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meet all operating requirements, which may be reasonably anticipated. associated with the Regional Storm Water Improvements Build America Bonds Issue as athletic complexes or large swimming pools; may be an area of FVSRA: Refers to the Fox Valley Special Recreation Association. , and (ii) pay the costs of issuance of the Series B Bonds. outdoor swimming facilities with seven water slides, an hole golf facility with pro shop and restaurant, districts in an organization known as Fox Valley Special Recreation Association (FVSRA). opportunities that meet the highest standards . I was president of the ADAPT Club for a semester and a member for from Activities and Societies: Swimming, Cross Country, Theater, Poetry Slam , Adaptive PE Sometime between and I think, I volunteered once a week for Several short stints in high school I volunteered at FVSRA in Aurora, IL.

A series of special events were conducted, one per month, and one in each of our twelve member entities. While attending these events, it became very apparent that a theme ran throughout all of them and, in fact, throughout the last 40 years: It s all about the people and relationships.

Whether the events were open to the public or were planned specifically for participants, the friendships and conversations among those attending were at the core of the event.

When talking with former staff members at a recent gathering, there was a genuine interest in catching up on news about participants and their families. Those who live across the country and have been away for more than 35 years still have an interest in the people they served here. I hope you find many programs and events that create great times to continue such relationships and develop new ones in The large circle of individuals who are a part of this organization are amazing people!

For information, call The public is welcome. She looks forward to meeting all of the families and participants at SEASPAR and working closely with our member partners to provide their participants with successful inclusion experiences. This status is given to leisure service professionals who can demonstrate through education, experience, and current practice that they meet and exhibit certain predetermined qualifications established by the National Recreation and Park Association Certification Board and the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification.

These professionals have earned a bachelor s degree or higher from an accredited program, have passed a certified examination, and maintain sanctioned educational units.

Lisle Recreation Center, Ohio St. Charlotte weighted in at 7 pounds and measured She loves smiling, sleeping through the night, and spending time with her puppy siblings, Seamus and Stella. Congrats and best wishes to the entire Tovey family!

Francis Xavier School C. In these progressive classes, swimmers are introduced to basic water skills, breath holding, and a number of submerging progressions which lead the participants to unassisted swimming. Activities encourage self-confidence and strengthen gross motor skills.

Swim lessons are taught in a small group, and 1: Please be aware that we share the pools with the public. A waiver for The Hyatt Lodge is sent with the program confirmation and must be returned by January Participants learn self-control, balance, and the ability to process and follow a series of directions. This is a continuous program, giving participants the ability to advance through the belt system and the opportunity to earn a black belt.

All abilities are welcome, as instruction is tailored to each individual s progress. A waiver is sent with the program confirmation and must be returned by January We offer leisure counseling services for new and current participants. Give us a call at to discuss program options with our staff. Riders improve their balance, core stability, and strength while they enjoy the movement of their horse. Riders of all levels embrace the ageless goal of lightness and harmony with one s equine partner.

Participants must be ambulatory and able to sit on a horse without a riding partner. Each session at the Hanson Center has a maximum of two participants. Participants ages five and older can choose between piano, keyboard, drums, or voice lessons. Bring a spiral notebook, pencil, and any music books you have used in the past. Participants should indicate their lesson time on the registration form.

Guitar students must provide their own guitar, and drum students need drumsticks and a practice pad. Lessons are one half-hour each. Returning students retain their lesson time if they register by January 3. Mark your calendar for the Spring Recital on May 13! We enjoy three weeks of instruction at Village Greens, two weeks at the Sunshine Course at the Midwest Golf House, and our final day at Village Greens for golf and snacks.

No jeans or metal spikes may be worn on the course and proper golf attire is required. On May 11 and May 18, transportation is provided to the Sunshine Course. Please meet at Village Greens at 4 p.

Pickup is at 6 p. Instructors and student teachers work cooperatively with SEASPAR staff to provide lessons which focus on skill development, coordination, muscle strengthening, increasing endurance, and fun! Lessons are designed to allow skaters to reach obtainable objectives while working toward one long-term goal. Skaters are placed into groups based on their skating abilities. A free, optional practice time is available from 9: Sensory Sunday is designed with your schedule in mind so that you can come only on the days which are convenient for you.

