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In this lesson, learn about the character George Murchison in the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. As a potential suitor for Beneatha Younger. Beneatha and George have completely different views when it comes to the role of a woman. >Lena Younger has lost trust in Walter as stated in the above Ruth is having trouble fixing her relationship with Walter and in. (18) Why does Beneatha really not want to marry George Murchison? He doesn't believe in What is implied about the relationship between him and Beneatha? He is an African from .. (7) Walter says, “You trust me like that?” To what is he.

Some is for Beneatha and some was already put down for the house Mama wants him to be the head of the house. Joseph Asagai How are these two characters different?

Play itself was published at the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

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The Youngers, a working-class black family, struggle against economic hardship and racial prejudice. Mama makes a down payment on a house. Mama gives Walter the remaining insurance money. Walter invests the money in the liquor store venture. Asagai makes Beneatha realize that she is not as independent as she thinks. The Youngers move out of the apartment to their new house in the white neighborhood. Beneatha finds new strength in Asagai. Walter hints to Travis that he is investing the insurance money foreshadow the disappearance of the money.

Beneatha cut off all of her hair and is keeping it natural now. Walter talks to George about business plans and George talks down to Walter.

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Ruth and Walter fight: Main Events Beneatha and George come home from a date. Beneatha wants to discuss the plight of African Americans. Beneatha kicks him out — tells Mama George is a fool — Mama supports her Mrs. Johnson neighbor visits — tells Mama and Ruth about a black family bombed out of their house in a white neighborhood Mrs. Johnson insults the Youngers: George about education Mama agrees with Beneatha more than the audience would expect. Search for identity as seen through Beneatha and the Youngers, George and Mrs.

Johnson Assimilationist views, such as Booker T. Washington Making your mark and finding yourself in your own culture Walter wants a better life, at any cost. This does not appeal to Ruth at all.

She has a desire for him to grow up and have a real job, as does Walter. A conflict also arrises when the Youngers are told they are not wanted in Clybourne Park. They are all timid because of the recent violent actions expressed upon blacks when they are where whites do not want them. Walter, to begin is still them same. All he wants in life is money, and more money. She expects him to use it responsibly, but he blows it all on the liquor store license, and soon gets stolen. He was dishonest and now it is causing his family a bunch of pain.

Ruth is finally getting her dream, Walter finally seems happy, and Ruth is finally getting a house for her family to live in. Lena has pretty much stayed static. She still cares for her family more than anything, and bought them a house. Near the end of Act II, she begins to distrust Walter becuase of the money situation. Beneetha discovers finally that she does not want to be with George. She has begun to take to the "Asagai" way of life. Finally, Travis is let down. His father pormises him outrageous things, and ends up just dissappointing his son.

Travis wants to be a bus driver when he grows up. Much of this conflict between the cahracters, revolves around the check that really determines how they may or may not live their lives. Mama, who rightfully has control over the money, wants to buy a home. However, Walter wants to spend the money on a liquor store.

He has no concern for anyone elses dream but his own, and this creates many issues. Beneatha, really wants to become a doctor, but there is almost a struggle for which one of the siblings. All Ruth wishes for is to have a loving family and husband. She misses what she does not have, but unlike the other Youngers, she does not talk about her dreams. Walter does not get along with anyone in the household.

He loves them all and wants them to leave poverty behind but is naive in his methods of reaching this goal. Beneatha does not believe in all the preachings of her mother and mama has lost control of her children. She mourns the loss of her husband and has never fully gotten over him. She believes that she has failed her kids and visa versa. Ruth married into a troubled and gets along with mama. She always gets into arguments with her husband and sister in law.

Travis is the only one that gets along with everyone and he seems to be the most willing to work out of the whole family. It is a troubled family that is growing apart.

Walter's conflict revolves around his decision to give money to Willy Harris to open up a liquor store. Walter lost all his money becuase he trusted someone who was untrustworthy. This also causes conflict for him with his family. His family does not trust him anymore. Beneatha is conflicted with her own identity and she has trouble making a decision between George Murchison and Joseph Asagai.

She also suffers from the money lost by Walter, becuase that was suppose to go toward her education. Therfore Beneatha has some conflict with Walter. Ruth is conflicted with her pregnancy. She is involved in her thoughts about getting an abortion. This causes conflict between her and Mama who doesnot want her to get an abortion. She is also worried about her relationship with Walter, although it was getting better.

Mama is upset, becuase Walter has lost all the money and she hates him for being greedy and she can no longer trust him. She is also concerned with the welcoming committee indirectly saying that they are a not welcomed to the neighborhood. Travis is conflcited with his dream being not good enough. Walter tells Travis that his dream of becoming a bus driver is not good enough, and so it bothers him.

A Raisin in the Sun By Lorraine Hansberry.

Also the fact that his family has been lying to him about their financial status concerns him. May 13, at Every characters problem revolves around Walter and his obsession with money.

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Beneatha is torn between George and Asagai, she also has no college money because of Walter. Mama feels bad because Walter has reminded her that she and her husband didnt provide their kids with the best life. Ruth is pregnant despite the fact that they cant afford to give Travis an adequate life as is. Walter lost a huge sum of money after disobeying his mother by investing it in a liquor store through Willy Harris, who ran off with the money.

He lost trust from his family members and also they are back to where they started in a financial struggle to keep up a living. He lost Mama's respect and trust, he lost money for Beneatha's education, and he is still in somewhat bad terms with his wife. Mama lost her trust for Walter and there is Linder who is trying to keep the Youngers from moving into the white neighborhood.

Beneatha is split between two men, George and Joseph. I don't like it. You're a nice-looking girl…all over. That's all you need, honey, forget the atmosphere. Guys aren't going to go for the atmosphere--they're going to go for what they see.

Be glad for that. Drop the Garbo routine. It doesn't go with you. As for myself, I want a nice-- Groping --simple Thoughtfully --sophisticated girl… not a poet--O. He's looking for a woman to look good on his arm. While Beneatha fits his idea of what a woman should look like, George wants her to tone down all of that extra, you know, talking and thinking stuff.