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New Kids On The Block fly the US flag for One Direction The two groups, minus Kevin, have now teamed up to tour together. So as our boybands cross the pond, we get the kings of the Grab your tickets to the hottest pop show of the spring at Home · daily-star-paper-front. You can book a ticket using one of the following options: Online via www. place at the end of an event making it difficult to return to your chosen meeting point. For standard shows the Arena bowl has fixed tiered seating starting at block and goes round in an anticlockwise direction to block After the announcement of Harry Styles' tour, tickets sold out crazy UPDATE: Tickets for Harry Styles UK concerts are available from as low as LGBT fans by waving a rainbow flag and draping it over his mic stand.

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I was going to see bts for real!! And then it happened! Bts appeared from the stage and I began to cry. I myself am still confused as to why I was crying. Their message of hope, love, ending violence, trashing stereotypes, and loving yourself. I think we need more people like bts in this world. Despite me crying through the opening song I managed to sing along to all of their songs and screamed till my heart was content.

The visual effects and lighting were out of this world. The whole time I thought I was dreaming, but it was all true. Time seemed to fly by the fastest when they were on stage, but I enjoyed every moment of it!

The music was so loud and everyone single person was enjoying it. I felt nothing but pure joy. My day before the concert was a difficult one and I am a student who has to work hard in school, so I had many worries before the concert.

But as soon as the first song started and they appeared, every problem seemed to disappear. I felt extremely enlightened and happy that I had the opportunity to see these one of a kind people. BL - Block Upper tier - level - all blocks starting with a 2 Lower tier - level - all blocks starting with a 1 DP - Disabled platform CP - Camera platform Side view - on the side of the stage - may be some restriction of view - eg. Can't see the screens Restricted View - same as side view but obstructions from production and stage equipment Rear View - Some shows sell in the round and open seats behind the stage and the production quality is unaffected although the view to the artists is through the back-line I have bought tickets for the standing floor but I have since broken my leg.

Can I still come to the concert? This is because, even though your friends around you could help to look after you, crowd movement on the floor is unpredictable. However, we will always endeavour to find you an accessible position within the Arena so that you can still come to the concert.

Most shows have some form of flashing lighting or strobes.

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Signage is displayed around the concourse to advise people if pyros - lasers or strobes will be in use. Arriving at the venue Which entrance should I use? Whilst access to all areas can be gained from each one, the following suggestions are a guide to the closest entrance. Blocks,,,Hunts Bank: Please note that our Trinity Way Entrance is only accessible via a number of stairs.

Why can't I enter the standing floor at ground level? We can help you with this if you are nervous and if you are struggling, we do have a lift as well! Why do I have to queue for the standing floor anyway?

Due to the venue design and the exit off the floor area in an emergency, we have to limit the capacity of the floor quite strictly. To ensure numbers are controlled and our maximum floor capacity is not exceeded we swap all floor tickets for wristbands.

Facilities Does the Arena cater for customers with accessibility requirements? There is also a lift from platform 3 on Victoria Station and to the right of the Hunts Bank steps.

We also offer lowered counters and disabled toilet facilities. What can I buy when I'm there? You can now use contactless payment at all our concourse bars and merchandise stands.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a large and varied number of refreshment stands offering a variety of hot and cold food and drinks, including alcoholic beverages. Official merchandise is also usually available inside the venue and occasionally in the City Room.

The venue provides a sales service to a merchandise company affiliated to the visiting artist and does not supply or provide merchandise themselves. The charge represents not only the varied rate made by customer card issuers, but also the terminal rental costs, replacement of damaged units, terminal stationery and all related administrative and maintenance costs.

At the time of purchase, customers are informed of the charge and advised of other payment options, including the withdrawal of cash from ATM facilities within the venue.

As of 5th OctoberGovernment regulations require that a 5p charge should be applied to many single use plastic bags. This charge may apply if other artists branded bags are used for merchandise sales. Do you have a smoking area? Therefore, for Health and Safety reasons, there will not be an opportunity for the general public to leave and re-enter the venue. A strict policy of no re-admission to the venue will be enforced. There are a number of reasons why we don't allow people to leave the venue and come back in.

The first is a licencing issue. We use the tickets to keep an accurate count of the number of people in the building. We are a licensed premise which means that we have a duty to control the consumption of alcohol in the building. It has been known for people to keep stores of alcohol outside a building and keep popping in and out to 'top up'!

On busy concert nights, allowing people to pop out, say for a cigarette or to return to their vehicle can causes congestion with the people trying to come in for the first time.