Meet the people session bishan junction

meet the people session bishan junction

Hartono with his former Chinese tutor Jin Zi Lan, 57, at the meet- to hundreds of fans at a meet-and-greet session yesterday at Bugis+ shopping mall. on stage at Bishan's Junction 8 mall in when he was just 14 years old. People queue for their free Milo in show of support for Nathan Hartono. Constituency: Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC 碧山--大巴窑集选区 Party: People's Action Party. Year of Birth: Meet the People Session. Place: Blk Shunfu. A community initiative by the Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC people from all walks of life together to discover the true essence of It is near my daughter school and easier to reach to my Bishan Junction 8 . people sessions.”.

They are the first of an expected slate of 22 new contestants PAP formally introduced in a coffee shop in Toa Payoh Central on Wednesday.

meet the people session bishan junction

Their opponents in the hustings, expected to be held next month, are likely to be a joint team from the Singapore People's Party and the Democratic Progressive Party. Mr Wong served as minister in the then-Ministry of Community Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs before becoming deputy prime minister and co-ordinating minister for National Security.

He entered Parliament in as custodian of the Kuo Chuan single-member constituency; in the next election inhe became part of the then-three-member Toa Payoh GRC group representation constituency through a walkover.

He said of his move to retire from politics: Don't you think I deserve a rest? I requested not to stand in the next GE because the time is right for me to focus on my family. It's been a long time.

meet the people session bishan junction

The PAP has traditionally introduced its new candidates at its headquarters, but Dr Ng, PAP's organising secretary, said the party chose a heartland coffee shop on Wednesday to drive home the message that "elections are about electing MPs who can take care of you and your town". He said there will be few surprises this time around; the PAP candidates "are familiar faces" who have been on the ground "a fairly long time".

Meet-The-People Session (MPS)

I eventually managed to persuade my wife to support my decision. I explained that we are at a very critical juncture of our nation's development.

meet the people session bishan junction

And this is a time when we need people who can contribute to step forward. I have useful experience in the civil service and community work. I volunteer with Score Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprise where I help inmates, provide training for them and help them look for work after their release from prison. So there are areas where I can make use of my past experience, both from the civil service and also from my community work, to benefit residents of Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC.

What issues will you focus on? I would like to see a caring, inclusive, harmonious society because it is the necessary criteria that will hold us together as a country. Favourite spot in Singapore? There is also a range of shops nearby: It is a vibrant HDB heartland.

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Married to a housewife, They have four sons aged between nine and Jogging, soccer, golf I have been involved in charity fund-raising, social enterprise and the labour movement.

I've also had two years in the grassroots, as vice-chairman of the Citizens Consultative Committee for Bishan East. Going into politics gives me a different, bigger platform to do more for people.

You can help to shape policies by gathering feedback on how policies affect people on the ground.

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I feel my private sector experience is a plus. I've spent time working with people from all levels, nationalities and cultures and I've been in the hospitality industry for 15 years. I think this will be very useful on the ground when I interact with residents. The key role I want to play is to understand how policy impacts the ground. You can't change the policy for an exception.

But if more and more people have the same issues with a policy, then you know the policy does not benefit the majority. That's when you give feedback and say, it has to change.

meet the people session bishan junction

If not, tell us why it cannot change. Bishan Park, as it's good for relaxing and exercise, both on my own as well as with my family. Executive vice-president and head of foreign exchange research at Maybank Family: Married to a senior child welfare officer, They have a daughter, 12, and two sons aged eight and five.

Photography, reading and rugby Why politics? I have been involved in community work since