Discuss the models for understanding interpersonal relationship

Theories of Interpersonal Relationship

discuss the models for understanding interpersonal relationship

Let us go through the theories of interpersonal relationship development in detail. Understand your partner and do as much as you can for him/her. proposed Uncertainty Reductions Theory to explain the relationship between Interpersonal Relationship Development · Interpersonal Relationship Model · Role of. The Johari Window A model for self-awareness Personal development Group development and Understanding relationship What is it and why use it? A Johari . relationship. Let us go through the different types of interpersonal relationships. Understanding; Love; Passion; Intimacy; Respect; Trust. Case - 2.

Various models have been proposed in the field of interpersonal relationship development. All the models suggest how relationship grows between friends, partners, couples, colleagues and so on. Let us go through the models one by one: Every relationship begins with a stage where two individuals not knowing each other before meet and instantly get attracted towards each other.

Interpersonal Relationship Development - Meaning and its Models

In this stage, both the participants try their level best to create an everlasting first impression on the other person. Individuals show their best side to mark the beginning of a relationship. In this stage physical appearance, grooming, manners, etiquette play an essential role as individuals do not know each other much.

In the second stage individuals try to know each other more.

JOHARI WINDOW know yourself and others, improve your Personality (Hindi)

This stage is characterized by extensive meetings and phone calls so that individuals get to check their compatibility level. Case 1 - Individuals are not compatible with each other.

Theories of Interpersonal Relationship

Result - Individuals do not take the relationship forward and decide to end it for a better future. Case - 2 Individuals are compatible with each other Result - Individuals decide to continue the relationship In the third stage, individuals make regular efforts to strengthen their relationship.

They are just a sheer waste of time and energy. Individuals ought to be cordial with each other for peace at the workplace as well as in personal lives.

Interpersonal Communication

Working together also reduces stress and frustration among employees. Human beings are not machines and we need trustworthy people with whom we can share our emotions and feelings. A strong connection between two individuals with similar interests is often called as interpersonal relationship.

discuss the models for understanding interpersonal relationship

Individuals compatible with each other often enter into a relationship. Two people come together, like each other and enter into a relationship.

discuss the models for understanding interpersonal relationship

They are as follows: How an individual treats the other person in relationship is denoted by self to other component. Interpersonal Relationship Model describes above two directional components as per following criteria: Assistive Polarity Assistive Polarity further consists of the following: Assistive attitude consists of actions and behaviour which are in favour of the other person.