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cooking lobster alive or dead game, angry grandpa cooking ytpk, ark survival evolved A recent lobster roll recipe that replaces lobster meat with hearts of palm . doubling the clams and leaving out the mussels (since we arent big fans) . Monday, April 21, AFRIL p'fT CIV school Friday. A progrdm of mu- sic and otter entertainment wasfc n Paces Bruins To Case Tourney Receipts. iug Tuesday evening at 7:#0; Church prayer meet ing i'kursUav eveuiog at .. strong. The Boston Festival Orches tra of fifty men will furnish the in strumental parts of the Awln. tVC Rlfl?) A YTPK ilia limwn- 1a llAnaii Vaa (StifAl. dn J. C K T n.

A London telegram of tkcftkh! Tbe Pope has contributed tf. OOft franc ta the relief fund. Near Barcelona, in Sin, recently, a rich land -owner, his wife, three daughter, a mh and two women servants were all found murdered in their beds. Tbe deed was apparently done with a hatchet. Tbe ho4ie was ransacked. A swineherd and his two toa have been arrotcd. The Prineos Lottie ami suite arrived at Halifax on the 2d, on the steamer Strata - tkn. The State ef New Hampshire, which ownw six consolidated bonds bued by the State of Louisiana under an act ofhas filed a bill in the UhHciI States Supreme Court against the State of Louisiana, letting forth that the authorities of Louisiana, under the provisions of the New Constitution, are about to use the proceeds of taxes levied under the law of fcj74 for tbe year lS7t,to defray the expenses of the State Government instead of devoting them to tbe payment of -kl 1mm1as retuired by sahl law, ami praying thatthe provWoos of said New-Constitution alfeeting the payment of said bond; le declared vuid ami uneonstitutiottal, as impairing: The bill Im prays for a writ of injunction to restrain tbe State otKeer of Louilana from iHittg the prueet'd of sahl taxes for any other purpo-e than speci fied by said act of Senator Garfield has written a ktteran hotincing hi-s prefercnee for J mn Sherman as the Republican candidate for President.

In recognition of the berokm displayed by Surgeon John W. Ross, who volunteered hi erviees during the yellow fever epidemic of '78 at Memphis the Senate had advanced him eight number in bk grade.


Jearfnr, colored, an enaptoyee of one m ine Kxecuuve nepanmeatn at a anIngtoa, teetined be bad ocenpied tbe position of Secretary of the mbrrant Aid Societr: Otny, colored, editor of the Wa-blngton Jryu, a weekly paper dcroted totbeintcretKaof the coiorid race, and principal of Howard University Sebool, lestinod that be fa a native of "orta Carotiaw.

His last visit waa only a few week wen. Its object waa to furnish aid to colored people neeing from opprearfon, such as tbe destitute ero wits accumulated at SC.

Ijtmh on their way to Kansaa from Missbaippi and LouMana. At one of tlie srst mectinirs, however, a Mr.

Przedszkole nr

Mendball nuuie a speech seageeting that It would he advisable to divert emigrante front their then objective iMdnt hansosand to - send about S,n Into Indiana, as that nun iiuifui Mmiu in ,iw eooilBKeteetkm.

Turner arnl other very prominent, wlored men, and with Gov. They all likewfeeaareed that tbe condition of peotde of North Caroifna, akhongh susceptible of Improvement by contempMted ameadmenM Ui some of tbe Inwa, " and efecMllr by redoration of their rights u elect certain cnty omeers. Is, on the whole, highly fav ralh, and that there Ut no adequate incentive whatever for colored pnnn to leave the state. Ha believed tbwt the Baltimore and Ohio JtauroaMt Uomnaay wkrgejyretgwidbk faM-ikr nathe mtelthtent people of North CaroHMm, tdaek and wnka,lwiansrate and nentdican, were oppoaed te thin aiodan.

Thbt eircuhtr, it wae afterwnrds proven by another witnees. Clay, a oolored naan, vat the author of thiseirvalar. Xemaa said be wae Informed by tbe eohued man waogae at tobimthat it bad been cieetMated oaheejrtenetvelv among cokwed ieotdc la Xorth Carol! It urges met to ctMtte to Indiana, seeling forth tbe altrnctkmsof that Hate.

Matia Its climate waa healthful, thast free school for lnh raeea were nMtiutalned, that there were numerous colored ebnrebew. The examlnatkm of M. Horrid of lntaam County. Wkaess gave an account of an hUervWw be had with a man named Meat it, who came ha a mail ear from Washington to tfreenrartle!. HoUoway, pronunent Indiana KcpsitUcan. Witnos repreakKl bknM i llenth as a Republican and la that way trained ibe Intter's eonadravee. OH wa that their trtrnds 1 in v MMiimrton aeftri as rnauy ot tiwm un possible to net oat o 'onh CunHisa and ioto Indiana be I ore the ceasns was taken, abot May 1, so an to Jecre-a.

North Carolina and iaereae that of ladiana. Ten tboustuMi ints'nded to come. On eross exailnatitin by Winioai. Theru is wo deniund lor lalior tiM re. Jta ii dltsHtUlactkmiAickoa acoount of tbe exulEratbm,ntt lM-eam-eof the eniirantV color, ut because they reach their dostuati nlsa destitntecxwditKin nud have to be anppurt'rd by tlM- county, nnJ be-au-ctlevo-cK-ii tbe kbor market. Thl mstler w insfore tbe 'mud Jury. Hitnc preferred oa that acteuHt not to i-pcs.

