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greet high meet musical pass school

Westfield High School is destined for amazing things in I am so fortunate to lead a school with teachers who are passionate and committed to helping. Music · Physical Education · Library · Reading and Literature · Geography . Personalizing the Secondary Classroom (9) The “meet and greet” that teachers do before class begins seems to be a critical benchmark for many students. other events and projects that students participate in inside and outside of school. Welcome to North Cobb High School! We are part of Cobb County School District and serve nearly high school students.

Session 1 will be from 6: There are 20 slots per session.

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Parents must register by calling the Guidance Office at Once the 40 slots are filled we will initiate a waiting list. If you are registered but cannot attend please notify Guidance so we can give someone on the waiting list the spot. Please call - to secure your registration.

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The first person selected was Harry Britton, a person whose heart and soul was with the "Home Of the Indian. This list is just a small list of what this gentleman did for the spirit at the "Home of the Indian.

Citta purchased a new sound system so the crowd could understand the order of events. Throwing the blue and white pine tree into the bonfire is Coach Signorino, Jr.

He started to prepare for this challenge one month before the test which resulted in a perfect score of for his efforts. He gives most of the credit for his score to the science and math teachers that he has experienced at High School South.

He is the first Marching Indian Band member and possibly the first band student in the history of Toms River to be a part of this prestigious ensemble.

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He will be involved in a concert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the first weekend in April, where students from 12 different states will perform. She received statewide acclaim for her efforts. The paintings provide a background of color and seasonal interest for Toms River's Halloween Parade. The Kiwanis Club of Toms River has sponsored this event for 74 years and has provided judges and prizes during this time.

It shows the cooperation between town organizations and schools. Continue in this way so that the wave makes its way around the circle.

greet high meet musical pass school

I want students to have fun, but when we do bouncy, loud greetings, they tend to get silly and forget to take the act of greeting seriously. It helps to focus on engagement rather than entertainment or frivolity.

Second, the best learning comes from engagement, which can take the form of deep concentration, even fascination, as well as playfulness and laughter. So instead trying to make greetings entertaining for students, look for those that will engage them.

Here are a couple to try. Spider Web Holding a ball of yarn, a student greets someone across the circle and gently rolls the ball to that person while firmly holding on to the end of the yarn.

The student who receives the ball of yarn greets another student across the circle and rolls the ball to that student, making sure to hold onto the unraveling strand with one hand.

greet high meet musical pass school

This continues until everyone has been greeted and the yarn has created a web across the circle. To unravel the web, students greet each other in reverse order until the ball of yarn is wound up again. Flightly Flight Give the first greeter a paper airplane.

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The student being greeted waits until the airplane lands and then retrieves it. Remind students that only the person being greeted retrieves the airplane. He returns the greeting: Repeat until everyone has been greeted.

How can I keep up? One way to gather new greetings is to ask colleagues to share ones their students enjoy.

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And remember that students themselves are excellent resources. When you ask for their help adapting familiar greetings or even coming up with new ones, their enthusiasm is sure to rise. Say Your Name The whole class begins chanting the refrain: Say your name and when you do, we will say it back to you! The first child then says his or her name aloud: In unison, the whole class repeats the name: