Dd lg relationship definition in science

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dd lg relationship definition in science

Science · Phones & Gadgets · Gaming ​What An Adult-Baby-Diaper-Lover Relationship Is Really Like . "The whole appeal to people with ADBL or DDLG dynamics or anything like that is that you are "I mean, I'm not going to sit there and say that there definitely isn't some kind of link - but it's also not. Both bottoms and tops reported increases in relationship closeness and decreases Sadomasochistically-oriented behavior: Diversity in practice and meaning. DDLG is an acronym for “Daddy Dom Little Girl”. In reality, DD/LG relationships mean different things.

dd lg relationship definition in science

Her husband, though not necessarily an alcoholic, would sometimes stay out all night, she told me. I worried about how Dianne might handle it if -- and likely when -- things didn't change. Similar to having learned to cater to her father, and be catered to by him, Dianne avoided fighting with her husband.

I never question what he's doing. I know he wants the best for me. But Dianne had lost the ability to see what "the best" really meant -- for her. She'd lost sight of her own intelligence and basic common sense.

dd lg relationship definition in science

Like many women who are pampered or treated as extra special in childhood, Dianne's sense of her own power had peaked back when she was a girl; back when a few words and a smile were all that were needed to transform her father's mood from melancholy to joy. Along the way, her self-worth had become deeply rooted in others' happiness. She never developed the ability or assuredness to express her authentic self, especially when that self wasn't pleased.

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There is a myth that the pampered child holds a lucky lot in life. In reality, that life reads more like a grim fairy tale. Adorable and adored, her joy and laughter enthrall her parents, who revel in their ability to so easily please this tiny being. As one father joked to me, "Being a dad is so fulfilling. Where else will I find people who will literally jump up and down with joy at seeing me? But as a daughter changes and grows, so too should the pleasure a parent -- especially a father -- feels in her happiness.

Instead, many daughters are spoiled by their fathers, who rush in with car keys, money, and indulgent yeses. On an emotional level, she basks in the knowledge of her power to please her father, and learns to respond more to his pleasure than to her own. She feels taken care of, but it's a false -- and conditional -- sense of security.

The Dark Side of Being Daddy's Little Girl

In this way, a child's real feelings may be derailed by her parents' influence. She becomes unable to determine where her parents' feelings end and her own begins, unable to speak up for herself.

dd lg relationship definition in science

That stays with her. Why would a bright, educated, articulate woman be so willing to relinquish her opinions, her paychecks, and her power to her husband?

It's because she learned early on the pleasure of pleasing her father, an ongoing dynamic that engaged her emotions with his and led her to seek out the same in a spouse. From an early age, Dianne's mission in life was to bring joy to her beloved, beleaguered father. Now, that mission had transferred to her husband. She's still playing the role of the obedient and complaisant child, and tacitly enforcing the notion that there's only one adult in the marriage. Assuming equivalent review times, the additional words add no information.

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What does DDLG stand for?

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dd lg relationship definition in science

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dd lg relationship definition in science

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