Southern california ham swap meet

Southern California Antique Radio Society (SCARS)

southern california ham swap meet

The Electronics Flea Market “swap meet” is held on the second Saturday (pre California law prohibits dumping of electronics and batteries into the trash. All sellers must be off the property by PM so the cleanup crew can clear any. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A HAM TO LIST BUT I REQUIRE THAT ALL THINGS I READ THE LIST RATHER FAST DUE TO THE LENGTH OF LIST SO I. Michigan State Convention (Great Lakes HamCon) – CANCELLED. Start Date: 10/06/ . Redding CA Ham Radio Tailgate Party/Swapmeet. Start Date: North California Street Socorro, NM .. West Southern Avenue Mesa .

Locations are on a first-come first-serve basis and the fee is collected upon entry. Flea Market closes at Rules The market closes at Sellers at the Electronics Flea Market must be registered before entering the flea market.

See Seller information for details. A limited amount of trash and recyclables may be accepted at the flea market. Please dispose of trash and recyclables appropriately. Please, put ordinary trash in the trash cans.


Place plastic bottles and metal cans into the recycle cans. No electronic waste or cardboard in the trash. Don't leave trash or recyclables lying on the ground. Take your electronic recyclables to a recycling center.

southern california ham swap meet

Cardboard may be deposited in a single designated area on site. Smaller cardboard boxes should be broken down and stacked inside the larger boxes. No Toxic Waste may be left at the flea market or in the trash. Batteries, Fluorescent lights, Electronics, Computer or Television Monitors, or electronics components.

southern california ham swap meet

See our recycling page for information on what to do with recycling and disposing of toxic waste. Dogs on Leash Only. Sunnyvale City ordinances require all dogs to be on a leash. Each owners is responsible their animal, maintaining control and cleaning up after it. No firearms are allowed at the flea market. Swap meets are held on a regular basis throughout the year in almost every state.

Searching on-line auctions or classified sites for a particular item is much easier when you have thousands of sellers to choose from.

southern california ham swap meet

The down side of an on-line auction is that you are not face to face with the seller, you may be competing with many other interested buyers, you have only a few pictures and brief description to go by, and you have to wait for the item to be shipped. There are several differences between searching on-line for an item and finding items at a local swap meet.

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Larger swap meets may have a vendor section where commercial distributors or even the manufactures representatives show up to sell or demonstrate new parts and equipment. However, what makes swap meets so attractive to many is the not knowing what electronic treasures you may find.

They are also an excellent chance to meet others with similar interests and strike up conversations. For an engineer, hobbyist or collector of vintage electronics, attending swap meets can become addicting.

Although on-line purchasing is by far the largest method of finding vintage equipment, swap meets allow you a hands on and conversations with sellers before you buy. There are no shipping costs and no chance of damage due to poor packing by the seller or handling by the shipper.

I have purchased many items at swap meets over the years for my collections and home workbench. Sometimes what I purchased at the last meet winds up for sale on my table at the next meet.

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Swap meets are usually focused on a particular subject. By far the most common swap meets are Hamfests held by amateur radio clubs. Most have a small fee for sellers. Hamfests are usually only one day mostly Saturdays and usually start early in the morning, some allowing vendors in the gates to set up as early as 5 a.

Many allow the public in at the same time. If you are planning on attending a swap meet and getting an early morning start remember to bring a flashlight. Most Hamfests have run their course by noon or 1 p.

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Hamfests may also have seminars and presentations on subjects relating to amateur radio but are almost always an addition to the swap meet itself. There are several in my area every year that draw hundreds of sellers and even more buyers. Most Hamfests have little restrictions on what equipment may be sold. Besides radio related items it has become common to find plenty of used audio and computer related equipment.

Unlike Hamfests, antique radio swap meets are usually a little more restrictive as to what may be sold. Antique radio meets are generally run by the local antique radio club.

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