Harmonious relationship with nature

A Discussion on the Harmonious Relationship of Human, Nature and Society

harmonious relationship with nature

and The Environment. by Kirk Nielsen | Dec 11, | Society, Relationships, Communication | 0 comments. Sustainability, Nature, and The Environment. harmonious relationship between man and nature Construction: Basic Problems of Environmental Law (Paperback) [BAI PING ZE] on gtfd.info *FREE*. This paper mainly criticizes the viewpoints that put man against nature and society, and emphasizes that a harmonious relationship should be established.

I know this from my own personal experience and professional work. Complex supply webs distance us from the raw natural materials and functions that allow us to live as we do.

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Where does our food come from? How were the products we use produced? How do the day-to-day choices we make impact on the natural world? The answers are not always obvious, not immediately transparent. It is easy to live unaware, as if unplugged from nature.

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Even the most fundamental relationships, such as the movement of the earth around the sun, are lost to many people leaving them unable to read the signs that reveal time of day and direction. Rather, maintaining balance and harmony is a constant on-going process, unfolding moment by moment. The skill is in finely attuning to the movements, and in knowing how to move in accord with the patterns inherent in nature.

It is in the following of patterns of our own inner nature and tuning in to the inner nature of other things that we can live harmoniously. It is how we can flourish and fulfil our potential, just as the acorn follows its inner nature to grow into an oak tree. Through attending, we create connection with our selves and with others. These connections enable us to detect feedback signals alerting us to changes in dynamics, and it is through this feedback that we can self-regulate our actions creating order and balance for the wellbeing of ourselves and of other living things.

The approach I take draws on my interpretation of Daoist philosophy from the study of texts and personal practice of Lishia Daoist physical arts system, integrated with bushcraft and the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR model [1].

Harmonious relationships in nature

Daoist thinking developed through the close study of natural phenomenon in order to discern their patterns so they could be followed. These natural patterns form the basis of physical arts like tai chi, chi kung and kung fu. Besides, development and innovation in science and technology, which is the first productive forces, will solve the crisis of energy resources and provide technological support for the prevention and cure of pollution.

The Development of Social Culture Will Provide Spiritual Motivation and Intellectual Support for the Harmonious Development of Human and Nature Social culture mainly includes the entire consciousness ingredients and ideological forms of human as well as the entire spiritual phenomenon of society.

The development of social culture is an important part of social development; also, it can provide spiritual motivation and intellectual support for the harmonious development of human and nature. Although the existence and development of social culture is determined by social reality, social culture reacts strongly to social reality. If only the material living standard of people are improved, people will feel empty, lost and pain in spiritual life. In recent times, the industrial civilization of western countries brought about material satisfaction and unilateral development, which make most of the western people feel helpless and lost in spiritual life.

harmonious relationship with nature

That is caused by the unilateral comprehension and disposal of the material desire of human and society.

Even more important, if the development of social culture is neglected, the function of consciousness of ecological environment will be ignored, which will lead to the crisis in environmental moral and the tension relationship between human and nature. The lesson teaches us that we must pay attention to the role of social culture in solving the relationship of human and nature. It must be realized that the development of human and society will be unilateral and malformed if the development of social culture is neglected.

So it can be concluded that, the development of social culture must be paid much attention to so as to improve the ideological and moral quality of social members and provide spiritual motivation for the harmonious development of human and nature, to improve the scientific and cultural quality of people and provide intellectual support for the harmonious development of human and nature, to create stable and united social environment and provide advantageous conditions for harmonious development of human and nature.

The Revolutionary Change of Social System Is the Political Guarantee for the Harmonious Development of Human and Nature In real life, the meaning of nature, the relationship between human and nature, and the form, content and scope of utilizing and protecting nature, will be controlled and influenced by social culture.

From the aspect of social system, it can be seen that the resource and environment crisis in the western world has close relationship with economic system that centers on private ownership.

Realizing the harm of tense relationship between human and nature, governments of the whole world have taken action to relieve the tense relationship using the power of economic and political system as well as the means of administration, economy and law.

As far as China concerned, confronting the deteriorating ecological problem, government put forward a series of policies and regulations to protect environment and reasonably use the resources, which has achieved much performance.

At present, the rapid economic development, democratic politics, flourishing culture, strong comprehensive national strength, and improvement of developmental environment for human of China provide strong systematic guarantee for the harmonious development of human and nature. To sum up, during social development, just like the mutual understanding and communication between people, there should also be mutual dependence, change and esteem between human and nature.

Thus, social development provides not only guarantee, but also developmental space and orientation for the harmonious development of human and nature. Besides, human development is the key point and final destination of harmonious development of nature and society.

So it can be concluded that the harmonious development of nature and society is also included in human development.

Human is the starting point and end result of all the theoretical thought and practical activities, and is the center of value judgment. Everything will lose its value and meaning without human, and nature and society will become nothing if there are no people, because development is for people and is done by people.

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harmonious relationship with nature

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