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meet contact zonju

Home > Games > Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Meet Contact- Zonju V. This mission starts off on bikes, awesome! Take care off the bad guys trying to get . I'm on the Zonju V mission and, of course, this requires the use of a speeder. Back on Hoth, using the tauntaun was optional. I chose not to use. Meet Contact - Zonju V. kb. Covert Operation - Kril'Dor. kb. Capture Crime Lord - Coruscant. kb. Cult Investigation.

Two and a half decades of staggering from crisis to crisis — trying to keep the Executor's life support systems tottering along, scraping together the resources to feed and clothe three hundred thousand men, conference after brain-racking conference with navigators, techs, engineers, mechanics… They had crawled homeward system by uninhabited system until, last month, the ship reached Zonju V.

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Piett was prepared to wager his hypothetical firstborn child that never in history had a less deserving planet been greeted with such shouts of joy as the Executor's surviving crew members rained on it. It was by any civilized standard a dustball lodged in the back of a closet, but the closet in which it was lodged was their own long-lost galaxy.

Zonju V's list of desirable qualities ended there. Whether one or a thousand turbolasers were trained on them, the destitute colonists could supply little in the way of aid.

Of reliable information, they could supply even less.

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The Empire had collapsed. No, it was at war with a New Republic. No, no, it had signed a peace treaty with the Rebels, what was left of it — no, just some of what was left of it… No two Zonjuvians seemed to have the same opinion on the subject, and indeed had considered the entire outside galaxy purely academic until a Super Star Destroyer materialized in their skies.

As no provisions were to be had, and as Engineering estimated their jury-rigged hyperdrive was only good for another 5 parsecs or so, Lord Vader ordered the ship to jump to Eriadu — the closest hub of commerce and, once upon a time, of Imperial patriotism.

In theory, a system capable of producing Wilhuff Tarkin would not yet have forgotten the Empire…whatever remained of it. The Executor had limped into the Eriadu system five days ago, flinging open the gates of all nine Corellian hells in the process.

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From Piett's vantage point it had been quite the spectacle: When Vader threatened the entire Quintad Council with strangulation by way of proof, the governor's office transmitted declassified Imperial naval reports stating that the Executor had been destroyed at the Battle of Endor.

Included was a sensor recording from the Reprisal in which the computer distinguished a mere two thousandths of a second between the disappearance of the Executor and the massive heat signature of the Death Star's explosion.

Piett took a slightly deeper breath as his mind's eye populated the relative quiet of Eriadu with the chaos of that day. He had always known they'd had a close shave — but two thousandths of a second?

No human eye could have perceived that the ship had vanished ahead of the explosion.

meet contact zonju

Even had they suspected the possibility, they must have dismissed it when the Executor failed to reappear in the following weeks. Vader had viewed that recording, stood in silence for a moment or two, and then uncorked wells of cooperation Piett hadn't known he possessed. ComScan busied itself for hours transmitting copies of the ship's log, personnel records, their readouts from Endor, medical files, and anything else that might help knock it through the Eriaduans' heads that this was in fact the Executor and her commander was in fact Darth Vader.

Conviction finally set in, and the planet began transmitting caches of news records to bring them up to speed on the galaxy's doings. From the perspective of thousands of Imperial naval officers, not much of the news was good. The Emperor had never formally chosen a successor; his presumed heir — Vader — had also been presumed dead.

Much of the senior military leadership had fallen in action at Endor. So it did not come as a real shock to hear that the Empire had fragmented, factions dismembering each other in the scrum to claim Palpatine's vacant throne; nor that the Rebel Alliance, gathering momentum from its stupendous victory, had finally captured Coruscant and declared the formation of a New Republic.

But it left Piett feeling pointless. He was captain of a floating anachronism. Even in full fighting trim, the Lady could not re-conquer the galaxy singlehanded. Mention of a surviving Imperial enclave controlling some dozens of systems inspired him only with disgust, as it must anyone who could remember when the mere invocation of Palpatine's name froze the blood of Core World tyrants and Outer Rim primitives alike.

The Empire to which he had devoted his life was gone. Here in the hour of their homecoming, Piett felt more lost than ever. But he mustn't let the crew see it. They no doubt felt the same emptiness that he did, the same fear of what future might await them in this New Republic governed by their enemies of old, the same torment of not knowing whether reunion with loved ones would be possible.

For their sakes he must continue to be the incarnation of confidence and poise. For once, he was actually glad of Lord Vader. Whatever else you might criticize about Vader's leadership style and Piett had a laundry list twelve lightyears longthe man was never at a loss.

You might not know what his plan was, but you knew he had one and that he expected it to succeed. Not to say he was infallible but he did have a sound grasp of strategy, at least when his temper didn't interfere.

