The land before time meet chomper

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the land before time meet chomper

MoviesLand Before Time Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Friendship/Angst - Chomper - Chapters: 8 - Words: 3, . I hope we can meet again. This is a list of recurring characters in The Land Before Time, a series of animated children's . After meeting several young dinosaurs along the way who would become his best friends, they arrive in the verdant . Chomper also appears in the fourteenth movie The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave, when he. Another great story by guestsurprise. The Land Before Time belongs to its respective owners. Bron Meets Chomper. Bron was currently visiting.

A bit concerned, he began sniffing the air for the little Sharptooth's scent. When he had it, he grinned and began following the trail. He finally found a bush and saw it rustling a little bit.

He chuckled and saw the small Sharptooth curled up. He stuck his head down in the bush and gave Chomper a friendly nudge. Chomper, however, almost jumped out of his skin! P-Please don't hurt me! Soon, he was covered in berry pieces and berry juice! But it was too late. The little Sharptooth landed in a heap at the bottom of the ditch and groaned, not just in pain but in fear.

Gasping, Bron put his head down in the hole to see about him. He picked him up gently down by his tail and lifted him back up on the ground. But Chomper stayed in a ball, curled up tightly for defense. The lick startled Chomper so much he unfurled himself! Bron smiled in a mischievous manner and licked Chomper again on his large nose.

the land before time meet chomper

I won't hurt you; if anything you need a bath from that berry bush," Bron smiled. I don't need a bath! He remembered when his mother and father licked him during his baths and they tickled terribly! During the fourth film, Journey Through the Mistshe speaks for the first time, calling Ducky's name, and again in the eighth film The Big Freezewhere he calls out to his mother.

In the same movie, it is mentioned that his birth parents were probably lost in the earthquake of the first film, and becomes close friends with another Stegosaurus named Tippy. Spike's design was based on Bluth's pet Chow ChowCubby, with the director commenting that he had a personal fondness for the character, calling him "a pure soul, simple, accommodating, and eager to please. He is also known for having an amazing sense of smell, which comes in handy on occasion.

Journey of the Bravewhen he attempts to greet Wild Arms, who passes out. Originally from the Mysterious Beyond, she meets Chomper and agrees to accompany him to the Great Valley, and becomes separated from her parents and two siblings after they are ambushed by a Sharptooth named Redclaw. Later, she re-unites with her family in the episode "Return to Hanging Rock", but returns to the Valley in order to keep looking after Chomper as promised.

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She made her film debut in the fourteenth movie Journey of the Brave. Thicknose[ edit ] The elderly Mr. The Big Freezehe is a very respected resident of the Great Valley; having convinced the others that he has been everywhere and seen everything.

the land before time meet chomper

When snow falls in the Valley for the first known time, and he is unable to explain it, the other adults lose faith in him. While stranded in the Mysterious Beyond, he reveals to the children, to whom he acted as a teacher, that most of his knowledge comes from secondary sources. Despite this, he is able to use the knowledge he learned to guide them back to the Great Valley.

The Big Freeze, but he is regularly seen in the TV series. Journey to Big Water.

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The character is bilingual, speaking a broken form of the herbivore language, as well as his native dolphin-like language. He is very playful, and becomes popular with the main characters aside from Cera, who is at first annoyed by his playful antics.

Though the character's only prominent roles are in the ninth movie and in the TV episode "The Missing Fast-Water Adventure", he has made a few appearances in the films. The Great Longneck Migrationhe jumps out of the water during the "Adventuring" musical number, and he says "And fly!

The Great Day of the Flyers. He is convinced that he's the only one of his kind, having never seen another of his kind before. His origins are unknown, as he apparently has no idea what he is or where he came from. Though he tries to fly, he can only glide for a brief period of time. He often appears neurotic or panicky at times, and easily confused. The Great Longneck Migration. When Bron found Shorty, he was defending a group of much younger dinosaurs.

Shorty bullies Littlefoot at first and antagonizes him, until Littlefoot decides that he can be his adopted older brother, and Shorty accepts. The Big Freeze in which his herd migrates into the Great Valley temporarily, after which he quickly befriends Spike.

Unlike Spike, Tippy, though with limited use of words, is very vocal. Tippy's mother voiced by Susan Krebs is a kindly female dinosaur who invites Spike to spend time with her herd upon learning that he has been adopted by another species and has not spent time around his species. She later invites him to travel with the herd when they leave the Valley in search of food during the freeze.

Those two goons saw my shadow and jumped off that cliff. They sure are dumb.

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My poor friends are all cowering. Ahhh, they see me now. They are thanking me now. Guess the others didn't know my name was Chomper. I'm glad to have friends.

I feel kind of hungry. That Threehorn looks yummy.

the land before time meet chomper

Her tail tastes awful! She sure is mad. The Longneck is upset with me, though he's defending me. Why would I do that? Why did I bite the Threehorn Cera?

Why did I attack my friends? I'll never do that again! Cera said that I'll never be one of them and that I have to go.

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Littlefoot said I should stay. The Longneck and the Threehorn got into a fight. The Longneck told me that I can't be a Sharptooth and that Sharpteeth aren't allowed in this valley.

My feelings are so hurt. I see another yummy bug. I came down the mountain. The air was getting kind of hot anyway. That Egg Stealer said that Sharpteeth don't have any friends.

Littlefoot said that it's not true. It looks like my friends are in trouble again. The mountain is spitting fire! I'd better move away from it. My friends are now being chased by liquid fire. I hope they get away. My friends are trapped between the liquid fire and the Egg Stealers! I've got to do something! Take that Egg Stealer scum! My Flattooth friends like me again! That Egg Stealer sure is mad now!

He's going to get us! Luckily, Littlefoot found a way for us to get across. That log broke when the Egg Stealer leader was on it.

His crazy partner jumped after him. They aren't that bright if you ask me. Cera said "If this were a game, I'd never want to play it again! But wait, what are those huge fanged things?

Whatever they are, Petrie just said "Looks like we still it! I guess I should run, but, somehow, I feel safer around those things. Those things just tried to eat my friends! They ate green instead and spat it out. Guess I'm not the only one who doesn't like green around here. Those big things can smash trees!