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Radio Industry’s Fake Outrage Over KGO

KGO ( kHz) is a commercial AM radio station licensed to San Francisco, California. It is one . This higher profile caused KGO's ratings to begin a steady climb. The weekday morning news (from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.) is currently co- anchored by . To meet Wikipedia standards, this list should only include Wikipedia-notable. reviews of KGO "Finally KGO is now a station based on logic and reason .last time I tuned I am rating Armstrong and Getty. .. On of their current promo for his show has of him making rasist comments against white southerners . The station has been a consistent runner-up in the ratings (Persons 6+) to .. An internal review determined that these homes did not meet our compliance and New York radio pro Ray Martel – currently the associate producer for WOR.

In addition to over 20 years as a radio host, Franklin is also a comedian, musician, and filmmaker. Murrow Awards for Writing and Overall Excellence, as well as over 35 AP awards for reporting, broadcasting, humor, and political convention coverage. The program will continue to air weeknights from 7PMPM. The stunt consists of people talking about San Francisco and songs about the city. The entire weekday schedule is off the website, and rumors are running rampant that the staffers of the morning and afternoon news blocks have been let go.

All expectations are that the duo will be heard on KGO. Speculate all ya want…we ain't sayin' nothing! Team, Today, we have set in motion new programming strategies for both KGO and KFOG that will help us better meet the needs and demands of our listeners, advertisers and community. Unfortunately, to achieve that goal, we had the difficult but necessary task today of restructuring our KGO and KFOG station staffs to allow us to meet the new needs of these two stations as we invest in new programming that is redefined, refocused and of the highest quality.

The weekday morning news from 5 a. Ronn Owens 's morning show, as well as weekend talk programming remained, although some of the weekend hosts including Joanie Greggainsand Len Tillem were also terminated on December 1, Bob Brinker 's syndicated "Moneytalk" has been moved to KSFO, a politically conservative talk radio sister station which arguably better reflects Brinker's conservative politico-economic views "Moneytalk" is a brand which is owned by ABC and its successor, not by Brinker; Brinker's own brand is "Marketimer", although Brinker has not and does not espouse market timingas commonly understood, per se in any of his broadcasts or newsletters.

Leo Laporte 's weekend syndicated tech talk program was also a casualty of the format change and is no longer being broadcast on KGO.

The format change and termination of many popular talk show hosts sparked outrage among long-time listeners, many of whom called for sponsors to drop their advertising on the station. On March 31,at Noon, KGO dropped its previous programming and began stunting with recordings of speeches from influential figures and people talking about San Francisco, as well as songs about the city, while promoting "The Next Generation of KGO" to launch on April 5 though with a break during the weekend for paid programming.

At least 20 people, including the entire news staff, as well as some staffers from sister station KFOGwere laid off with the change.

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However, due to what was advertised as a 'listener reaction' against the move in reality, Owens contested the move of his show off KGO as against the terms of his contractOwens stayed with the station. It has broadcast the college football games of the University of California, BerkeleyGolden Bears since Sinceit also broadcasts men's basketball games that start after 7 pm or are on weekends. Games that start before 7 pm on weekdays air on KSFO. Its painful to watch, what did not need to be.

I understand the need to turn a profit, but to take something established for so many decades and kill it, well, its just sad. Tuning in for the news there was nothing but some weird mumbo jumbo about the Next Generation.

Luckily they had the decency to let Ronn announced at 11 a. When I turned in and heard that mumbo jumbo, I figured that Cumulus had fired everyone and I was right.

I feel terrible for all those who were blindsided and lost their jobs. I hope they got a decent severance. MIndy O Me, too. I think they are going after a younger demo. I changed my stations on my car radio and eliminated I feel terrible for the KGO news staff.

They are a truly talented group of people.

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I wish all of them well. I wanted to listen to the noon news but there was all that nonsensical stuff about the next generation. This is a truly bad, bad, bad decision.

Not even going to listen to KSFO. I want nothing to do with Cumulus stations. We listen to KGO when in bed, going to and from work. Gidget Church they have been killing them softly since the first massacre when they led people to their offices and escorted them off the premises…Leaving a few little islands of talk thinking to give KCBS a run for the all day news money? Perhaps someone should take a bottle of champagne and crack it upside the head of whoever is responsible for this ridiculous mess.

They took half talk away and it was a disaster, so their solution is to take away the rest? By all means get rid of what works…. We know Ronn has a home, my heartfelt hope is that Chip has a home someplace. If it is KGO, I will listen to those hours. Gidget Church I meant to also say I will miss all the staff that makes the shows go, and the traffic people and the sports people and the weather people and the people who make the coffee pots work….

This latest incarnation of news and interest pieces was just web blather on steroids with commercials. One more chance to get it right. Layoffs, increased commercial time and, more recently, running a Sunday morning infomercial under the guise of being a financial planning advice show.

Cumulus is typical of the greed and profit driven mindset that has become the new standard among large corporations. It was a very weird and strange day to say the least. I remember going to a couple of live broadcasts where you got to see the producers in action. I wish them all well but it is a rough time. Cumulus has no clue how to service the needs of the Bay Area and is completely out of touch with the audience.

The only difference is that KGO gets more publicity. I suspect the loss of job security started when the concept of outsourcing began. I love listening to Jon Bristow first thing in the morning.

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They came in, thought they knew better and made changes that cost them dearly in listeners. Lafayette Escadrill I loved Don Sherwood. I began listening to Ronn in when he came to KGO. I listened to Owen Spann at work every day until his last day. Ronn is the most even-handed talk show host of all of them. This is a tragedy for Bay Area listeners who want to hear intelligent talk radio.

I just hope that KSFO will allow him to be himself. This is absolutely tragic. Chris Huff KGO racked up a mind-boggling consecutive quarters at 1 in the San Francisco book, dating back to the Fall book, and continuing through the first two quarters of PPM over the latter half of I turned on the radio last night to listen to John Batchelor while I brushed my teeth, and was listening to.

People talking with some musical something in the background. Same thing this morning, when I turned on the radio a little before 5, expecting to hear a replay of Ronn Owens. This sick feeling comes from a guy that used to carefully tune Ira Blue in at night as a kid from Portland. This is loss and has everything to do with corporate character.

Lorri Wilke What will I do at work all day? I have listened to Ronn Owens for the past 10 years every morning! Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go to now? I am so sad for KGO and wonder why this happened…. I will listen to Ronn when I can but my whole morning will be lonely without him!

Radio Industry’s Fake Outrage Over KGO

Rusty B This is shameful news. I have been listening to KGO my entire life. There was a period where I did not listen to them, but over the last couple of years I began tuning in again during the morning commute.

Great people made up the staff.