Relationship with adoptive parents

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relationship with adoptive parents

How adoptive parents can better understand adopted children, build strong connections, and improve communication. When it comes to relationships, it often feels there is simply not enough time in the day and when trying to juggle your birth and adoptive parents relationships. When this question is asked, it typically relates to an adoptive mother's feelings being hurt due to her child seeking a relationship with the birth family or a.

relationship with adoptive parents

However, you have no obligation to have your actions governed by her emotions—especially when those emotions are coming from a place of pride or jealousy. Your identity is yours to navigate if and when you choose. Your adoption story is yours, beginning to end. However, sometimes it is simply unavoidable. Though you can provide reassurance to your mother, her feelings are something she will need to wrestle with on her own.

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When the feelings are hurt due to a journey you need to take, you cannot be the one who feels obligated to support her through her emotions.

Adoption is a beautiful journey with an incredible amount of twists and turns. The valleys you will go through can be steep and harrowing. Having to reconcile your desire for biological connection and identity with the fear of hurting your mother is difficult. However, it is also not fair to you in the least. You have to take your own journey, in your own time, in your own way, and your family will have to deal with the emotion that comes to them throughout that journey.

Level of Involvement for Birth Parents

Lita enjoys playing guitar and long trips to Target. Balancing relationships within any family can be difficult.

relationship with adoptive parents

In adoptionthis may become exceedingly difficult when various emotions and factors come into play. The timing of adoption reunions and the circumstances regarding the adoption can also affect relationships, hindering this balance even further.

It is important to recognize what balance truly means and how to tackle each relationship as an individual relationship. Balance means setting emotions aside and setting realistic expectations for yourself and others.

Adoptees should be able to annul their relationship with their adoptive parents

There is one key point to remember when trying to juggle your birth and adoptive parents relationships. People will always want more of you.

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It is simply human nature. You cannot please everyone. The only thing you can do is set priorities and try to do all you can to fulfill them. If it is important for you to get to know your birth parent and build those relationships for a time, that is a need your adoptive family will have to understand.

relationship with adoptive parents

It is not your responsibility to repair their pride or jealousy if that becomes an issue for either birth or adoptive parents. Any attempt at balancing these relationships will be more like a give and take.

This will be, and flow, based on the needs and situations that are present at that time. You can reassure your birth and adoptive family of their importance in your life, but it will be up to you to decide how your time is divided.