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Are you happy in your relationship?

Take this quiz! Are you as happy as Do others often persuade you OR your partner to end the relationship? How often are A couple OR few times. Cheating. You shouldn't base important life/relationship decisions on advice you got from Quibblo anyway. Thank you. Take this quiz! How long have you been in a. Who is the dominant force in the relationship? Come here to find out! And leave feedback please! Take this quiz! Who talks the most during conversations?.

I don't like to be lied to, and I don't like to feel like a push over - if he had to lied to me, that means he's trying to hide, or conveniently "leave out" something, so I would go join him, and stand by him the rest of the night and make sure his friends know who I am, and that he shouldn't lie to me again.

To go over there and cuss him the f.

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WTF is he trying to hide?? I'd go up to him and give him a kiss and be like "hey babe, i thought you weren't feelin well?

quibblo relationship quizzes for couples

People do have other friends, ya know: P I'll go over there and make myself known as his girlfriend. I'll be polite to the other people, but when I get a moment in private with him I'll be livid I know that he told me he was staying home, but people are entitled to change their minds, and even if I'm feeling a lil self conscious or suspicious about it - that's just jumping to conclusions, I'll try to just let it pass, but if it continues to really bug me, I'll just ask him about it later, in private when all his friends aren't around.

I'd ask him why he's wasting his time hanging around all these stupid people, and give him a long, passionate, hard kiss to make him forget those other lil fake b.

I'll just go up to him and greet him and maybe give him a hug or a kiss, and mention i didn't think he'd be here, and offer if maybe all his friends, and all my friends to hang out together -- and if they didn't want to, then fine, I'll continue on my business with my friends, give him a sweet lil kiss good bye and just see him later, when we get our time ; 5 You haven't seen your man all day long, you both have been very busy You call him, no answer, no returned call.

Over a couple hourse, you try 3 more times - same result. I start getting very frustrated -- this is so rude, and not acceptable.

quibblo relationship quizzes for couples

I'm sure he's busy, but more than enough time has gone by where he could at least get a moment away to call me, just for a minute, and just let me know whats going on and what's a better time to call back.

If he doesn't pick up now, I'm going to start to leave some pissed off messages. I'll leave him some dirty voicemails, and text - maybe i'll even send a couple of risk-ay photos to his phone. That's sure to get him to call me back ; I'll continue to call, more frequently, until finally he answers. This is really starting to irritate me.

A couple times I can understand, maybe he was busy, but after so many hours went by, and a couple missed calls -- what's up? I'll leave him one message, letting him know I'm getting a little frustrated, but don't worry about it too much.

He'll call back sooner or later, sometimes life just gets in the way and you cant call immediately If I was getting really worried though, and thought something might have happened, i would try to get in contact with a friend or family member that might know if something happened or not, but I wouldn't stress it too bad.

quibblo relationship quizzes for couples

I'll go over to his house and check and see if he's home - I'm starting to get worried. Things couldn't be better! A couple OR few times.

How Healthy Is Your Relationship?

With all my heart. Seems like all the time now Rarely or never. Everything is still the same 7 How often do you wish you were with someone better? Sometimes OR all the time. Sometimes I can't help but to wonder if I'm with the wrong person Hell yeah! We try to spend as much time together as possible.

How Healthy Is Your Relationship?

How much we usually hang out hasn't changed We haven't been spending as much time together lately like we used to.

Seems like one of us always has an excuse or something better we could be doing. Seems like we're always breaking up just to make up Rarely or never. Has your partner ever physically harmed you?

quibblo relationship quizzes for couples

The same as always. I seem to be chasing after my partner now-a-days, when it used to be the other way around OR atleast equal It's definetely equal. Does your partner experiment with drugs or alcohol? No, not that I know of.

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Not like it used to be. We both have to be right! We can't be mad at eachother for long. We always talk out our problems without shutting eachother out first 18 Does your partner ever keep secrets from you? And it drives me crazy!