Provincial meet 2015 basketball wives

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provincial meet 2015 basketball wives

In Cameroon, a fon, or king, can inherit wives from his predecessor. Meet the women who make the man. Basketball Wives LA cast listing. Learn more about the stars of this popular TV series including exclusive news, photos, full episodes, videos, and more at. After their meeting the two became good friends. But it was When Daniel entered Two Wives, Erich said she did not tell him it was rocky.

When he came to the show, it was normal. I was happy to see him and that he was part of Two Wives. It wasn't awkward at all. Even the first time we met in Palawan, the connection was there. I don't have to pretend to be prim and proper. He saw who I really was. At that time, Erich was still with her non-showbiz boyfriend of 4 years. In a previous interview with Kris on the show, Erich said that she and ex-boyfriend are okay. She has since pulled out her investments in the two restaurants she used to have a share in.

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It was during Christmas last year that Erich admitted she was starting to have problems with her non-showbiz boyfriend. When Daniel entered Two Wives, Erich said she did not tell him it was rocky. Daniel on the other hand did not court Erich immediately when he found out that she was once again single.

I never rushed any relationship. I just trust, have faith. While the two did not say when they really got together, Daniel said that they were already an item during a taping for KrisTV in Pampanga.

provincial meet 2015 basketball wives

Pero siyempre we want to have something private, just the two of us. Their status was became known to the public when they started posting photos being sweet together in April. Since then, critics and fans alike have expressed their opinions on the couple's relationship.

Now that they are together, Erich said she is happy how Daniel expresses his feelings for her. Is there anything you need? He makes sure na komportable ako, na safe ako, na okay lagi. He makes sure that I am comfortable, that I am safe that everything is okay. Last season Malaysia begrudgingly formed a stable relationship with Jackie and now Malaysia demonstrates her unwavering loyalty despite Jackie's newest emotional spasms.

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Malaysia shows her true colors as she struggles to welcome the two new wives, Duffey and Angel Love. Will Malaysia's unwillingness to make new friends cause tension in the group or will the veteran wives take her side? Last season she hoped their "timeout" would stop Jason from his promiscuous ways, but after months with no change in sight, she has taken a stronger stance and separated from Jason.

Jason's attempts to win her back continue, but Brandi fights to find her independence. Will Jason be able to win Brandi's trust back or is it game over for their marriage?

With her childhood best friend and newest basketball wife, Duffey, Brandi is determined to have fun and stay out of drama.

provincial meet 2015 basketball wives

A mother of two, Angel tries hard to balance the responsibilities of motherhood with running and designing her own clothing line.

It's a huge year for Angel Brinks' fashion line and Angel is excited to celebrate in style. However, with the stress of party planning and Angel Love's rocky introduction to the group, Brinks struggles to keep her cool. This season, Angel Brinks fights to bounce back from each bout of adversity, but when her most trusted ally, Jackie Christie, turns on her, will it prove too much for her to handle?

With things on the rocks with her man, Love is looking to meet Brinks' new girlfriends and just have some fun. It doesn't take long for Angel Love to learn that some of the ladies don't take too kindly to fresh blood. Tensions with Brandi and Malaysia come to a head on several occasions.

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After getting close with Jackie, Love sees Jackie's other side and worries that she may be the devil. Will Angel Love stick it out in LA or will she run for the hills? Duffey is a successful club DJ who is engaged to basketball agent, Iman Shokouhizadeh.

provincial meet 2015 basketball wives

She moves to LA in hopes to "take over" the DJ scene and make a bigger name for herself. After stirring up some drama with Brandi's long time bestie, Malaysia, she makes it known to the rest of the girls that she doesn't take any crap. When Duffey and Tami team up to work together on Tami's daughter Jazz's music video, their working styles clash and the two go head-to-head.

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Will their friendship survive one of the biggest fights in Basketball Wives history? On her final season, Draya got called out by the other women for being self-centered, running away from problems, and distancing herself.

She put her friendships on the line when she made an unforgivable comment about Brandi's cancer battle. A friend of Jackie Christie, Mehgan immediately starts stirring up trouble for herself when the other ladies start to question where her alliances lie.

Mehgan, not one to ever hold her tongue or shy away from getting physical, immediately rubs Draya the wrong way. Is there room in the LA group for this newbie or will her outspoken ways land her in hot water?

A friend of Malaysia and mother of seven, Patrice has had to deal with a lot in her life, including adultery and other common troubles of being with a league player.