Multinationals youth swimming meet 2013 results

Social determinants of health and the future well-being of Aboriginal children in Canada

multinationals youth swimming meet 2013 results

See "Healing winds: Aboriginal child and youth health in Canada" on page . Aboriginal children are born into a colonial legacy that results in low socioeconomic status (21), .. When family doctors and aboriginal patients meet. . Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect [Child Abuse Negl. ]. · · · · · The results of the International swimming meet ENERGY STANDARD CUP Written on 04 May ' Energy Standard' swimming club's multinational team won two days 'Energy Standard Cup In the 14 athletes of OPEN age group will take part in the competition. Archived results of the various meetings held in Serbia, as well as from the . Vracar Youth Meet ,SRB International LEN meet, Belgrade, CECJM Central European Countries Junior Meet , SRB Multinational meet.

Over the coming twenty plus years, my parents ferried me from practice to practice, sport to sport, meet to meet and game to game. I tried multiple sports over the years but the one that was my passion was swimming.

🏊 Multinations Youth Swimming Meet 2018 - saturday afternoon

The sport of swimming allowed me the opportunity to connect with people all over the world, experience different cultures and ultimately earn my degree and compete for the University of Tennessee.

After graduating from the University of Tennessee I worked in Knoxville, began a professional swimming career and began to pursue my MBA. From my first yard freestyle race as a six-year-old to my final, gold-medal winning race in Rio, USA Swimming played a crucial part in my development as an athlete and teammate.

At King Philanthropies, I now work to alleviate extreme poverty by supporting high-performing organizations working where needs and challenges are greatest. The lessons to be learned and experiences to be had through swimming are unmatched in the world of youth sports. Andrew Gemmell Swimming has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I was learning to swim before I could walk, and the sport has stayed with me ever since.

I have competed in mini meets, summer league meets, high school and college meets. And through a lot of hard work and an incredible amount of support, I was a national team member for nine years, representing USA Swimming at World Championships and the Olympic Games.

Towards the end of my career, I realized I had more to give back to the sport.

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SinceI have been involved in both local and national levels of governance in trying to make sure that future swimmers, of all levels, have even better opportunities than I had. I want every athlete to have the chance to fall in love with the sport that I love.

I am hopeful that I will to continue to be able to serve USA Swimming as a member of the Board of Directors and help guide the organization to an even brighter future. Davis Tarwater Davis Tarwater is a speaker, investor, entrepreneur, and Olympic Gold medalist as a member of 4 x free relay in the London Games. After a distinguished athletic career that included competing in three World Championships, andDavis also held the American record in the meter butterfly SCM from and won three NCAA titles at the University of Michigan.

He retired from professional swimming in Additionally, he speaks and consults with athletes, entrepreneurs and businesses on how to effectively engage transition. Davis also serves his community by participating on a variety of non-profit boards.

multinationals youth swimming meet 2013 results

Finally, he has served as a member of the USA Swimming Board of Directors, participating on the investment committee and national board of review. It was that moment when I fell in love with swimming. I was fortunate to be able to capitalize on that passion: After hanging up my swimsuit, I was able to fuel my passion as a media and sports attorney.

For over 20 years, I advised sports organizations in their media rights, sponsorship and event hosting matters. Most notably, I advised the International Olympic Committee on their global media strategy, host city analysis and US relations for over 15 years. While working at MGM has presented a new and exciting challenge, I greatly miss the world of amateur sports and swimming.

I can now think of no better way to continue my passion than to join USA Swimming. I want to help ensure that we have ubiquitous water safety and education, strong youth participation, and more than our fair share of swimmers competing at the highest levels of international competition. Quite simply, having the chance to join the Board of USA Swimming would be a dream come true and my chance to give back to the sport that has meant so much to me for so long.

Ellen Colket Who would have thought Tarzan started my journey into this sport when I was only three years old? More specifically, the actor Johnny Weissmuller, a five-time Olympic freestyle gold medalist. From being a swimmer to officiating to coaching to currently serving as Vice Chair of Finance and Treasurer for PVS Swimming, I never could have imagined how enriching and rewarding this adventure has been.

In addition to putting my time into swimming, I have also cultivated an extensive business resume that I am excited to incorporate into USA swimming.

multinationals youth swimming meet 2013 results

The unique learning opportunities from being involved with officers facing the most challenging situations in their businesses and boardrooms have allowed for me to develop a fine-tuned understanding of how to contribute to these corporations and enable them to stay ahead of the curve.

My strength in addressing these challenges is my commitment to the success of all parties involved, by embodying the values of dignity, care, and respect to ensure a beneficial outcome for all. As I sit here typing this, I can still feel the same flame I felt when I was three years old.

I am grateful for the opportunities this sport has given to me and excited for the future of USA Swimming. I have spent over a decade representing actors, writers, directors, hosts, playwrights and musicians, and I have had the great fortune to represent nominees and winners of every major award in the industry.

multinationals youth swimming meet 2013 results

I believe that swimming, and my coaches and teammates along the way, truly changed the course of my life. Because of swimming, I was able to attend a college that would have otherwise been unaffordable to me.

Because of swimming, I was able to travel, both domestically and internationally.

2013 European Junior Swimming Championships

Because of swimming, I learned focus, dedication and perseverance. Because of swimming, I learned how to be a teammate and how to be a captain. Swimming has made me who I am today. These determinants, among others, include peace, income, shelter, education, food, a stable ecosystem, sustainable resources, and social justice and equity 3.

Essentially, a social determinant of health lens considers both the causes of the causes of disparities 5 and the causes that underlie the causes of the causes 6. Such a framework is imperative to understanding the enduring health inequities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. In Canada, Aboriginal children experience higher rates of infant mortality 8tuberculosis 9injuries and deaths 10youth suicide 11middle ear infections 12 — 14childhood obesity and diabetes 15dental caries 16 and increased exposure to environmental contaminants including tobacco smoke 1214 Immunization rates for Aboriginal children are lower than those of non-Aboriginal children 1819as are rates of accessing a doctor These health inequities can only be understood and intervened upon if understood as holistic challenges.

Such an understanding requires moving beyond the physical realm, or the absence of disease, to include the social, spiritual and emotional realms.

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  • Social determinants of health and the future well-being of Aboriginal children in Canada

Aboriginal children are born into a colonial legacy that results in low socioeconomic status 21high rates of substance abuse 22 and increased incidents of interaction with the criminal justice system These are linked with intergenerational trauma associated with residential schooling 24 and the extensive loss of language and culture The basis of adult health and health inequity begin in early childhood First, there are proximal determinants of health.

These have a direct impact on the physical, emotional, mental and or spiritual health of an individual, and include employment, income and education.