Dekalb il ymca state swim meet sc

Illinois State Picks Up Verbal Commitment from Dekalb's Sarah Hein

dekalb il ymca state swim meet sc

OH. Ohio State Swim Club. AR SC State Championships. Bromley IL. Maverick Swim Club. ILOP SC Age Group Champio. Townsend .. 9. IL. Kishwaukee YMCA Dekalb County. Illinois YMCA State Swimming Championship. March 15th - 17th. Lake Central High School, St. John, Indiana. Meet Packet. Event File. Hotel Reservations. Central Connecticut State Univ-CT City of Charleston Southern M-SC . Dekalb Aquatics-GA. PO Box Elgin YMCA Pelicans Swim Team-IL.

As the Association matured, member schools requested sponsorship of state tournaments in sports other than basketball. The first such move came inwhen the IHSA took over control of the Illinois Interscholastic, a festival of high school track, golf, and tennis run by the University of Illinois.

Illinois YMCA State Championships

The meet continued to be held on the campus in Champaign-Urbanabut as with basketball, IHSA involvement opened the field to all IHSA member schools and removed non-member schools, including a handful of out-of-state schools.

The IHSA subsequently established state series in several other boys' sports: Few of these series were self-supporting, but the ever-popular basketball tournament — sometimes referred to as the "goose that laid the golden egg" — paid the freight for all. The new constitution approved in extended the privileges of membership to non-public schools and gave limited autonomy to the Chicago schools, which subsequently joined en masse. In addition, non-athletic activities such as speech and music were added to the IHSA's menu, prompting the elimination of the word "Athletic" from the Association's name.

When a bill was introduced in the Illinois General Assembly to transfer the IHSA's authority to the state superintendent's office, the IHSA moved to change the ban, and give local athletic directors a greater voice in decision making.

The association polled its membership to investigate the possibility of ending the spring sports season. The poll supported keeping the season. Girls have had the opportunity to participate in IHSA sponsored interscholastic sports sincethough opportunities before that were somewhat restricted.


Girls' basketball had already begun to pervade high schools by the time the IHSA was founded in Just a few years later, upwards of Illinois high schools sponsored girls' basketball teams. For a variety of reasons, the early leaders of the IHSA found this situation unacceptable.

They were worried about injuries and putting girls on public display, calling basketball "not altogether ladylike". They may also have been concerned about girls stealing gym time from the fledgling boys' teams. On November 2,the IHSA Board banned all interscholastic competition for girls, becoming the first state association to do so.

Instead the IHSA, with considerable encouragement from female educators, promoted intramural activities and cooperative play days for girls. The IHSA took over the financial support of the girls' association in and absorbed it in The IHSA gradually relaxed its policy somewhat, allowing interschool contests for girls in some non-contact sports such as golftennisand archerybut these were never popular events.

To provide a small measure of competition in other sports, the IHSA sponsored "telegraphic" or "postal" competitions in basket-shooting, swimmingand bowling. While the IHSA was able to withstand pressure from some of its member schools to initiate meaningful interscholastics for girls, the passage of Title IX in May finally forced the issue.

The IHSA held its first girls' state tournament in tennis that fall, and a variety of other sports quickly followed.

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Today the IHSA sponsors state tournaments in 14 sports for girls. Recent times[ edit ] While the mundane tasks of regulating eligibility and licensing officials remain just as important to the IHSA's mission as they were in the beginning, higher-profile issues having to do with state tournaments —- and who wins them —- have repeatedly stolen the spotlight in recent years.

Class change[ edit ] Illinois was one of the last states, and certainly the largest, to retain a one-class system, where all schools, regardless of enrollment, competed for the same prize. In December the smaller schools, who make up the majority of IHSA members, forced a binding referendum on whether to implement a two-class system in boys' basketball, and the measure carried by a narrow margin, — After this move, several other sports adopted the two-class format.

In Januaryafter a substantial majority of schools responding to an advisory referendum indicated a preference for more classes, the IHSA Board of Directors approved expansion in several sports, starting in — At the culmination of the first drive for expansion, the IHSA also sought a way to add a state championship in football to its schedule of events.

Because of the sheer number of schools involved, a playoff involving all schools was not possible. Inthe IHSA introduced a five-class system in which teams qualified based on their regular-season performance. The addition of the football playoffs coaxed the last large group of non-members, the schools of the Chicago Catholic Leagueto join the IHSA. The playoffs were expanded to six classes in and eight classes in Inthe Interstate Eight Conference proposed a bylaw that the IHSA should exclude private schools from competing in state tournaments, though the membership voted this proposal down.

A group of 37 private schools later sued the Association, and a settlement was reached that required the multiplier to go through the Association's annual legislative process. In Decemberthe member schools voted — to retain the 1. Porter in and published in the IHSA's monthly magazine. On your website you talked about how when you push down with the fingers you engage the shoulder and when you push down with your palms you engage the triceps and Lats and your paddles are the first ones that allow a swimmer to press down with the palms and not the fingers.

In the past I have never allowed my swimmers to use paddles unless they where doing drill sets or easy swimming because they always place too much pressure on the shoulder.

dekalb il ymca state swim meet sc

I taped our swimmers underwater using the VoloBlades and you can see their triceps engage, then the lats, and then down to the core as they swam easy across the pool. Also we love the ZB weights, it's amazing how you found a way to only add weight above the water. We will be buying more soon. In regards to the DragSox, we've tried everything we could think of to increase our power of our kick from, fins, zoomer, power towers, parachutes and med balls and nothing matches the DragSox.

Everything we've tried always had a set back from loss of technique or wasn't efficient enough for a large group. DragSox are now my favorite piece of equipment to use for the team.

dekalb il ymca state swim meet sc

The first week we used DragSox the group could barely kick a 25 in a minute. I find that I have to stretch more at hand entry and use the early vertical forearm pull or they wobble, which gives me instant feedback when I am not performing my technique correctly. These are the only paddles I have seen on the market that truly teach you to pull with the palm of your hands, engaging those lats and triceps, rather than your fingers.

Thank you for thinking outside the box to design a unique, useful product that helps swimmers to train correctly.