Relationship non negotiables for writing

Creating Your Dream Relationship: Start with Your Top Non-Negotiable Values - Lesley Graydon

relationship non negotiables for writing

12 Non-Negotiables To Set For Your Relationships This Year Your uniqueness , your individuality, your value is not calculated by whether or. The best relationship advice I ever received did not come from my parents, I did not learn it in high school, and it wasn't something I read online. Sandy, how do you make a non-negotiable list? what character traits you absolutely need in a relationship, or your must-haves. Take your time writing it out.

For example, it might not work out if you want to save the environment and your significant other drives a gas-guzzler and litters. You probably want your boo to do a whole bunch of new things with you. These interests could be learning to salsa, trying a new restaurant, skydiving although that could be very dangerous and scaryand any number of things that would interest you or your partner.

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Do activities that your partner likes and they should do the same for you. Has a Sense of Humor. Having a good sense of humor is also a non-negotiable.

relationship non negotiables for writing

If they make an effort to make you laugh that means they care about your happiness. Humor is all-around a great trait to have because it can really get you out of a rough spot.

relationship non negotiables for writing

So look for the humor whenever you can. You want a partner who cares about you both emotionally and mentally. You want them to do it in a tactful way of course, but you want to know for sure that they will always tell you what you need to hear.

Someone who cares will always tell you how they feel for your own good. This non-negotiable is tricky. Depending on the person, this non-negotiable list can vary. If you feel right about your partner and where the relationship is going, then celebrate good times! Like the famous quote says —there are so many mediocre things in this life; love should never be one of them. Being selfless is a beautiful thing, but sometimes you have to learn to put yourself first, too.

No more compromising yourself to make someone else happy, or sacrificing your happiness to bring a smile to someone else. No longer will I ignore the wild beating of my heart. This year, listen—to yourself, to your mind, and most importantly, to your heart. And be fearlessly guided by it.

No longer will I fall into people who are not ready to catch me. Fall into arms that are ready.

relationship non negotiables for writing

Fall into a body who is confidently and excitedly waiting for you. Love is not easy, but when someone wants to be with you, they will choose to, no matter the doubt. No longer will I tell myself I am unfit for love. This year, remind yourself of your worth.

12 Non-Negotiables To Set For Your Relationships This Year

No longer will I rush things that are meant to take time. Let love happen—through whatever means. This year, stop thinking you have the power to change people. No longer will I let a broken relationship define who I am, or will become. Past abuse, past broken relationships, past love—none of those measure what will happen to you next.