10 rules for a successful relationship

20 Important Relationship Rules That Are Often Ignored | Thought Catalog

10 rules for a successful relationship

Like everything else, successful love too is based on a few rules. Follow these relationship rules and we assure you, love will feel like a bed of roses. #10 Be the shoulder to lean on, no matter what. Tough times are the most testing phases of. Successful partners do not take their relationship for granted. The relationship needs to constantly be renewed and nurtured. 2. Successful partners make their . Follow these rules of love to ensure you and your partner have a happy and If you're approaching the relationship with the same attitude, you are well on your.

Do not limit expressions of love to grand gestures. Fancy dinners or luxury vacations are wonderful, but love does not have a dollar value. If given the option between a weekly sunset walk or an annual vacation, the majority would pick the weekly walk.

Money does not show love. A free gesture also holds value.

The 10 Golden Rules Of A Relationship

Take all advice with a grain of salt. Rule 13 stands, nobody knows your relationship. There is nothing wrong with getting some perspective and advice from outside sources.

10 rules for a successful relationship

If you have different interests, which is perfectly fine, make sure you value what their interests are. If you are not getting something you need, ask for it.

Your partner is not a mind reader.

10 rules for a successful relationship

Do NOT get your sex tips from Cosmo. Nobody understands your relationship. There are no exceptions to this rule.

20 Important Relationship Rules That Are Often Ignored

Follow the Harry Burns Airport Rule. Do not stop doing things you used to do in the beginning of the relationship. You should never stop trying to show your significant other that you care. Spite will get you nowhere. If the other person hurts you in a relationship, hurting them back on purpose will likely destroy your relationship.

10 rules for a successful relationship

Relationships should be even or close to even. It is not a romantic idea, but it is fair. Communicate about what you each feel comfortable with. No one person should put more effort into a relationship than the other, so no one person should put more money into a relationship.

It will allow resentment and discomfort to build. If you are unsure whether to tell your partner about something, ask yourself if they found out another way if they would be upset. Withholding information is likely to not win you any points with your partner either. Flat out lying is definitely frowned upon. Trust, once broken, is never quite the same again. Let it go or the weight of that baggage will drag your relationship down.

Allow your partner more freedom No one wants to be caged up, and the more freedom you can allow your partner to have, the greater their appreciation of the wide boundaries that you provide. In a study of breakups and relationship expectationsresearchers found that partners who left wished that they had more freedom outside of the relationship.

For this golden rule, allow as much freedom for your partner as possible, because you cannot expect to keep someone who is chained to you happy.

The 10 Golden Rules Of A Relationship

Give more than you receive Be as supportive as possible to your partner for this golden rule, or your partner may find the support elsewhere. Be the best friend and companion to your partner as well as a romantic mate. Know your partner well Provide what your partner likes and needs.

10 Secrets Of Successful Relationships - Rules Of Relationship

Know their love language and give them love in the way in which they like to receive it. Think long-term Today is not where you will be ten years from now. Where was your partner headed before you met?

Did you derail them from reaching their goals?