Tf2 meet the medic kill me quotes

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tf2 meet the medic kill me quotes

A Team Fortress 2 Soundboard containing all in-game quotes and dialog. 'This is Scout - rainbows make me cry, over!' Listens: Who: Spy. The Meet the Medic video is a video which shows insight of the Medic. Watch out for Blue Spy:"Kill Me." Medic:"Later." Videos of Team Fortress 2 · Meet the. 9 Heavy. Upon Killing an Enemy's Medic while being healed; Teleportation; Yelling; Unknown Unused Special Delivery Gamemode responses . (sotto voce) "Call me later, we can talk about our day." This particular line ended up being used in Valve's "Meet The Medic" Short Film.

tf2 meet the medic kill me quotes

Presumably BLU Pyro filled it up with duckies too. To clarify, the Heavy takes the Medic's pawn with his King.

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This is his first move. He doesn't know how to play chess. And a kitten orphanage. Soldier's increasingly horrified face as he looks at all of these. Appropriately enough, the explosive barrels inside the storage building are arranged by color to look like a large bullseye. RED Scout is disarming the bomb and it asks him to press one of two "yes" buttons. He picks the green one. Then he switches the light on and notices the dozen other bombs in the car.

Even funnier if you remember that Scout is one of the characters who is illiterate.

Meet the Medic

When trying to unlock the deactivation panel, he realizes he doesn't have the key. One of the orphans, a young lame boy with crutches is smoking. As Soldier comes to inspect him, he hurriedly throws away his cigarette Heavy takes so long deciding a move that Medic flips the board.

Look at Soldier when Medic's shield is revealed. The others are covering their faces.

tf2 meet the medic kill me quotes

Soldier covered his crotch. Sniper and Scout pretty much strolling along behind as Heavy, Soldier, and Pyro carve the way forward. They bro-fist each other because they have nothing to do. The next time it is seen, after the Medic retrieves a new heart, it resumes its old display as if the machine detected the heart's presence. One of the Medic's doves is named after Archimedesa Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer.

A mysterious woman presumably resembling Miss Pauling can be seen through the window at 0: The labels on the hearts at 1: The smallest heart appears to have no label on it.

Despite the Medic believing otherwise, human ribs are actually capable of growing back when properly shortened. In the opening, when the Demoman is fleeing from the BLU Soldiers in a wheelchair, he has a bandage over the top part of his head and an eyepatch worn on top of the bandage. Later, when the Demoman is healed by the Medic, he rips off the bandage with the eyepatch on it to reveal another eyepatch underneath the bandage.

Similarly, when he is fleeing from the Soldiers in the first battlefield scene, his Stickybomb Launcher rests on his lap and is his only visible weapon.

In the second battlefield scene, the Grenade Launcher replaced the Stickybomb Launcher, but after an explosion sends him flying out of his wheelchair, the weapon that lands in front of him is, mysteriously, the Stickybomb Launcher instead of the Grenade Launcher he was just holding. In the up-close scene of the Demoman fleeing the Soldiers, the Engineer and Sniper are missing. The Quick-Fix uses sounds from the Medi Gun.

After the Heavy kills the Soldiers onscreen and continues to fire at unseen enemies, the Medic poses as in the Meet the Medic taunt. Next to him is a Ciggy Stop vending machine, identical to the one in the Intelligence room in Meet the Spy. Since the June 17, Patcha dove will sometimes fly out of gibbed Scouts.

This foreshadowed the final gag of the video, where Archimedes is left inside the Scout's chest after his operation. It was revealed in the Source Filmmaker introduction video that the hospital battle scene is actually a modified version of Badwater Basin.

tf2 meet the medic kill me quotes

The spawn that the Medic walks out of appears to be one of the exits in 5Gorgewhile the rocky hillside seems to be inspired by DeGroot Keep both were released December In some leaked developer files of Source Filmmakersome stills of an old version of Meet The Medic can be found featuring an injured Scout, Soldier, Demoman and Heavy.

Concept art from the final scene can be found in the files as well.

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According to an article posted on the TF2 Official Website on July 11,Meet the Medic was originally intended to be an interview-style video, similar to the earlier "Meet the Team" videos. It was scrapped because the animators thought that it didn't really reflect what people truly thought of when they hear "the Medic". Robin Atkin Downes, the Medic's voice actor, uploaded a short snippet of himself recording the lines for this "Meet the" short, as well as a redubbed version of the outtakes with the Medic's voice.

In the second outtake My Darkest Momentthe Spy, who shoots the blood bag and who is then decapitated and used as a blood resource, appears to be on the same team as the Medic RED.

tf2 meet the medic kill me quotes

However, the mask on his head can be seen to change color to blue once it is separated from his body, indicating that he was the disguised BLU Spy. It can also be noted that the healing formula created in the Outtake is made of Jarate, a Sandvich, a small Medkit, and blood.

tf2 meet the medic kill me quotes

On June 20,a level was added to Surgeon Simulator that allows the player to perform the operation depicted in the video as the Medic on the Heavy.