Meet the press mitt romney interview 2015

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meet the press mitt romney interview 2015

From NBC News in Washington, this is Meet the Press, with Chuck Todd. .. You can see my complete interview with Ben Carson, unedited. .. Did Mitt Romney really mean to say ObamaCare was a good thing after all?. My interview with JPMorgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon. From NBC News in Washington, this is Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. CHUCK .. That's why I wrote the book about Mitt Romney in , I'm an Article VI person. Mitt Romney delivered a sweeping broadside against Donald Trump on Thursday, laying into the Republican presidential front-runner with a.

meet the press mitt romney interview 2015

Another friend however expressed extreme skepticism Romney would join the Trump Cabinet. Romney could be relief to US allies For sure, a Romney appointment would come as a great relief to US allies who are deeply anxious about the direction of Trump's foreign policy, and who see alternative names floated for secretary of state such as Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton with much greater apprehension.

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That's because Romney is squarely within the parameters of accepted US foreign policy orthodoxy, is an internationalist, is well-known abroad and is committed to the notion of free trade, US alliances and a robust US posture in the world.

Trump on the other hand has raised doubts about the bedrock pacts of the international system such as NATO and US alliances in Asia, is yet to define his "America First" creed and has spooked Eastern European allies with his praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Giuliani defends foreign business ties: The former governor would sail through Senate confirmation, thanks to his reputation as a devoted and devout family man with no personal skeletons.

No one can know what is in Romney's mind.

Trump-Romney meeting another wild 2016 twist

But Saturday's meeting was not one he had to take. After all, it carried the risk that the President-elect is simply using his good name to give the impression that he is casting a wide and conciliatory net across his party as he chooses his Cabinet.

Career capper But were Trump to offer him the job of secretary of state, it's not impossible Romney would accept. It would be one last chance to serve and cap a career that once seemed headed for the pinnacle of national politics and at least would partially make up for the disappointment of his loss to Obama four years ago. Given Trump's lack of experience in foreign policy, and a leadership style that promises to be heavily reliant on his subordinates, Romney could see the chance of wide autonomy in setting US foreign policy as attractive.

It might also be a good fit with the Mr. Still, there's a reason why a Romney nomination as secretary of state would be seen as yet another shocking development in Trump eviscerated Romney on the campaign trail. On a campaign-style trip to Mississippi, he stopped by a barbeque joint, gladhanding customers, before taking jabs at Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama during a speech at a state university.

Story Continued Below All the while, he and his wife Ann were praying as they came to terms with the choice to recede from the national political scene. It was, by all accounts, a gradual process.

The return of jokes and columns about Romney putting his dog Seamus on the roof of a car during a decades-ago family vacation exasperated him, for example.

It was a form of duty that he felt to his party. Finance director Spencer Zwick expressed confidence that they could raise ample resources.

meet the press mitt romney interview 2015

They told him there would be some defections of donors, operatives and endorsers, but assured him that he would start as the frontrunner for the nomination. Jeb Bush was calling around, trying to poach both. One person on the call compared to the situation to an hourglass: The governor said at the end of the discussion that he would show his hand either way by the end of the week.

We were waiting for him to give us the high sign. Lerner Mitt Romney was against running for president inbefore he was for it, before he was against it again. The New York Times asks Romney if he will run again.

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No, no, no, no, no. I made that clear the morning after the last loss. That goes in dating as well. Had that not been the case, had I believed I would actually be best positioned to beat Hillary Clinton, then I would be running.

Mitt Romney interview with Jake Tapper on "State on the Union" (October 19, 2015)

I wish it were me. But my time has come — come and gone.