What to do if you meet a mountain lion

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what to do if you meet a mountain lion

Chances of being attacked by a mountain lion are extremely low, but it's always a good idea to know what to do if you ever encounter one. When a mountain lion grabbed a 4-year-old girl camping with her family in Idaho, her quick-thinking parents successfully scared it off by yelling. Running is the last thing any outdoors enthusiast should do if they encounter a mountain lion out in the wild. Fleeing my stimulate the animal's.

what to do if you meet a mountain lion

Running may stimulate a mountain lion's instinct to chase. Instead, stand and face the animal. If you have small children with you, pick them up if possible so they don't panic and run. Although it may be awkward, pick them up without bending over or turning away from the mountain lion.

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Do not crouch down or bend over. Biologists surmise mountain lions don't recognize standing humans as prey.

what to do if you meet a mountain lion

On the other hand, a person squatting or bending over looks a lot like a four-legged prey animal. If you're in mountain lion habitat, avoid squatting, crouching or bending over, even when picking up children. If the mountain lion moves in your direction or acts aggressively: Do all you can to appear intimidating.

Attempt to appear larger by raising your arms and opening your jacket if you are wearing one. Wave your arms slowly and speak firmly in a loud voice. If looking bigger doesn't scare the mountain lion off, start throwing stones, branches, or whatever you can reach in its direction without crouching or turning your back. Don't throw things at it just yet.

Your Safety in Mountain Lion Habitat

There is no need to unnecessarily injure the mountain lion. With that said, your safety is of the utmost importance and the National Park Service won't necessarily prosecute you for harassment of wildlife if something you throw at an aggressive mountain lion does make contact. During the initial stages of a mountain lion encounter, the idea is to convince the mountain lion that you are not prey and that you may be a danger to it. If the mountain lion continues to move in your direction: Start throwing things AT it.

Again, your safety is more important than the mountain lion's. If the mountain lion attacks you: A hiker in Southern California used a rock to fend off a mountain lion that was attacking his son.

And FYI, mountain lions, cougars, pumas, and Florida panthers are all the same thing. They also hang out in trees.

what to do if you meet a mountain lion

They eat about 10 pounds of meat a day, and only eat meat. You want to show it that you are not prey and you are not scared. Put your hands in the air, make noise, and act bigger than you are.

If you have trekking polesraise them up too and get ready to use them if it approaches you. If you have an air horn, give that some blasts. If you have bear sprayget ready to let it loose if the mountain lion approaches.

It works on mountain lions too. In this next video, you can see a hiker who encounters a mountain lion sitting on the trail. And lastly, check out these hikers who are stuck with a mountain lion on a fenced walkway.

what to do if you meet a mountain lion

If you do spot a mountain lion, proper etiquette is to report it to a ranger. If it does start to charge you, use any of the tools previously mentioned to start swinging at it. Or shoot at its face with bear spray. Not a good situation to be in. A mountain lion will see you long before you ever see it.

Safety in Encounters with Mountain Lions

Try to grab something to fight back with. A women in Northern California fended off an attack with a ballpoint pen. Grab a knife, a GPS, a rock, a stick, anything hard that you can hit with.

what to do if you meet a mountain lion

Start hitting the animal in the head, specifically the eyes. Focus on nothing other than surviving and hitting back. Take it one hit at a time. Tell yourself that people have survived this and you can too. If your companion is being attacked, apply those same principles and attack the lion.

There are many accounts of a second person successfully scaring a mountain lion off of a companion.

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Personally, I think this is overkill, but I understand the power of fear and the power of mountain lions! Bear spray comes in aerosol cans that can clip onto your belt or pack.

You can pick one up in any hardware store, Walmart, etc. So assume they could be anywhere. Many ranger offices are good about posting notices and signs at trailheads in areas where they are active. Do I pull my knife out when I see this? But I am on the lookout for signs of activity as I hike.

If you see a sign that there might be one in your area, take your trekking poles out, get your spray ready, and be extra alert. I like to sing out loud and make a lot of noise too, which is also good at keeping humans away.