Graffiti on a train youtube meet

Meet the legendary graffiti artists who inspired ‘The Get Down’

graffiti on a train youtube meet

Transperth on Facebook · Transperth on Twitter · Transperth on YouTube They' re in trains, buses, ferries, every train station and other places including car parks . If possible, have someone meet you, or tell friends or family when you expect You can get a reward by helping us stop vandalism, graffiti, glass scratching. twitter · facebook · google · tumblr · youtube · flickr It seems like will be a special year for the german Meeting in its hometown more than qm space on several walls, well reachable by train, car and bus. Saturday, 11 June – Live-Graffiti, Live-Shows, Breakdance-Session, Main-Party. In a unique approach to the competitive scene, Valve has taken recognition one step further, immortalising events in-game through graffiti and.

graffiti on a train youtube meet

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