Gaining perspective in a relationship

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gaining perspective in a relationship

Here are 7 ideas to help you gain a new perspective and solve a problem that seems insurmountable. 15 Secrets to Having the Best Perspective on Life those who are in love, or we are too cynical about the chances of our relationship lasting. Gaining Perspective from Someone Else's Perspective interact, this model of the world, and our relationship to it, can change pretty radically.

gaining perspective in a relationship

Living with perspective means always looking at your life from the 10, foot level, and when you entrain yourself to pull back and view yourself from this height things begin to look a little different. More often than not, they begin to look much better. So HOW do we do it?

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Here are four effective practices for gaining perspective: Read Delving into a well-written book can really speak to your soul, and is an excellent practice to feeling life from the vantage point of someone else. Begin acting as this person would if she had the ability to switch bodies with you. I recently finished Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen which was a partial narrative by a 93 year old man looking back at his days in the circus during the Great Depression. Although his time in the circus was marked with struggle and fear he reflects on those days as the most memorable of his life.

gaining perspective in a relationship

Are YOU right here, right now, living those days? Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom is another wonderful tale that I highly recommend. Ask them about their most cherished memories and listen to them as they talk of the past, when they were young and vibrant and full of hope.

Understand that they also had feelings of fear, sadness and struggle just like you havebut get the sense that they would do anything to go back in time and re-live those moments.

Ask them if they would do things differently or exactly the same.

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Come away from this conversation with the understanding that right now YOU are the one living the life you will speak of when you are older. One of my biggest regrets is that I knew and remember all four of my grandparents, but never had the good sense to ask them specifically about their lives.

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If you still have these people around, seek them out; they are your family and they love you. Truth is, if you want to be great in this life, you have to model that greatness in your thinking. You have to open your eyes up to the beauty in front of you and celebrate it.

So here are 15 secrets that have helped me keep an idyllic perspective on life. May you treasure them and make them your own. Happiness is often a choice, so choose wisely. When life comes and sweeps you off your feet, you have the choice to remain on the ground where people will coddle you or get up so people will be inspired by you.

It's not easy, but change never is. Complaining makes us complacent.

Life Changes: 10 Ways to Get Perspective

It might make you feel better, but it'll do so at the cost of doing something to change the situation. Social media is a community, not a one-man showcase of your life. It's funny, but the less we go to social media to validate and prove ourselves, the better the space becomes for everyone on it.

Differences aren't a bad thing, similarities are. When that one bothersome person frustrates you to the point of no return, remind yourself that you're only annoyed at them because they're different. You like the people most like you in the world, but in reality, being with people just like us never teaches us anything about growth and forgiveness.

gaining perspective in a relationship

Differences with others stretch us; similarities comfort us. Compartmentalizing your life is like going to three parties in one night; it sounds like a good idea until you wake up exhausted and bitter the next morning. If your life, hobby, family and passion are all different things, maybe it's time to consolidate them into one.

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Then, you won't suffer from the problems that come with a compartmentalized life. Love those who are in love and love being in love. Love is something that is stomped on in our culture. We're either jealous or hating on those who are in love, or we are too cynical about the chances of our relationship lasting. This is contradictory to how love should be treated.

4 Effective Practices for Gaining Perspective

Whether you're in love or not, celebrate it, and don't reject it. There is grace in being where you are. Though it may not feel like it, there is some hidden blessing in what you're doing.

gaining perspective in a relationship

You just have to go digging for it. You get nowhere constantly comparing yourself to other, more successful people. Use that time instead to cultivate your passion into something world-changing.

The best things in life are illogical.