Meet the millers movie quotes

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meet the millers movie quotes

David Clark[edit]. [Speaking to Brad on the phone] I'm here to pick up a smidge of pot. This is not a smidge of pot! You got me moving enough weed to kill Willie. "We're the Millers" movie quotes tell the hilarious tale of a drug dealer who hires a fake family to help him smuggle drugs. The comedy film was directed by. We're The Millers Quotes. Casey Mathis: Okay, what? Kenny Rossmore: What do you mean? Casey Mathis: I mean, do you wanna talk about it.

Я так испугалась, увидев.

meet the millers movie quotes

- Не стоит, - удивился Беккер - Я зашел куда не следовало. - Моя просьба покажется вам безумной, - сказала она, заморгав красными глазами, - но не могли бы вы одолжить мне немного денег.

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