Meet the cat with nine lives and two faces

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meet the cat with nine lives and two faces

We all know cats have nine lives. But this very special and much loved cat was born with two faces. Frankenlouie, who lives with his owner in. You have probably seen all kind of cats with all kind of fur. We all know that cats have nine lives to live, but two faces?. Meet the cat with nine lives and two faces. Lil'Bit, the seven-month-old cat with two faces. Vets believe Lil'Bit may have two brains. PM GMT.

Log in to post comments By Rhonda not verified on 30 Jun permalink First of all I think the most amazing part of this story is the unconditional love that the owners are displaying. If and when this world comes to and end, it will be due to the lack of such love. We are not taking care of each other people.

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We are not taking care of our planet. THAT will produce babies born with a full set of teeth and fish-like appearances such as fused feet already occuring.

meet the cat with nine lives and two faces

God bless this family And as far as what this "poor" cat feels He's not sitting there thinking with one of his brains "Gee I wish I looked like the other cats" or "I wonder what my other brain is thinking? He's just getting loved and loving it.

Meet the cat with nine lives and two faces

That's the lesson here As a single Mom who became legally blind a year and three months before the doctors figured out I have MS. I've seen first hand how little we as a species has come to truely care for each other.

My only child has high functioning autism, OCD and is bi-polar. Often times, we get stared at as if WE are a two headed cat. And there have been times when we needed help getting my wheelchair unstuck in a hole in the street, when people walked right past us, pretending they didn't see the "two headed cat". But then there was the woman who pulled her car over in a way that protected me from traffic and got out of her car, limping herself and together, we got a wheelchair unstuck.

This family of the cat "freak" are an example of the people who will save this planet from destroying itself. I commend them for not putting the cat on display. They could profit from it financially. But I think they know what is of real, lasting value.

meet the cat with nine lives and two faces

It's about the love. Log in to post comments By lola not verified on 28 Nov permalink How's the cat doing? I hope it's still alive and healthy. The defect's not too repulsive. I think it's still adorable. It's not hard to love this cat if u're a true cat lover.

By kaioucat not verified on 30 Jul permalink Advertisment Donate Science 2. But LilBit is by no means the only cat with two faces to have survived kittenhood.

Another cat with two faces lives in Millbury, Massachussets, and is now six years old. This cat is named Frank and Louie so each face can have its own name. Frank and Louie has two mouths, two noses and two working eyes. A third eye in the middle is not functional.

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Only one side is connected to oesophagus the Franky side which means that the cat can only use this side to feed. Unlike LilBit who may have two functional brains, Frank and Louie has definitely one brain. Frank and Louie had to use up two of his seven lives very early in his life. When he was one day old he was brought to the vet surgery to be euthanized. Lucky for him, this was the surgery where a woman called Marty worked as a nurse.

Marty asked if the kitten could be spared and said she would adopt him. Marty knew that in trying to keep the kitten alive, she was working against all the odds.

meet the cat with nine lives and two faces

Marty says when she looked for information 'all the reports I found were autopsy cases'. The kitten had to be fed every two hours so Frank and Louie went everywhere with Marty for the first three months. In those days a shoe box was his mobile home.

All Marty's friends at the clinic warned her not to get too attached to the fragile kitten she was nursing, but day by day Frank and Louie slowly got stronger.

meet the cat with nine lives and two faces

He is now six years old and has no obvious medical problems. He is a very easy going cat, partly because he was so much around humans in the first months of his life. He is also on excellent terms with Marty's other cats as well as her dog, which developed a bond with Frank and Louie from the moment Marty brought the kitten home.

Frank and Louie turned 12 years old on 8th September It was a milestone celebrated around the world with inclusion in the Guinness World Records book.