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Ginny scowled at the thought of moving but reached over for the shrunk bag and opened it up. She put Said Mr Weasley, “Harry, I think you'd feel the same if you were in my position.” .. Ginny smiled nervously and said, “Nice to meet you. ”. Meeting His Parents He refused to meet the eyes of the Dursley's. Moving over to the next owl, he saw Hermione's familiar and tidy scrawl. later, Harry was left with several food items from Mrs. Weasley, rock cakes from. Chapter Four: Meet the Dursleys Ron, Hermione, Ginny, the rest of the Weasleys, Remus; everyone he ever knew. .. Ginny moved closer so she could see.

It would have been different if Sirius didn't despise the place when he was still alive, but taking that into consideration just made it all the more harder to even think about ever going back. Harry shook himself out of his thoughts when he heard a tapping on the window.

She rushed to the window to let Ron's tiny, jittery owl in. The sun glinted off her hairs as stood near the window untying the letter from Pig's leg. Harry was amazed at just how many shades of red her hair contained.

He mentally kicked himself at this thought and turned his attention back to the letter Ginny was hurriedly opening. She pulled out a small piece of parchment and her excitement slowly disappeared from her face turning into sorrow.

All it says, is 'Hope you're safe. She smiled at him, and sighed, "I know, but I can't help but worry. It's horrible not knowing what's going on. And I haven't even been here a full day yet. You've been really great at keeping my mind off things, whether you realize it or not.

Harry and Ginny talked for hours and it was then that Harry really got to know Ginny; she was no longer just Ron's little sister. The two shared stories about each of their lives. So instead of telling on them for the multiple things that they did, I snuck into their room at night, took Fred's wand and turned their hair purple.

Mum couldn't figure out how to reverse it for weeks. I mean, sure I've read about you in books, but I'd rather hear it from you. He was surprised at how easy it was to talk to Ginny about even the most painful of subjects. She insisted that he start at the beginning, so he did just that. He told her how it was much more miserable, living with the Dursleys for the first eleven years of his life; for things did not begin to look up for Harry until Hagrid came with the most life changing news of Harry's entire existence.

He recounted his first year for her, because he knew that she had not heard all of the details. It amused him to see the genuine fright in her eyes when he recalled his adventure with Ron and Hermione through the trap door.

All of this talking of Ron and Hermione had sent a pang of sorrow through him. He really missed them; more than he had any other summer that they were separated. He couldn't be sure why, but he thought that it may have had something to do with Ginny being there. It wasn't bad that she was there, of course, but it was so much different than Ron and Hermione.

He hadn't told them all that Ginny now knew; and he knew he would have to. He was so afraid of what they would think. He shook himself out of his reverie, "That was my first year; and of course you know all about my second year so I really don't have to go into that. Ginny seemed to have shivered slightly at the reminder, but then quickly shook herself out of it. You look like something's bothering you; I'm really sorry if talking about all of this has upset you…" She looked guilty, but Harry had to quickly jump to correct her, "No, it's not that at all.

Talking about all of that has made me realize just how much I miss Ron and Hermione. But before we know it, we'll be going back to Hogwarts. But Wormtail shattered that dream…" It was bittersweet to think about, even now. First Wormtail took that opportunity away from him; then Bellatrix. He laughed at the resemblance. She smacked him playfully and steered the conversation away from her similarity to her brother, "So you thought Sirius was the Grim? And then whenever I saw him after that I was convinced.

Harry rolled his eyes, "I'll be back in a second. He couldn't imagine what she could possibly want but he did know that she wasn't about to apologize for her outburst this morning. We won't be home until late. He was puzzled by this instruction, "Er Harry couldn't imagine why the attic was off limits, and why she would ever think he would go up there in the first place. It wasn't as if he ever attempted to in the past. Now that Aunt Petunia had said it though, it was a different story; he was very curious about what was in the attic that she was trying to hide.

Are you ready to explore the attic then? Harry laughed, "You're a bad influence, Ginny Weasley. We'll have to wait until they leave though. Me do something I'm not supposed to do? I can't believe you'd accuse Harry Potter of breaking the rules. How could I ever do such a thing! During the entire time that Harry had lived at number four, he had not set foot in the attic once. He had never wanted to until now, and he had a feeling that this is what his aunt wanted to. He couldn't imagine why but maybe there were answers up here.

Harry led the way up the stairs, and when they got into the large room it was as organized as the rest of the house.

Each box was stacked neatly; they were all labeled, giving a relative idea of what was inside. Do we have any idea what we're looking for? But how about we read what is written on the boxes and if anything seems interesting, we'll open them. Ginny nodded her head in agreement and immediately turned to a stack of boxes and began examining them and Harry quickly did the same. Harry coughed as he moved a particularly large, and dusty box labeled "Dudley's baby clothes.

There probably isn't anything of value around here. After all, it wasn't like he was looking for anything specific. Look Harry, I bet she did it on purpose so that you would come up here. There is probably something up here that she wanted you to see and just that she didn't want to show you herself. I'm not giving up until I find something. Harry couldn't help but laugh at her. She seemed so determined to find something that might not actually exist.

She was right though; he too had been thinking that his aunt put the idea in his head on purpose. But if Ginny was so determined, maybe she was onto something; maybe she had an idea of what they were looking for.

She must have seen him glancing at her with a look of suspicion on his face.

