Ethiopia israel relationship with palestine

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ethiopia israel relationship with palestine

Africa: Palestine Opts for AU, Ethiopia to Mediate Israel Quandary "Ethiopia's relation with the Arab world as well as being the seat of the. Ethiopia–Israel relations are foreign relations between Ethiopia and Israel. Both countries Arab–Israeli conflict was reinforced when reports of links between the ELF and Palestine Liberation Organization emerged after the Six-Day War. This article focuses on Israeli-Ethiopian relations which were first estab- . had Palestinian Jewry employed in his administration when he was restored to die.

Nothing in what I wrote supports a 2 state solution since there is no hope of a 2 state solution. There is only hope for a one state solution. Unless of course you support international bodies imposing a two state solution on both parties and forcing them to accept it along with 67 borders. Now that Eritrea is an independent nation, it can sit down on equal terms with Ethiopia, and negotiate a long term peace. Those are the requirements for a real 2 state solution.

ethiopia israel relationship with palestine

This kills Israel as a Jewish state. In that case, why not opt for 1 state? The right of return does contradict a Jewish state and there should not be a state only for Jews. There should be a state for all its citizens and equality for all its citizens regardless of religion.

ethiopia israel relationship with palestine

This holds true whether there is one state or two. Two states does not mean that Palestinians give up all their rights. It only means that Palestinians have a choice of whether they prefer to live in Palestine or Israel that is, presuming they are direct descendants of Nakba expellees.

ethiopia israel relationship with palestine

How is that just? The only way to get more for them was robbing, killing and raping using the war they started.

Africa: Palestine Opts for AU, Ethiopia to Mediate Israel Quandary Instead of U.S. -

Stop pretending to be the victims and having some devine an historical justification to what happened. Because that would not be true!

The Ottoman Empire controlled most of the land and later the British crown. In addition, many of the land owners did not live in Palestine but Damascus.

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To sum it up, you seem to confuse ownership with sovereignty. Private ownership of land and state sovernity of the whole area are different things.

Palestine Chooses AU, Ethiopia Over U.S. to Mediate Israel Talks

The fact is that Jews owned about 6 percent of the lands in Palestine in And much of that was owned by US Jews and their organizations. Royal Era[ edit ] Ethiopian consulate in Jerusalem During the imperial eraIsraeli advisers trained paratroops and counterinsurgency units belonging to the Fifth Division also called the Nebelbal, 'Flame', Division.

ethiopia israel relationship with palestine

Israel intervened, so that the Emperor could communicate directly with general Abbiye. General Abbiye and his troops remained loyal to the Emperor, and the rebellion was crushed.

An Israeli colonel was put in charge of a military training school at Decamare and the training of the Ethiopian Marine Commando Forces. It also enabled the Eritreans to mobilize material support from the Arab and Islamic world. Ethiopia rejected the proposal. Inthe Israeli Chief of Staff Bar Lev made a visit to Ethiopia, during which he presented proposals for deepening of Israeli-Ethiopian cooperation.

The Ethiopians turned down the Israeli proposals but nevertheless, Ethiopia became internationally accused of having given concessions to Israel for setting up Israeli military bases on Ethiopian islands in the Red Sea.

ethiopia israel relationship with palestine

Ethiopia consistently denied all such accusations. Still, Ethiopia was attacked at the OAU summit in Addis Abeba by the Libyan delegation, accusing Ethiopia of allowing the build-up of Israeli bases on its territory. After long discussions, the cabinet voted to sever diplomatic links with Israel.