Meet the vampire diaries stars

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meet the vampire diaries stars

It's been almost a decade of obsessing over sexy vampires, werewolves, witches, and combinations of all three since The Vampire Diaries. The Vampire Diaries had a cast packed with beautiful, talented During the last season of TVD, Roerig met Nathalie Kelley, an actress cast for. The highly anticipated 'The Vampire Diaries' spin-off 'Legacies' is almost here and there Meet the Cast of "Legacies" and Their Characters.

McQueen was brought back to reprise his role of Gilbert for the series finale. Many of the cast members of the show were nominated and have won awards. McQueen can be added to this group with 2 nominations sadly, no wins. For the first six episodes, he had credit in the recurring cast section, but for the seventh episode, he made it to the main cast listing.

Inin the 2nd episode, Borelli suffered career-ending injuries from an explosion.

meet the vampire diaries stars

The character was written out of the show. It was mentioned in the next episode that Borelli was moved to a long-term care facility. She played Bonnie Bennett, and many consider this her breakout part. She had a previous career of minor roles, but did well as a singer, even through The Vampire Diaries production run. When Nina Dobrev left the show in the 6th season, Graham was allowed to take over as the female lead of the show. FromGraham was nominated for at least one award each year until the show ended.

Graham was in 2 movies in Zach Roerig also had this longevity. He played Matt Donovan, the childhood friend and ex-boyfriend of Elena Gilbert Nina Dobrev; they broke up when the show began. Forever Yours, which aired right before the season finale. She played Vicki Donovan, who was the very first human that was turned into a vampire on the show.

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When asked to describe her character, she said in an interview that Vicki was "a troublemaker. Vicki was taken out in a traditional vampire fashion by a stake in the heart by Stefan Paul Wesley. Soon after the character was no longer on the show, Ewell stated that she still had an active contract and Vicki could return to the show, but creator Kevin Williamson said Vicki was not coming back.

meet the vampire diaries stars

However, the character came back for the 2nd season finale, the beginning of season 3, and the final 3 episodes of the series. Television work has been light for Ewell.

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When she was done shooting that, she took a starring role in the movie Black Field. Canning finished her part in the movie, and then she found out The Vampire Diaries was approved for the CW network. Jenna was the guardian and aunt of Elena Gilbert.

meet the vampire diaries stars

This role was older and required some make-up magic since Canning was equal in age or, in some cases, younger than her co-stars, who played high school-aged characters. I didn't sign up for that when I walked into the audition, but I'm very grateful for it.

His first episode in Season 5 "That first episode that I shot with Ian [Somerhalder], it was all in the cell. It felt like we were shooting this little short film, all my scenes that we were shooting together.

And we just had this instant connection and understanding of each other.

meet the vampire diaries stars

And I think when you come onto a show late in the game, it's rare that you have that synergy with one of the main actors on the show. And I found that subsequently with these guys and the rest of the cast and was embraced into this world and feel like I've been there for forever.

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And it all started with that episode. The people and the fart jokes "The newness of it in the beginning was really special. I think the bonding of this cast and crew. That's who you miss most of all when you leave these things. It's not performing every day or the writing. You miss the cast and you miss the crew.

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You miss all the people that make it work because you effectively become a family. Paul and I have been joking for years while we've literally been killing each other or staking people. In the middle of it, there's all the sudden a fart joke and you're hysterically laughing and everyone's covered in blood. There's just these really funny juxtapositions and there are just too many to count. It's an era of our lives.