Genopro relationship symbols genogram

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genopro relationship symbols genogram

A genogram is a pictorial display of a person's family relationships and medical history. It goes Genogram symbols will usually have the date of birth (and date of death if applicable) above, and the name of the individual underneath. . Commercial software, such as Genopro, Genome Analytics and iGenogram for iPad is. Family Relationships in genograms Key. Each type of family relationship is described in the table below: Family Relationship: Marriage Symbol. This family. Genogram Symbols for Children's Links and Pregnancy Terminations. In a standard .. GenoPro can be used to indicate social relationships within a group.

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  • Emotional Relationships in genograms
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Use this relationship to define the generic common law spouse. There is no such thing as illegal cohabitation!

The generic symbol for two individuals no longer living together. A relation where two individuals live together, but there is no exchange of affection.

GenoPro® GenoPro A family tree solution.

This could be said of a couple who do not share a bedroom. A relation where two individuals used to live together, but there is was no exchange of affection. This could be said of a couple who did not share a bedroom. They no longer live together. The action of seeing someone or dating. This does not involve any type of cohabitation The two individuals are no longer dating.

Family Relationships in genograms

This could be called ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Be aware, the term ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend may also be used for cohabitation and separation This is the polite term for having a mistress or a one night stand. Include this type of relationship in the genogram if a child results from such a relationship.

One individual is abusing or has abused the other individual, including including date-rape, drug-rape, and wife-rape.

genopro relationship symbols genogram

This type of relationship is mostly used in therapy or when a child was the product of such relationship. A relationship not specified in the list above or unknown to the creator of the genogram. If you are unsure of the how to place individuals in complex family situations, such as reconstituted families, please visit the rules to build a genogram.

genopro relationship symbols genogram

GenoPro also has two other gender symbols, the diamond for a pet and the question mark for unknown gender. Standard Gender Symbols for a Genogram In a standard genogram, there are three different types of children: A triangle is used to represent a pregnancy, a miscarriage or an abortion.

In the case of a miscarriage, there is a diagonal cross drawn on top of the triangle to indicate death. Abortions have a similar display to miscarriages, only they have an additional horizontal line.

genopro relationship symbols genogram

A still birth is displayed by the gender symbol; the diagonal cross remains the same size, but the gender symbol is twice as small. If you have GenoPro installed on your computer, you may open the file SampleGenogram. Spin the mouse wheel to zoom-in and zoom-out.

genopro relationship symbols genogram

To begin, we can hide the emotional relationships by clicking on the shaded happy face button in the toolbar. The genogram shown below is the same as above, without the emotional relationships.

Sample Genogram without Emotional Relationships Interpreting a Genogram This genogram contains a wealth of information. For the purpose of this exercise, we will quickly overview the color codes and patterns inside the squares and circles.

These color codes are usually used to represent substance abuse such as alcohol or drugs, and the patterns inside the gender symbol usually represent a genetic disease. If you are not doing a medical genogramthese symbols can be reassigned to user-defined properties.

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From the sample genogram above, you can see that males are represented by a square and females are represented by a circle. All genogram symbols are described hereand the rules to interpret a genogram are written here.

genopro relationship symbols genogram

Due to the lack of space, the year of birth and year of death are displayed on top of each other, but if you take a look at this sample genogramyou will see the year of birth and year of death are displayed horizontally " - ". GenoPro can also display the full date of birth and full date of death from the Display menu.

Here is a summary of the sample genogram: His first marriage date is not specified in this genogram. Inhe married his second wife, Lisa.