Maswim elite meet to eat - Duffy's Tavern: Where the

maswim elite meet to eat

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Such situations mattered less than did the clever depiction of earthbound-but-dreaming New York life and its individualistic, often bizarre characters. Duffy's Tavern was Gardner's creation, and he oversaw its writing intently enough, drawing also on his earlier experience as a successful radio director.

maswim elite meet to eat

Bristol-Myers eventually admitted the staffer had little to go on other than a handful of protesting letters, and—to the delight of fans who never stopped using the original name anyway—the original title was restored permanently.

The name change was often subverted by the Armed Forces Radio Network. Film and television[ edit ] Radio's Duffy's Tavern didn't translate well to film or television.

maswim elite meet to eat

The film's plot involves a war-displaced record manufacturer whose staff—those not sent off to war—drown their sorrows at Duffy's on credit, while the company owner tries to find ways around the price controls and war attrition that threaten to put him out of business.

The movie was a box office disappointment. He thought he could do TV, so he left radio, but he was a bad actor and knew it.

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Influence[ edit ] As a result of the radio program's popularity, dozens of bars and inns across the country adopted the name, such as Duffy's Tavern in Holmes Beach, Florida. Archie Bunker's Placethe low-keyed spinoff from the groundbreaking All in the Familywhich moved the now-title character from the loading dock and the taxicab to running a blue-collar bar with his usual repertoire of malaprops.

These usually began with Joe Gleason in a conversation with an unseen patron, Mr. Dennehy, before being joined usually at Dennehy's request by a Finnegan-like, cheerful dolt, Crazy Guggenheim Frank Fontaine.

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He made no money from either show, but his promotional talent drew the attention of the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency. InThompson sent their new recruit to learn the ropes of radio production at CBS.

Over the next two years, Gardner shuttled between the coasts, working on programs in New York and Hollywood, working with some of the top stars in the business — from Bing Crosby to Burns and Allen to Rudy Vallee.

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But the most important figure Gardner would meet in these years was a sardonic young writer named Abe Burrows, who began peddling freelance gags to minor radio comedians around Burrows was brash and witty, a New Yorker to the core, and he and Gardner soon found themselves to be kindred spirits.

When Gardner proposed a new idea for a program focusing on the many dimensions of life in New York, Burrows was tapped as one of the writers. The idea attracted the attention of CBS, which put it on the air in as a sustaining feature, with Gardner in charge of production.

maswim elite meet to eat

But something about the Archie character struck him, and when he returned to Hollywood that winter to produce the Maxwell House Good News of program, he took Archie along, intending to try him out again on the air in a different format. Despite the positive response, no sponsor jumped to embrace the program, and Gardner returned to his production work. Gardner rushed back to New York and knuckled down with Burrows.

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There was nothing else quite like it on the air, in comic tone or in setting. Schick liked the springtime run well enough to renew for the fall.

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After one more season on the East Coast, Gardner decided to uproot his crew and move the program to Hollywood, where he could ensure a more consistent stream of big-name guest stars. However, there was one casualty.

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The Gardner-Booth marriage had been fraying for a while, and fell apart for good in Gardner was forced to recast Miss Duffy with a long line of actresses who tried in vain to imitate as closely as possible the voice of his ex-wife.

But the essential triad of the cast — Archie, Eddie, and Finnegan — remained intact and provided a sharp setting for whatever guest star happened to stumble into the Tavern each week. Gardner changed writers as often as he changed his shirts, but he was widely respected as one of the top comedy editors in the business.