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cally during the warm summer months, the grass at Buckeye gets Starting in October of , Travers proactively met with EBMUD, First Open Sunday, 5/3 from in ; it rose to 59 after the first silent movies; imagine producing and present- Swimmers from Aquabears Viking Club, lo-. meet and relay swimmer for the Trojans who has steadily .. the U.S. Summer Nationals, he was third in the 'B' final of the 50m fly () and . film director. MICHAEl In , he posted the sixth-fastest time in the m at the U.S. Open Championships CLUB/COACH: Walnut Creek Aquabears/Mike Heaney. Aquabears Open Summer Meet. Homepage · Events & Courses; Aquabears Open Summer Meet. Loading Events . «All Events. This event has passed.

What are some of your most common swim tips for triathletes? A lot of triathletes especially new to swimming spend a lot of time on their bellies. While swimming you should constantly be rotating side to side, using your core and hips to do so. So I spend a lot of time when I coach technique working on rotation and core strength. What gives you the most joy as a swim coach? By being a swim coach for the club it has renewed and reinvigorated my passion for swimming.

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I have been involved in swimming for such a long time I had forgotten what it took to get to the level I am at, I had taken for granted how easy swimming is for me. I have coached hundreds of people throughout the years; many of them came to TCSD not being able to swim a full length of the pool or being terrified of putting their faces in the water.

Working with people like that and helping them overcome their fear and finally being comfortable enough to compete in a triathlon or any race is a great feeling. The excitement is palpable when they come back to tell you that they finished the race and actually enjoyed the swim shocker!

That is one of best feelings in the world! In a way I think I get more out volunteering for the TCSD swim program than the people I coach, I always leave the swim workouts with a smile on my face and feeling grateful.

What are your favorite benefits about being a TCSD member? All the club races, especially the aquathlons.

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It is so fun to have a small local race mid-week, on the beach, with pizza, and a guaranteed beautiful sunset. You have probably done some amazing things over the years with sports. Do you have any particularly epic memories that stand out? Last year I got to participate in the coast ride from San Francisco to Santa Barbara miles in 3 days, insanity! That swim is about 26 miles if you swim in a straight-line and the water temperature varies between 52 and 58 degrees brrrrrrrrwith the threat of great whites being high we were always so happy to survive and not freeze to death.

There have been a few years where there were smacks of jellyfish that we tried to swim through ouch! Who have been some of the most influential people in your life? My family has hands down been the most influential people in my life. My mom and dad have always been my number one fans and support system, even if I made decisions in my life like quitting soccer, sorry dad!

They always trusted my decisions and were and still are always there to cheer or give a supportive hand. I am so fortunate to have parents that I can rely on even as a grownup. They are always there give me a kick in the butt when I need one literally and figuratively.

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What was the first instrument you learnt to play? Ha… I begged my parents to buy me a guitar when I was 12 and they refused. It was that or vocals and being a shy kid, that was never going to happen. Did you have lessons or self-taught? I had my first kit Premier Olympic when I was 14 and there it sat for the first month, set-up badly and untouched.

He had a slot free and he was like a big brother to me. I had lessons with him for about 3 years until I started playing in bands and then they stopped completely when I moved to London at What bands did you play with before Wedding Present?

Though none that you would have ever heard of before. Very kind of you to say! That was the 3rd band that I had been in with Sami.

We met in London in and started a band called Librium together and I also loved his songs and him as a person, so ended up drumming with him all the time. The band ended inas I had moved to Berlin. Leon the bassist is now in band called All Flags Are Grey. How did you get the drum job with The Wedding Present? Terry de Castro was in a band called Goya Dress in the 90s.

Apparently he'd been in the area over the weekend and had left a beer for me - hidden behind the building where I worked! I followed the directions go 30 paces straight, take a left, behind the tree, etc.

The bartender was nowhere to be seen, so the pilot kept going up, reaching behind the bar, and refilling our beers from the tap.

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He also grabbed a bottle of whiskey and kept pouring himself, his crew, and us, generous glasses. Finally he stands up and says, "Ok, time to go fly! He can't really speak Spanish. He was just drunk and thought it was a good idea. NotHereForGoldthebeersrgordon and 2 others like this.