Being the bigger person in a relationship

being the bigger person in a relationship

Being the bigger person can sometimes be the hardest thing to do. This whole being the bigger person or more, choosing to stop He was a “nice guy” but couldn't progress the relationship to a higher level. Dr. Ryan McMillian tells us why being the bigger person isn't always the best thing to do in a relationship. Here are the five reasons why.

You think the other person owes you an apology?

being the bigger person in a relationship

Guess what, so do you. They probably came from something that you did. Something that bothered them. What if no one says sorry first?

Be the bigger person, love your relationships more than your ego | Scribbles & Thoughts

What if no one makes the first step and calls up to talk about the issue? What if days, months, and years go by and no one decides to be the bigger person? Then you just decide to let the friendship die?

I am not asking you to forget.

Always Be The BIGGER Person!

I am not asking you to tolerate behaviors and attitudes that are demeaning to you. And I am not asking you to go back completely to the way things used to be. I am asking you not to have a harsh heart. Do talk about what hurt you. But please, please, please, do not ignore the issue and let time completely kill the relationship.

Do not put yourself in a situation where if you bump into each other in the supermarket, you turn around without even saying hello.

Do not make that person your enemy.

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Who needs enemies in life? Who needs an extra person to be on bad terms with? Trust me, life is already too stressful without that. Now, you may argue with me and tell me who needs bad friends? But I am not talking about bad friends.

being the bigger person in a relationship

I am talking about the good friends that screwed up. So, I asked him to check in his drawers while I did my own search in the purse I was carrying that day we went out.

This Is How Always Being the Bigger Person Will Bring More Love & Happiness Into Your Life

Turns out, he was right. It was inside my purse.

being the bigger person in a relationship

Embarrassed by my behavior, I still continued playing angry. However, I felt guilty when my husband embraced me and said sorry. I know I was supposed to be the one saying that but between him and me, he has always been the bigger person.

Choose to be kind over being right. Choose to be happy over being the winner. Giving up the need to always win an argument and leaving your ego behind will give you more peace of mind and will also help you improve the quality of your relationship.

However, this is not to say that you just have to agree with everything because it is still important to learn how to properly communicate yourself and express your point of view. Instead of getting into an intense and long argument, pay attention to what your partner has to say, listen and give yourself some time to arrange your thoughts in your head before you actually open your mouth and say something hurtful.

being the bigger person in a relationship

Always choose to step forward into growth over stagnation.