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AINACS annual meet concludes at Lonavla - The Times of India

The 48th National Convention of AINACS was held at Leonia Holistic Destination , Hyderabad from 22nd - 25th October Sr. Inocencia. The Outline History of AINACS when the Xavier Association of Catholic Schools was formed with Father C. Saldhana, SJ, as the first President of its Council. The Association helped the Catholic Schools to meet the momentous changes. AINACS annual meet concludes at Lonavla J&K cop killed by terrorists was desperate to meet parents, shaved off beard to change look; 4.I'm no politician.

The first two installments totaling Rs. As a result of these seminars AINACS was able to initiate a project to publish a set of teacher's books on moral education, compiled from material collected from these seminars.

All India Association of Catholic Schools

More will be said about this later. It is hoped that the sale proceeds from these books will generate sufficient funds to place the Association on a healthier financial footing and enable it to become totally independent of donations. Included in the diverse activities of the Association was an international art competition sponsored by the Holy See, during This competition was open to four different age groups in the member institutions on topics illustrating Gospel scenes.

Monetary prizes were awarded at the State and National level to successful artists. The winners had their work exhibited at the Vatican and some of those who won international prizes had their work reproduced as postage stamps. After its reconstitution as AINACS, the Association has taken a very active interest in educational activities and has organised twelve seminars at the national level on various educations topics.

The Central office of the Association moved to Eaglemount, Simla, in June where it was located for one year. Simla was not found to be a suitable place, due to difficulties in communication.

In AINACS amended its constitution to embrace all primary schools in addition to middle schools, high schools, higher secondary schools, technical schools and training colleges. The main objective of the Association is to promote education according to the ideals of the Christian community and in the interest of National development.

It also co-ordinates the work of members at the National, State and local level in order to foster a common policy of education.

It represents the interests of members before governments, universities, educational departments and other authorities concerned. Membership to the society is open to all educational institutions, associations and organisations under Catholic management.

It is managed by a council composed of members of the Education Commission of the CBCI, representatives of Institutions, Associations and Organisations and such other members as the President may decide to admit to membership not exceeding five. Annual General meetings are held by the Council and Special Meetings are conducted by the Council if either the President, or any individual member of the Council who has obtained the assent of 40 council members so require.

In between General and Council meetings the affairs of the Society are managed by an Executive Committee of seven headed by the President of the Council.

AINACS annual meet concludes at Lonavla

This was followed by another joint meeting at Tiruchirapalli in November to give effect to their proposals without losing their separate identities. Conducts National Conventions on various educational themes for Principals and Teachers. These conventions provide opportunities to form contacts and exchange views at the national level. Associate Members are persons who are no longer connected with schools but have great, experience in the field of education.

The National Convention held at Bangalore init was decided that after the next convention, the general body will meet only once in two years and the regional body will meet when there is no National Convention and hence we have divided India into 13 regions and these regions are expected to have the regional convention every other year. The purpose of this regional convention is: Today, when the whole world is speaking of the necessity of connectedness and networking, it becomes a sacred mandate for us.

Catholic schools to come out of our isolated existence and promote solidarity among themselves following the mandate or our Founder Teacher, Jesus Himself, to love and to share the gifts and talents He has bestowed on us as individuals. AINACS therefore could become a medium, rather a forum the fosters bonds between schools of various regions from different States and of different cultural backgrounds.


This work has to start at the grass root level at the regions itself which brings out the importance of a regional AINACS Unit at each diocese or state. Group interactions between Principals, Managers, teachers and students will become the vehicle through which sharings and learnings will take place in each region.

Friends, each one of you are called upon to be agents to effect this bondedness in your regions. The regional unit will work in collaboration with the National Body.