State five relationship between agriculture and industry

What is the relationship between agriculture and industry

state five relationship between agriculture and industry

industrial expansion. This paper addresses the relationship between agriculture and nomic debate of the first Five-Year Plan in the Soviet Union. The terms of exchange . The assumption implies that a steady state with a constant growth. The relationship between agriculture and industry is very important in any has been sustained by increased agricultural prices and state subsidies for the. Answer (1 of 3): Agriculture and industry are not competitor, but go together for the development of a country. In poor countries large number of population gets.

We can have increased agriculture production through appropriate use of agriculture tools, chemical fertilizers and insecticides.

Similarly generator needed for irrigation is produced and supplied by industry. Therefore, there is mutual relationship between agriculture and industry.

Relationship between Agriculture and Industry

Agriculture and industry can be promoted through mutual relationship between these two. So, it is necessary to develop more and more agro-based industries in Nepal.

Agro-based industries utilize the raw materials available from agriculture like tea leaves, sugarcane, cotton, oil seeds, milk, etc. There are many such industries in Nepal.

state five relationship between agriculture and industry

Agriculture and industries are like two sides of a coin. Agriculture provides agricultural raw materials to the industries and industries produce manufactured or finished products from those raw materials. Thus, we have seen that without agricultural raw materials, agro-based industries cannot run.

state five relationship between agriculture and industry

The development of agro-based industries depends upon the availability of agricultural raw materials. The quality and quantity of agricultural raw materials also depend upon industries. In other words, agriculture also depends upon industry. The development of agriculture depends upon industry because: These too have to be attended to. Same is the case with the industrial sector.

state five relationship between agriculture and industry

Development of agricultural sector will not remove all the hindrances inhibiting the development of the industrial sector. Contributions of Agriculture to Industries: Many industries look to the agricultural sector for supply of raw material. The market arrivals of food grains can be taken to represent what agriculture can spare for the non-agricultural sector as wage goods provided the market arrivals do not contain any distress sale on the part of the agriculturists.

state five relationship between agriculture and industry

With this provision in view, we give below the market arrivals in the state of Punjab for the last 30 years or so. Punjab agriculture has developed at a much rapid pace as compared with that in the other states of the country and its rate of growth of population is one of the lowest in the country. So, there is a reason to believe that whatever is sold in the market is a genuine surplus spared by the agricultural sector.

Inter Dependence of Agriculture and Industry

Though India has been importing food grains for quite sometimes after independence, it has also been exporting the products of Argo-based industriestherebyhelping the countrynot only to pay for the food imports but also for other imports which includes capital goods also. It is important to note here that the major traditional exports of India are the cotton textiles, Jute textiles and tea.

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Though no enquiry directly pertaining to this issue has been conducted in India, the data collected by the National Sample Survey organization does indicate that the goods produced in the industrial sector are finding their way into the consumption schedule of the rural people. No data are available about the supply of these to inputs by the agricultural sector to the industrial sector.

Since it is the agriculture which is the custodian of capital and labour in the initial stages of economic development, it can be positively asserted that, these factors have moved to the industrial sector, mainly from the agricultural sector, in initial stages of economic development in most of the countries.

The contribution of the agriculturists in setting up of various industries in England, of textile industry in India and of some important industries in Japan is quite known. The statement about Indian labour that it was migratory in character and that this was because of its nexus with agriculture shows that it was agricultural sector which provided labour to the industrial sector in the initial stages of the development of the latter.

state five relationship between agriculture and industry

Contributions of the Industrial Sector to the Agricultural Sector: One of the major contributions of the industrial sector is to provide modern input to agriculture. The inputs are in the form of fertilizers, pesticides, machinery etc. Data regarding transfer of population from agricultural to non agricultural sector in India does not yield an encouraging picture.

Dependence of population on agriculture during the last 50 years or so has not declined to any significant extent.