Piett glanced at Eriadu's besmirched surface again. At the moment Vader was making his first trip planetside to speak with the shell-shocked governor in person. Hopefully the woman survived the encounter. Killing local authorities was unlikely to go over well with the new lords and masters of the galaxy. He twitched his lip. Perhaps he was wasting his concern. It was a thousand to one against that they could convince the New Republic the galaxy was big enough for it and the Executor — unless someone influential interceded on their behalf, but what prominent ex-Rebel would lend Darth Vader a helping hand?

The New Republic Navy was no doubt scrambling a battle squadron at this very moment to corner the Executor in Eriadu.

Little did they know he had barely a score of operational turbolaser mounts on the whole ship, after all the parts they'd had to cannibalize to keep vital systems online. Still, it was useful to be feared, and he intended to maintain the illusion of a lethal warship for as long as possible. Unless she has buddies coming in ballistic or under cloaking.

meet contact zonju

Deactivate it, then head back to the fork and proceed down the long path to the exterior portion of this level. Your first encounter with the dreaded camouflaged saboteurs will occur around here. These fellows pack laser pistols, but are mostly invisible from sight until they attack, and have a lot more health than their vanilla counterparts. Keep moving down the hallway, past the control room and another dodge-the-flaming-jets room. Bountiful piles of loot await you behind the fuel cylinders.

Anyway, the room at the end of the hall contains an officer with a security key. Grab the key, then head upstairs to the second bomb. Apparently your mere presence is enough to provoke spontaneous combustion on the part of the weaker-willed garrison here, if the completely inexplicable explosion in the nearby building is any indication.

Disable it, grab the security key from the nearby officer, then check around the back of the cylinders to find another secret area. Secret area number five. The locked door is near the laser turret. Disable the bomb and take the lift nearby. The adjacent door will lead to the fifth and final bomb.

Switch it off, then run the gauntlet of reinforcements that block your passage back to your ship. Once you reach it, the mission ends. This is one of the briefest missions in the game, as the entire level takes place in an area about the size of a football field. Unfortunately, the merchants who sent the distress call have been eaten, and not by each other: In a rather astonishingly incredible stroke of luck, you managed to crash land within a few meters of the merchants' ship; since they no longer have any need of their dilithium crystals and plasma coils, you can guiltlessly cannibalize their ship parts for use in your own.

As with the bombs in the last mission, you can use your sense power to spot where the four pieces of equipment are, so track them down and return them to your ship one by one. All you have to do to repair your ship is place the item in one of the four red, empty slots; there are three in the first room of your ship and one in the main passenger bay.

Get all four parts and return them successfully to end the mission. Turns out some terrorists are attempting to re-enact Under Siege 2 by taking over a train. Freeze your face into a hideous death-rictus, prepare lame quips, then start moving up the train.

Your first secret area is available immediately after you begin the level, by following the very narrow ledge to the right of where you start to a little alcove with a health and shieldpak.

All you need to do to find the secrets here is to drop down. From there, jump on top of the first tram car, then use the door on its front side to enter it and shut down the electricity that prevents access to the second car. Proceed forward from there. Once you reach the car loaded with crates, head to the upper level and jump over to the car where the Reborn awaits you.

On the car after the Reborn, you can either proceed through the doors, or jump onto the roof, which contains a couple of medpaks and a large shield booster. From there, grab the powerups, then smash the ceiling window and get on the roof of the car. Proceed forward until you reach the car with the bomb. Very spiteful people, these hijackers are. Head to the front of the train towards the control car.

meet contact zonju

Hoth - Exterior Welcome to Hoth, home of bloodthirsty Wampa and sub-sub-zero temperatures. The first secret area here is immediately behind your starting point.

meet contact zonju

Head into the cave and take on the Wampa. The secret area is near a Tauntaun corpse. The important thing to keep in mind is that your alt-fire will result in a boost of speed, which you can use to run down any snowtroopers that get in your way. Another Wampa awaits; he guards a quasi-secret area in a little corridor behind where he stands. As you exit the cave, you should run across a couple more Tauntauns nearby. Grab one and hang a left; heading right leads to a dead end.

Keep going until you wind up back outside, then take an immediate left for another secret area, guarded by a probe droid. Hang a left past the Probe Droid for this secret area. Hang a left towards the incoming turret fire if you want to end the level; elsewhere in the open area is a secret area with a healthpak and a few mines.

Fight your way through a couple more stormtroopers, then drop down the hole to proceed to the next part of this mission. Hoth - Echo Base This is where you need to go to pass on to the next level. Move into the interior until you come across a room with two exits; hang a right to find another "secret" area that you could only miss if you really wanted to.

The other corridor here will face you off against a turret; you might want to use your DEMP gun. If you brought it, strafe in and out from around the corner, firing from cover until the snowtrooper manning it keels over.

The path through Echo Base is surprisingly linear. Take him down as well as the Wampa nearby, then charge up at the generators for the boss fight. If you get into trouble, there are a few healthpaks and shield generators spread around the hangar that you fight her in.

Your weapon selection screen will also contain two new weapons, the flechette rifle, and the heavy repeater, neither of which is tremendously useful for the single-player game.