Meet the parents ending song of tangled

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meet the parents ending song of tangled

Kids might be able to sit through the whole Tangled movie without noticing these Even at the end of the movie, when she meets her parents in the palace, she is It's clear from Rapunzel's opening song that she spends most of her time in. Read Tangled reviews from parents on Common Sense Media. Our Mission · Our Impact · Meet Our Team · How We Rate · Board of Directors · Press Room · Our Partners While "Tangled" is visually stunning and has strong music, it has ended up haunting .. All the songs were very good (especially Mother Gothel's. Meet the Parents is the soundtrack that accompanies the film Meet the Parents. The soundtrack album was released on September 26, on the.

I'm updating this with better grammar and some corrections. I really love Tangled, but Disney, as usual, skips right to the happy ending without dealing with all the steps the princess would have to go through to get there. What happened between the time Gothel announced she was the bad guy and Eugene finding Rapunzel in chains? What kind of person was the girl Eugene thought he was rescuing?

The clues he had were not pointing at the Lost Princess. What happened between Rapunzel and Eugene kissing in the tower and meeting her parents, the king and queen, at the balcony? A guard came and gave the King and Queen a nod. What did that mean?

The Components Of Story Structure (TANGLED Edition)

There was some kind of test the princess had to pass. That would mean that there had been other girls claiming to be the Lost Princess. What did that do to the King and Queen? Rapunzel couldn't be the princess' real name. What effect did the kidnapping have on the kingdom and her family? Then there was another gap from there to the big party, but how did Eugene and the PubThugs end up not in prison? How does someone kept in a tower, raised by just one other person, and a chameleon handle becoming a princess?

How does she deal with her whole life being up-ended? How does a kingdom handle having their princess return after all these years? Rapunzel just wanted to see the floating lights, and all of the sudden she is a princess.

meet the parents ending song of tangled

How does she handle having lived her whole life inside a lie? What kinds of effects will Gothel's manipulations have on her? How does she feel about Gothel's death? How can you steal a baby yet care for her enough to give her a beautiful bedroom, teach her to never break promises, actually teach her prisoner to read this is hugeshare a ritual of love and yet love the hair more then the girl?

Why, on earth, did Gothel teach Rapunzel not to break promises? Why is the hair so important to Gothel? Rapunzel's going home story really starts when she realizes whom she really is and the lies are exposed to the light of day. Once upon a time, a young woman learned who she really was I tried to warn you what was out there.

The world is dark and selfish and cruel. If it finds even the slightest ray of sunshine, it destroys it. I believe in being truthful with my kids and talking to them. We talk about good things, bad things, and why. I don't believe in lying to my kids, ever. I do believe in letting them experience some things for themselves even when I know better, because it is true that sometimes you just have to see for yourself.

I'd rather my kids see for themselves on small things, than on the big ones. And when they grow to that age, hopefully take that wisdom with them.

If they rebel, they rebel Tangled is a perfect name for this movie. It tangles up load of manure under the guise of funny lines, CG, and old fashion fairytale so well that most people don't see it. Surely, at some point, someone would have had to care for her and change her diapers.

She wouldn't have been able to live by herself as a defenseless baby, but she is clearly on her own by the time the movie takes place. In the original fairy taleRapunzel isn't locked into the tower until she's 12, which makes sense since even magical hair would take time to grow long enough to pull someone into the tower.

Things only adults notice in Tangled

Even if Mother Gothel did actually live with Rapunzel throughout her childhood, Rapunzel has been alone for a while. It's clear from Rapunzel's opening song that she spends most of her time in solitary confinement, which is pretty depressing. How did the royal guards never stumble upon the tower? People have been searching for the missing princess for the better part of two decades, but never find her. It seems pretty unlikely, then, that Flynn stumbles upon her tower so easily.

Given that he found it shortly after fleeing from the castle with the palace guards on his tail, it can't be that far away from the castle, so how has no one in the kingdom found this tower before and reported it? There's the possibility that people have found the tower without investigating what's in it, but that also seems unlikely. It seems odd that Rapunzel's parents haven't had another kid in all of the time that Rapunzel has been missing.

They appear to be pretty young, so having another child wouldn't be impossible. It's understandable that they are distraught over losing their only child, but they need to think about the continuation of their family line. It's an accepted practice in monarchies to produce not just an heir but also a "spare," just in case something happens to the first-born child.

meet the parents ending song of tangled

With Rapunzel missing and no other prince or princess in sight, the crown would probably pass to a distant relative. Rapunzel is probably suffering from Stockholm Syndrome It's one thing for Rapunzel to obey Mother Gothel when she thinks the woman is actually her mother, but even after the truth about her history is revealed she still seems to be under Mother Gothel's spell. This seems to indicate that she's suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, which, according to Encyclopedia Britannica is a "psychological response wherein a captive begins to identify closely with his or her captors, as well as with their agenda and demands.

The future of the kingdom is grim Sorry to ruin the movie for you, but Rapunzel's kingdom is doomed. Rapunzel, the future queen, grew up completely isolated from the world, probably has very little education, and is going to be dealing with the trauma of having been raised in captivity for years to come.