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Nissan NV Pop-Top "Mambo" Temecula, CA Coachmen Freelander Winchester, CA laundry and restroom facilities, a swimming pool, and public dump station. . Enter a magical kingdom where you can sail with pirates, explore exotic jungles, meet fairy-tale princesses, dive under the ocean and rocket. Title: Vista news 25 july , Author: VistaNews, Name: Vista news 25 july , Die dief het met die bus deur die hek van die Megabus-depot op Virginia .. Zoe Life reik Nissan / McLean Spar Kompetisie uit na vroue .. The check was handed over at the municipal swimming pool in Riebeeckstad. R SV with lowered floor, dry sump, roller barrels and in dark, 6 points) Clio 16v Nissan Primera * Caterham superlight Pug gti-6* (ate.

Worked for 7 months. VW Camper - split screen, white. Temporary length of throttle string all the way from pedal to engine lasted 4 months until the string broke. Got stranded on sand at Largs, had to call for rescue to be pulled off before tide came in. Ford Escort Mk 2 - bright orange, wreck, for son's first car. Hillman Hunter - not bought, this one. So doesn't really count. Chevy Vega - in Boston.

Basic, reliable transport with single OHC, belt shielded poorly by flimsy plastic cover. I reversed over a basket of washing my wife was waiting to put in the boot, the cam belt whipped up a favourite T-shirt and snapped the belt, bending valves for good measure. T-shirt not in good shape either. AMC Gremlin V8 - small car, 4.

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Parked it in our new garage whose steeply sloping floor had yet to be filled and concreted. Three months of snow melted overnight and the downstream garage turned into a 4 foot deep swimming pool.

It was never right after that. Toyota Corolla - US model, brown. My first 5 gear car! Cortina Mk 4 Estate - red, again a company car so cheating here too. Dogs sick in the back on the way back from Scotland and no-one wanted to go out in it again. Made me feel instantly 30 years older. Honda CRX - the first one, Lovely little car, sweet engine. Ford Fiesta - just to get around in, between money and other cars Caterham Seven - no. About 40 hill climb events.

Ford Fiesta - no. This one made me feel 30 years younger. MGB - soft top, nostalgia moment. Lotus Elan S2 - a brilliant, sweet package with hips to die for.

And a blunt snout.

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Each tier of supplier is crucial in the manufacturing line and any disturbance could ripple through the entire chain. The skills shortage may be some way off but it is an issue that needs to be addressed now. But JLR is not alone. The car industry has been booming in recent years and factories belonging to the likes of Nissan and Mini are now bursting at the seams thanks to growing demand from overseas. More than 80pc of production is exported abroad.

Europe made up 20pc, while Britain made up just 18pc. Due to the growth from emerging markets, the companies are starting to build plants closer to their growing customer base. Later this year, JLR will complete its factory in China. The company is also building a plant in Brazil that is due to be completed inand has signed a letter of intent with Saudi Arabia as it looks at the possibility of building a production plant in the affluent Middle East.

But JLR has set its benchmark high, with record sales and record profits in each of the past four years. While it is still investing heavily in the UK, there is potential danger ahead. Unless the UK can solve its manufacturing skills shortage, the only way the car-maker may be able to continue its record-breaking recovery is to focus on opening new factories abroad.