's registrar with questions on rules and procedures for adding players to your certified roster. Schedule Release Schedules are generally released and sent to team contacts, along with final hotel information and confirmations, two weeks prior to the tournament start date. It is important to note that entry fee balances and all required documentation must be received prior to release of the schedule to your team.

We will contact you if additional information is required. The schedule will generally be published to our website for public viewing four to five days prior to the tournament start date.

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Four tournaments listed as Friday through Monday, teams will play either a Friday through Sunday or Saturday through Monday schedule. In general, this decision will be finalized weeks prior to the tournament start date. Teams playing Friday through Sunday, could begin play as early as noon Friday and will complete championship games by 5 pm Sunday. Teams playing Saturday through Monday could begin play as early as 7: For Saturday through Monday tournaments, held over various holiday weekends, play will begin on Saturday at 7: Generally, younger teams mites, squirts, pee wees begin play earlier each day and will complete their championship games earlier on Sunday or Monday.

Bantam and Midget teams will begin later on Friday or Saturday and will play the later championship games on Sunday or Monday. We will always be candid with you team contacts regarding what we can and cannot do in regard to the schedule and we ask team contacts to be candid with their parent groups in regard to scheduling guidelines and parameters. Plan for success when making flight arrangements; assuming that your team will play in the championship game on the last day of the tournament.

Air Travel and Scheduling Requests Teams traveling by air should provide us with flight times no later than 21 days prior to the tournament start date. If you are considering flight times that conflict with the guidelines listed above, please contact us to discuss the times before booking. If your team is planning a team function or would like to attend another event, please provide us with that information at least 21 days prior to the tournament start date.

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It is generally best to check with us before purchasing tickets or making reservations and we will confirm our ability to meet your schedule request. Once the schedule is released, it is unlikely that we will be able to make changes to accommodate your schedule request. Please remember that once the schedule is released, your request to change the schedule will affect your opponent and probably several other teams.

meet and greet mad town

We will do our best to accommodate your schedule requests prior to release of the schedule and we will be candid with you about what we can and cannot do, but most teams prefer that the schedule remains stable once it is released. Testimonials Our Baltimore Stars peewee team had a great time at your Pittsburgh tournament. I wanted to commend you on setting up the Peewee A1 division with "like" caliber teams. It's evident that you put time and thought into placing teams in the right divisions.

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Our games were very competitive and the scores reflected such. I think everyone in attendance enjoyed the Shootout final!

Every team in our division was evenly matched.