Please select either the 5- or visit pass on the registration form and we will send you a punch card with your confirmation. The card is punched at each of your visits and never expires. Reservations are required in order to ensure that a stimulating, yet calming atmosphere prevails during the time your child explores the many wonders of the room. Sessions are cancelled if no one is signed up to attend. An electronic signup sheet will be ed to you before the program begins.

Tuesday, January 3 4: Complimentary Wi-Fi and coffee are provided. Feel the vibration of music as it plays through the Learning Chair, follow the motion of the bubbles as they move and change colors within the bubble tubes, make music with the wave of your hand, enjoy relaxing aromas, and make the water ripple as you dip your toes into the pond projected on the floor. Control colors and lights with the touch of your hand and feel the calming coolness of glittering glass with the sparkle and marble walls just added to Wonders!

Benefits of the multi-sensory room include: The room primarily benefits individuals of any age with: Participants also spend time experiencing those senses while in the Wonders multi-sensory room.

We provide the LEGOs, you create the masterpiece. The group follows step-by-step directions to create specific models while socializing with other builders. Each session is for one half-hour. Indicate your time preference on the registration form. This program provides fitness, social interaction, and the opportunity to explore sport and movement through activities such as basketball, obstacle courses, tug-of-war, and more.

This is a great opportunity to stay fit, build strength, learn body control, and increase flexibility. Wear gym shoes and athletic apparel. Learn to Ride a Bike Get ready to lose those training wheels! Learning to ride a bike is an important life skill which increases self-esteem, inclusion in neighborhood activities, and independent transportation. We discuss safety and riding rules. Wear gym shoes and bring your bike and helmet.

This program is held outdoors and may be canceled due to inclement weather. Emphasis is put on the basics such as passing, dribbling, shooting, and rules of the game. Wear gym shoes and athletic apparel, and bring a water bottle. We sample a variety of different workouts such as cardio, weight training, and sports. Staff assists participants with finding the best exercises to meet their goals and abilities.

Please bring a water bottle and wear athletic apparel. Apparatus work is incorporated into this non-competitive program. Beginner Gymnastics Code Ages: Teen Excursion Kick off your weekend with fun! Travel to a variety of different venues within our communities and experience what is available for leisure and play.

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Ages Dates Saturdays see schedule below Lemont Transportation: Activities include art projects, playing games, spending time in the Wonders multi-sensory room, and even taking trips into the community.

Snacks are provided each day. Wear your swimsuit under your clothes and bring a towel. Please label all belongings. Transportation SEASPAR offers transportation options for select programs and events to provide participants with easy access to offerings throughout our twelve member communities and beyond! Transportation options are listed in program descriptions.

These locations may include: All passengers must be sitting in seats or wheelchairs with seat belts securely fastened, or the driver will not move the vehicle. All wheelchairs must have brakes that are in good working condition and can stop the chair from moving. Persons using an Amigo-type scooter or stroller must transfer to a vehicle seat and use a seat belt. Keep swimming with Dory and Hank from Finding Dory as they set out to find her parents and discover the devotion of family.

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Cheer with Joy, Sadness, and the rest of the Emotions from Inside Out as they work together to boost Riley s spirit and win the big hockey game. Venture to wintery Arendelle where Olaf and Kristoff reunite royal sisters Anna and Elsa from Frozen and learn that love is the most powerful magic of all. See Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, and the Disney Princesses make their dreams possible through virtues of bravery, kindness, and perseverance.

Make unforgettable memories with Mickey, Minnie, and all your Disney friends when you follow your heart! Wear your swimsuit and bring a change of clothes and a towel. The Big Ten Experience is a new digital museum featuring 13 interactive exhibits that showcase the history of the conference back tothe year it was founded. Attempt to catch a football, stop a soccer ball, or block a hockey puck through an interactive game that promises to test your speed, agility, and hand-eye coordination in their Game On exhibit.

Lunch is included at Panera. Our day includes games, sports, crafts, and a trip to Enchanted Castle. Bring a sack lunch. We travel to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner while enjoying the sights and sounds of the rainforest. We play a variety of sports and games while focusing on socialization during playtime, rules of the game, and taking turns. Wear athletic clothing and gym shoes. A healthy snack is included. We dance to the tunes of DJ Daryle, a favorite at all the Nazareth dances.

As with any prom, the attendees dress for the occasion in prom dresses and tuxes; however, suits and dresses are also acceptable. Now you don t have to! Come hungry as we explore the sights and tastes of Naperville. Spend the afternoon expressing yourself though music and movement, stories and drama, and art. A snack is included. TreeHouse Love to climb, swing, slide, and laugh? Then come out to the TreeHouse indoor playground, where you can experience what Nickelodeon chose as "Parents Picks Best Indoor Playspace" three years in a row!