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As was usual these days, Harry was resigned to telling her what was on his mind, "You're on to something, aren't you? Ginny smiled again, making Harry get odd butterflies in his stomach; he had no idea what her presence was doing to him these days.

He wouldn't let himself admit it; she was Ron's younger sister, even though they had become very good friends in the past few days. Ginny walked over to him and pointed to what was written on the side of the box. Harry couldn't believe his eyes, which instantly lit up with excitement, "Why would they keep anything of mine?

Harry took a deep breath, and lifted the lid off the small box. The first thing Harry saw in the box was a blue baby blanket. He picked it up and he felt like he was having a flash back.

He knew it was from the night his parents were killed; he was wrapped in it and left on the Dursley's doorstep. He closed his eyes and tried to remember better, he wanted to see before that night.

To see his parents. But he knew he couldn't, people just couldn't remember back that far. It wasn't possible, at least without the dementors. He felt the tears form in his eyes, and he couldn't control it when they slipped out silently. He felt Ginny put her hand on his arm, and he opened his eyes again, and took a deep breath, and looked at her. Harry turned over the parchment, to see his name written in a familiar handwriting that he would recognize anywhere.

He took a shaky breath and looked at Ginny, "I-I Harry looked at what was left in the box. There was a pair of the same color blue baby pajamas and an envelope that was already torn open. The neat script was in emerald green ink and also in a familiar handwriting that Harry would know anywhere. Suddenly he remembered the words of Dumbledore's howler from the previous summer.

The words echoed in his head as he stared down at the old piece of parchment. He wanted to read it but was afraid that Dumbledore may have told them about the prophecy for some reason.

If they knew all this time, Harry's anger at Dumbledore would be renewed, and he knew he didn't need that right now so he would put off reading the letter for a little longer.

He put the two letters back in the box and then replaced the pajamas and blanket on top of them. He was grateful to how intuitive she was to his emotions. He nodded his head in compliance, "But can we continue looking for what you originally thought was up here?

Within a few minutes Ginny turned with a larger box in her arms, "Wow, that was a lot easier than I expected. You would think that if she didn't want you to find them, she would have put them in separate places. Harry walked over to where Ginny was, to see a box labeled "Lily. Oh, and it's heavy! Harry put the box down where he and Ginny were standing and they both sat down on either side of it.

Harry's own reaction seems mixed. While he endured an unhappy life at Privet Drive, it was his home for many years and leaving it is still difficult—this is yet another incomplete chapter in his life that must be closed and left behind. Also, the Dursleys' habitually attaching importance to appearances is seen one final time. Vernon is only able to accept the Order of the Phoenix's instructions because he has seen Order member Kingsley Shacklebolt on television, standing directly behind the Muggle Prime Minister.

He also demands Shacklebolt be his protector, trying, apparently, to claim that he is as important as the Prime Minister due to Harry's fame in the Wizarding world.

Of course, he worries about what the neighbours will think as he and his family drive off with these two oddly-robed figures. It is, perhaps, interesting that what eventually stops Vernon's perpetual waffling about accepting the Order's protection is Dudley's defiant decision to follow Harry's advice.

We have not previously seen Dudley value anything regarding Harry, and clearly neither have the Dursleys, as Vernon seems quite shocked, so much so that he acquiesces with the Order's plans. Questions[ edit ] Study questions are meant to be left for each student to answer; please don't answer them here. Review[ edit ] How long could Dudley have felt this way about Harry?

What might have changed Dudley's feelings towards Harry? Are Harry's feelings toward Dudley ever likely to change? Further Study[ edit ] Was Dudley entirely responsible for his abusive behavior towards Harry? If not, what may have contributed to it?

Under different circumstances, how might Dudley have turned out? Could Dudley's friendly gesture open the door to a future relationship between him and Harry?

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Explain what this relationship might or might not be and why. Could Aunt Petunia feel the same way Dudley does? If so, why is she unable to express it? Why did Aunt Petunia seem to hesitate before leaving? Greater Picture[ edit ] Intermediate warning: Details follow which you may not wish to read at your current level. This is the last time the Dursley family is seen. Harry does occasionally think about the Dursley family, notably when he hears about Dumbledore's sister being locked into their cellar; the comparison with his own life is inevitable.

Outside of Harry's thoughts, however, they do not re-enter the story. Perhaps interestingly, we also never again see Dedalus Diggle or Hestia Jones.

There are points in the story where having two more Order Wizards could have been useful, but it seems they remain off-stage, guarding Harry's relatives. Clearly, others besides Harry are having conflicting feelings here. Vernon, naturally, perpetually shifts between inclination to follow the Order's instructions, and outright defiance; Harry, as mentioned, is glad he will no longer be tormented in that place, but also seems regretful that his childhood there has ended.

Surprisingly, not only is Dudley the only one among the four who seems decided, but he understands the real danger he and his family are in. He also shows actual concern about Harry and expresses his gratitude for Harry having saved him from the Dementors. Petunia's behavior is telling in that it shows she must have once dearly loved her sister, Lily.

It might have been Petunia's jealousy and spite over Lily's magical ability, something Petunia may have desperately wanted, that drove them apart. This was probably Petunia's last opportunity to connect to Harry and her dead sister in some meaningful way, but she instead opts to abandon that avenue by saying nothing and walking away; her momentary hesitation does indicate that she is uncertain what direction she is headed. The author, in interviews following this book's publication, has stated that while Harry and Dudley never would have more than a Christmas-card relationship, they quite likely have at least that much.