There were bad mva ot both parties ttiere. Wlmfcmi's request Ileath wlalbcmmmoned as a M'ttoena. Mlee Jede Meeber was before tbe Hooe Indian Commktec to-day, and told tbe otoryof the twa-sacre ef berfatbr nndnf tbe causes which led to it. ThnrMbench' advance, la bar opinion, wae the fom medtnte cau-e of tbe trouble- There was bo trouble with the White Kiver Ule on accotmx of supplies rincc her father bad been Aeeat.

He staled that the Indi. M time pat been gaiaina: It rebned to ires sot and depwdalkwae romaanted br Ike Indian in ikHtthweetera Colorado and to tbe uderioas eaecta apon mtMa M-leoM-ahMw; the borders of reMavaOon ocensioned by the 'ehauft-ed rewNoM betwwen tbe whites and Indiana since the recent ontlHvak. In reply to Inqnlries. Governor Jttkin sadd be fa voted fivintr the land bt severalty to the Indian in eastern Utah, throwinc opeai the Colorado reservation to um bateau by the whites, and Riving tbe Indian cterv.

Tbfnnpeon, thnber aaent ef tbe fkivorment. AntbonV were caned as wtwaa nnlnHortant. Tliv1rlnnllyched the evidence la tle case aint tbe ceoimnite dehld toatloweonnMd on lrKb aMesene week ba whiob to prepare written mptmaaaa b be Ml i hi i ii itnn miiifm " 1 '" m Coolrwaw and prompt action in time of dngerfe a great tkittr.

A vob nicer lireman in 2tw jiampdttre emered tlwellim; threatenetl with deetrnetkna, daehl up stairs, threw a mirror and a lamp from an upper window on to the beads of the twoVe below, took an ax and chopped six holes in a Kntwd carpeteti floor, sriinf oil the pMunennfr; bekiw, broke a French clock on tbe mantel, thon erxbbed a feather bed and earried it three-oonrterit of a mile to Um banx, ami hunted tip the cannier, to have him mtt the article: Sad NKbt nlibrtihf m exbnaorizinf tneatew of mat aad ha nib a a urn anv chaMce arrival of aa kmerant toonf i tk aceooi.

As long; as the riek of thee wMMJerinc pbtjers ketti, the ntleof the district mm thems aires np to the enjojment of the aolhlar. Karir each morniaK the roada frotn'all the antrT nnirnd may be soon crowded with ytpk, the poorer ones on foot, and, if in the north of Cblna, the wealthier ehW on MiuhMt or ia cavrb all teetltanf U the one pouA of attraciioti.

If we follow tbi- pluaure-seeairng rrowd, we enter a theater bulk in the form of a mravUeb fram, at one end of which is a natforw, generallr, titotigh not alwav-? This platforui is divided breadth wwe bj a woodea Mrt3cioa with two entnutce:.

The 'body of the theater, answerijMj to our pit and 4aU5, i- withotit seats or nariiiionft; while above ami encircling the whole are the: If the district should ben. Ten' uoor one the prolmbiiity that we rind ourselves oopoite x covered stajfe on an open ptecw of jrrouRij, ia front of whkh the carts of the victor, full of their ovupante,4tr rarrt il in x seini-circie, thu fofaiaur the wall of a truly Tbcirfeian theater. Within this incloire utds a denecly pickti, goodrutred,'eag: The troupe is generally hired either by a private iwJivuTtnU or by a pwhlh' beriptto hr a certain number of day.

The acting, frenernily rpenktrtr; i ptHwl. Itsmedtadclr MaHhrr the petlestal of the obeUpk and in the t-a-t angle formed by the Me I found k hltttk of hewa renke granite, 40 iBfhe ia the cube, repm-eating a perfect M.

At the same level ami SoochiBft the short auction 4 the jttare and ia thss west angle of the foundation I fonnd amdhcr block of syetike granite watkedly regular in form, the. BwidiiiT theaee fonr pieces I ionttt! Examples of aliphatic amino acids include, e. In yet another aspect of this embodiment, an aromatic amino acid at one particular position in the polypeptide chain of the Clostridial toxin can be substituted with another aromatic amino acid.

Examples of aromatic amino acids include, e. In still another aspect of this embodiment, a stacking amino acid at one particular position in the polypeptide chain of the Clostridial toxin can be substituted with another stacking amino acid. Examples of stacking amino acids include, e. In a further aspect of this embodiment, a polar amino acid at one particular position in the polypeptide chain of the Clostridial toxin can be substituted with another polar amino acid.

Examples of polar amino acids include, e. In a further aspect of this embodiment, a less polar or indifferent amino acid at one particular position in the polypeptide chain of the Clostridial toxin can be substituted with another less polar or indifferent amino acid.

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Examples of less polar or indifferent amino acids include, e. In a yet further aspect of this embodiment, a positive charged amino acid at one particular position in the polypeptide chain of the Clostridial toxin can be substituted with another positive charged amino acid.

Examples of positive charged amino acids include, e. In a still further aspect of this embodiment, a negative charged amino acid at one particular position in the polypeptide chain of the Clostridial toxin can be substituted with another negative charged amino acid.

Examples of negative charged amino acids include, e. In another aspect of this embodiment, a small amino acid at one particular position in the polypeptide chain of the Clostridial toxin can be substituted with another small amino acid.

Examples of small amino acids include, e.