Tarot card the devil in relationship

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tarot card the devil in relationship

This syndrome was always predominate in relationship questions from my The tarot cards, Lovers and Devil will indicate the type of behavior. The Devil is not all bad when it shows up in your love reading cards. It means there is passion in your relationship. The Devil speaks of love that. The Devil card is the perversion of everything good, spiritual, and whole. will show up in a reading to identify an extremely unhealthy behavior, relationship.

We will be required to embrace one simple fact, within us are two different entities. They are not physical. Their names are ego and spirit.

Each one has their own concept and design about living. They both carry the need to embrace their own needs. When we understand this, we can seek to discover another way to live our life in love.

We do so by discovering the bridge that lies between them. When this is done, we will enjoy their efforts of working well together. There is a common thread, which humankind has enforced on us as truth. We have been taught that there is a war going on between our ego and our spirit. This concept is false, and cannot serve you, in living a fully healthy life. In actuality, these two can work very well together. It is up to us to discover what they collectively have in common.

tarot card the devil in relationship

There is a goal, which they both are seeking, without the aid of our trickster. When we discover their mutual goal, we will find the bridge between them. What the Devil Card Seeks The Devil card seeks separation, and sees itself through the obstacles referred to as love. We often see it as the one which will tempt us in our life. In actuality, its goal is to untie itself, the ego, from outmoded concepts.

How it seeks to remedy this problem, is to put itself, which is you, through tests of outmoded believes and experiences of the world around uswhich have been passed down to each of us. It holds us prisoner to our earth experience. The Devil simply is asking you to free yourself from the chains that are binding you.

When this card is present in a reading, this is clearly a sign, your ego is seeking freedom. It looks for the concept of love, through a higher vision, which is the spirit. It remembers that one cannot find love, if they themselves do not possess it for themselves.

If they try, all they will receive is an empty vessel. The Lovers needs the help of the Devil in seeking love that can aid growth, not deterioration. The only way through this, is to become aware of the trickster. How is it playing out in your life? They both have a mission, to get you off your merry-go-round. Both of these entities are not easy to understand. One card depicts an angel, while the other depicts a demon. We each have an angel and demon that resides in us. The light and shadow sides.

They can work for us, or against us. We can follow the light, the Lovers, to shed light in the dark side, the Devil, to see what chains we have managed to create in this lifetime.

There are many who seek to add other lifetimes, and if you wish, please do.

tarot card the devil in relationship

My experience is if you are presently experiencing a chain, it is still growing. You need to first unchain in this lifetime. We all have fears, about falling in love again. This is a broad base fear, and most likely someone encountering it now.

You are not alone. There is another way. This is not an easy fix. There is no such thing. When you start to discover this other way, you will feel anxiety.

You are entering a new ground for yourself. You are recreating you. This is not about your lover or potential lover. It is totally about you.

The Devil card and marriage

You will be incorporating both aspects of the Devil and the Lovers to discover what works best for you. The ego and spirit must find a way to work together. If you push the ego out, then you are in affect pushing out your earth experience.

You have decided to shut down those emotions that the ego knows well. These emotions serve us. Your spirit is too, for it constantly is thirsty for new experiences. This is their common denominator. Both are seeking to discover who they are.

The Devil card and marriage - Aeclectic Tarot Forum

Just because we have a spirit, does not mean it knows all experiences. It wants to develop more, and so does the ego. How do you work with both of them?

First you must jump off this merry-go-round in the name of trust. Trust that you are here to experience many forms of love. Ask yourself some serious questions, after you have jumped off. What does love mean to me?

Is their illusion of love compatible with mine? Would I wish someone to put on me their lack of trust, because they been hurt before? What Does Love Mean to Me?

tarot card the devil in relationship

We need to become honest here. Our first answers will be in alignment to all the shoulds we have digested by our family, friends and society. Have we ever asked is this what we want? Do we wish a combination of their rites, and our own? Is it working for us or against us?

Have we taken a poisonous mixture of truths, which we cannot ever measure up too? This is the first chain the Devil card will refer too, when it is in your life. We often seek for another to change their basic personality. We want them to be more of something. Do you really wish someone would do this you?

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Compromising is a word that is used as bait. I will do this for you, if you will do this. I will meet you halfway. Do not seek this. A compromise is when two seek the change, not one.

A compromise is when both see it as a positive. I do not wish to change you, nor do you change me. How can we love without expectations of changing each other? Basically, this physical attraction is summed up by the upright Devil tarot card in a love reading. When the question is about the overall quality of the relationship the appearance of the Devil tarot card emphasizes that it has become an addiction for the two lovers.

Traditionally, this addiction is often linked with sex. That is, the couple has formed the bond to indulge in earthly pleasure which is sex. Interestingly, this tarot card in a negative way is associated with fear especially as an outcome. The devil tarot card also signals emotional baggage of the past being carried at present. Depression rules the person.

Unfortunately, it has been brought by the pain associated with the memories. In short, he is not healed psychologically. Caution must be taken when the reading really signals this. Once a girl told me to do a reading on a date who was not answering her calls. A day before this, he told her that he could not get over his ex.

So from the reading I picked up that yes. Unfortunately, later that night, his mother called the girl to tell her that he was so badly depressed with his past that he tried to take his life! What we need to learn from this is that the Devil tarot card flashes severe warning. It does not matter if this is linked to having two or eighty partners.

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You will always know that you do not need to break up because the crisis is rather silly and stupid.