Cross country state meet 2015 illinois form

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cross country state meet 2015 illinois form

AAU Cross Country National Championships Race Through Knoxville's Victor + athletes from the state of Tennessee, second only to New York's partici. . (June 1, ) – More than 50, track and field athletes across the country a community service award from the Illinois Park and Recreation Association. Southern Illinois Junior High School Athletic Association. The SIJHSAA currently sponsors 23 "state" tournaments at the 8th grade level each year in the sports of baseball, softball, cross-country, basketball, bowling, volleyball, and track. If your applicant meets all of the criteria, fill out the form and follow the instructions. Class L Boys State Cross Country Meet Benton Middle School, Benton, IL SIJHSAA Class S Boys Cross Country State Meet Full Team Results.

Update - Meet Schedule - Please keep checking the calendar on this site. FAQs What is cross-country? Cross-country is a series of races on grass, trails, dirt paths, etc. It is a rare sport where nearly everyone who comes out and puts in the effort improves. Running cross-country will get you into the best shape of your life and you will have a lot of fun and meet new friends in the process.

Who is eligible to participate? Any 6th, 7th or 8th-grade student who has a current physical on file with the nurse and all of the necessary paperwork. Please have arrangements for this paperwork to be completed the first day you attend practice. Are there try-outs or cuts? We have a limited number of roster spaces available. Interested students should have their paperwork turned in within the first few days of school, pay their activity fee and attend practice.

How long is the course in meets? There are some invitational meets where 6th graders will run 1 or 1. When is the season? The season ends October 17, for those who qualify for the state meet. She gave up coaching after the cross country season to have more time to watch her sons, Alexx and Zack, participate in cross country at the high school.

Coach Long never actually coached at the middle school since he took a job on the high school team a few weeks before the season started.

He did work with the middle school during Endurance Camp during the summer ofhowever. Coach Stillmunkes worked with the team during the two years her son Jack was on the team. She also worked on the track team and Endurance Camp those two years.

Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Adds Four Runners to Program - UIS Athletics

She moved on to help the high school team after Jack went to high school. What Is Cross Country? Cross country is a popular sport that involves running on a course that may consist of grass, mud, trees, and water.

cross country state meet 2015 illinois form

The IESA has stated that middle school athletes, both boys and girls, run a two-mile course during their meets and all of our conference meets will be two miles. Boys and girls normally do not run in the same race, but the Tiger Trails Invite in Oswego sometimes combines boys and girls at the same grade level. Scoring in cross country is different from many sports since the lowest score wins. A team consists of seven runners with the top five scoring points for their team.

Points are earned based on the place earned, so if the top five runners for a team finished in 1st, 5th, 10th, 14th, and 20th the team would have scored 50 points.

Senior All Star Meet/ Track and Field

The 6th and 7th runners are important in case of a tie and they can also hurt another team's score by beating their top five runners. Although the top seven runners are important in cross country, most cross country meets feature an open race that allows any number of participants.

cross country state meet 2015 illinois form

There are no cuts in cross country so if you show up to practice and follow all team and school rules you will be able to run in the meets. We believe all of our runners are important to the team so when our team wins a trophy everyone who ran in that race should go up to accept the trophy whether they were the first runner in the race or the last.

The only thing that needs to be turned in on Registration Night is the cross country registration form. The form can be filled out electronically and emailed to Coach Miller if you cannot make Registration Night on Tuesday, May You can still sign up for cross country even if you miss Registration Night, though.

We will accept new runners through the end of the first week of school.