The TreeHouse is home of a multi-level climbing structure with swinging bridges, enclosed slides, swings, and more. We take a break for a healthy lunch while we are there.

Later, we watch movies, play games, and relax in the Wonders multi-sensory room. We have breakfast before saying goodbye. Pack an overnight bag with necessary items and bring a sleeping bag. Bring your favorite board games, Wii games, movies, and CDs if you d like. Our day also includes games, sports, and crafts. Bring a sack lunch each day.

Choose your stuffed animal and an accessory to go with it. It's the most fun you will ever make. Lunch at the mall is included. We learn how to take care of the environment, make eco-friendly crafts, and lend a hand at preserving nature with the assistance of the Lyman Woods naturalist.

A picnic lunch is included. Lunch at the Cozy Dog Drive-In is included. All aboard for a fun-filled afternoon all about trains! First stop is lunch at the All Aboard Diner where our food is delivered by a model train. Next stop is the Museums at Lisle Station Park where we see the historical depot and train car. Faxed forms or copies are not accepted. The application is valid for two years from the date of the examination.

She sincerely thanks everyone who helped prepare her and supported her so that she could follow her dreams. After graduation, she headed to the warm waters of FL earning a BS with high honors from Eckerd College in biology, with minors in chemistry and mathematics. She stuck with salt water and moved to Hawaii to teach math and science to middle and high school students, later working as a research chemist along the beautiful coast of Maine. She then earned a PhD in wildlife conservation, minoring in ecology, evolution and behavior, from the University of MN, studying elk calf mortality in Yellowstone National Park post-wolf reintroduction spoiler alert…think bears.

She headed straight back to the ocean as a postdoctoral scholar at Scripps Institution of Oceanography University of CA, San Diego where she took ceramics with her husband, ate pancakes on the Ocean Beach Pier, played with her dogs in the surf, and conducted field research on emperor penguins in Antarctica.

She then took a faculty position with the Teton Science Graduate School where she lived, skied, hiked, etc. Inshe moved back to the land of 10, lakes near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and is currently a research wildlife biologist with the US Geological Survey studying wolves and white-tailed deer. She lives with her husband, John, and two daughters, Sova and Etta, in Ely, MN, where the whole family has fun exploring canoe country.

She has also participated in USGS wild manatee captures for health assessments and radio-tagging in Florida and Belize. Her work as a wildlife biologist has taken her to over 15 countries. She has been filmed and interviewed for various media outlets including National Geographic.

While she is truly grateful for all of these adventures — her most fulfilling is that of being wife and mom. She daydreams of one day moving back to the ocean to support dolphin conservation and research, practice yoga and hula on the beach, and take surf lessons with her daughters. His background was further enhanced by psychology, educational psychology, school finance and school administration degrees from University of Rochester and Northern Illinois University.

McCormick guided substantial changes in the district, fueled by a doubling of the student population from to When he came to Kaneland inall students from elementary through high school were housed in two buildings and multiple mobile classrooms on one single campus. The front door of the high school opened directly into the cafeteria, while theater and musical productions were performed on the gymnasium stage.

The District Administrative Office was the wrestling room. There were only a few computers, no Wi-Fi network, no soccer or baseball, no Kaneland Arts Initiative. Necessary improvements for all facets of the district required increased financing through a voter referendum in that ultimately failed to pass. Because of the lack of funding, the Board of Education took the courageous step of, among other things, eliminating all sports and extracurricular activities.

Motivated by the proud and prominent tradition of sports teams, boosters wanted to raise money to fund sports. However, the Board took the position that it was all or nothing. Through this experience, the tone was set for the next fifteen years by openly communicating the issues, trusting the judgement of the Board, as well as encouraging and relying on the involvement and commitment of community members.

Over time, several referendums were passed leading to four new elementary schools; a modern new middle school; new softball, baseball, and soccer fields; and enlargement of the high school, including a new state-of-the-art auditorium. Faculty, staff, curriculum sports and extracurricular activities also expanded significantly. McCormick would be the first to say that none of this could have been achieved without the dedication and teamwork of everyone.

However, his leadership was vital to accomplishing change. He was deeply committed to honesty and teamwork, his guiding principles in working with voters to pass referendums.